On my way back to The One I belong to.

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  • sanjidashaheed 6w

    All her life she played it safe. It was easier to avoid conflict that way. This tendency to avoid grew like cancer. She doesn't know when she began to avoid responsibilities and relationships. She wonders for how long she has been avoiding this urge in her to be playfully curious. She doesn't remember what caused her to start avoiding her dreams.

    Now she wants her life back. She wants to be tingled by the cool morning breeze and run like a child through the wind. She wants to giggle and shine fiercely. She wants to soak in the light that surrounds her and she wants to embrace her darkness. She wants to show up for herself and for those who mean the world to her.

    Most of all, she wants to open her heart to Him so that He can show her what she needs to do to stop avoiding and start living.

  • sanjidashaheed 16w


    Her tears took her
    Faster to Him
    Than her feet
    Ever could.

    It's a journey
    Only those who
    Missed Him madly

  • sanjidashaheed 16w


    Everybody is
    Chasing joy.

    But she is diving
    Deeper in her pain.

    There is
    A secret garden
    Under her ocean of grief.

    And it is
    Calling her name.

    Let the world wonder
    Where she is

    While she wanders
    In search of
    The Gardener.

    Nothing can
    Still her now

    A secret rendezvous
    With Him
    Who makes roses

    Out of the thorns
    That pierce her heart

    And melts
    Her grief away.

  • sanjidashaheed 19w

    When her passion met her purpose the impact broke the dam inside her that was keeping her from flowing freely. She was flooded by the energy of being herself. She was swept off her feet by a force that kept carrying her to higher ground.

    The day her dam broke she exploded with a gentle fire that no rage could tame. She found the courage to choose freedom and truth; and she did.

    It was then that everything started to be in alignment for her. It was then that her heart started to beat out of love for Him, and not out of fear of people.

  • sanjidashaheed 19w


    She knew so little.

    She still hasn't figured out
    How to win hearts.
    Everybody seems to want
    More than she can deliver.

    There was never enough air
    In her lungs to appease them
    With sorry's, thank you's,
    And I am fine's.

    And yet...

    She knew just enough.

    She has discovered
    That He sees her efforts,
    And He sees her heart like
    No one else can.

    When she crumbles
    Like dust
    It is His words
    That help her
    Rebuild herself
    From ground up.

    And because she knows
    Rock bottom
    She is determined
    To climb uphill.

    And give her heart
    To Him who makes
    Her heart beat.

  • sanjidashaheed 19w

    You could easily assess her strength if she lifted your body. But she keeps lifting your heart quietly even though you bring her down.

    And you assume that it is her weakness.

    Perhaps when you are brave enough to face your own darkness you will realize how her faith in Him empowers her to stitch herself whole again every time you tear her apart.

  • sanjidashaheed 19w

    She used to be consumed by her loneliness. Now she regains her strength in solitude.

    The difference between the two is the difference between feeling isolated like a block of ice among people, and flowing like a river with a persistent longing to drown herself in His remembrance.

  • sanjidashaheed 20w

    She had incandescent eyes.

    The more she embraced the struggles on The Path, the more she glowed with the joy of succumbing to Him.

  • sanjidashaheed 20w

    The quest

    Nothing inside love
    Disappointed her.

    Nothing outside love
    Appeased her.

    Her breath was alive
    For love.

    Love played its
    Secret melody
    In sync with
    Her heartbeat.

    You ask her
    Why she is
    Missing in action.

    She is already
    Committed to love!

    There is no room
    In her heart
    For anything but love.

    Join her in her quest
    To give her heart
    To Him.

    It's the only way
    You can see
    Who she is
    And what she is
    Struggling with.

  • sanjidashaheed 20w

    Somebody loved her flowers enough to pluck all of them while she was sleeping. Now she is awake and doesn't recognize the ravaged garden in the mirror.

    Broken and hopeless, she wanted to uproot whatever was left of her. But she heard a whisper inside her say,
    "He only says to it, "Be," and it is.".

    With a smile in her face, she tucked the gentle voice in her heart. Allowing it to echo through all parts of her with the promise of a new beginning.