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  • sanjudaily 2w

    My body; is a shrine,
    the only one that shines,

    through the darkness; and the light,
    it's been with me all through my life,

    name a better place; than our mind,
    where we can hold thoughts; of yours and mine.


  • sanjudaily 4w

    i stand; alone
    under the light blue,

    i watch; calm
    under the dark hues,

    i hear; stars
    sing above us,

    i rose; with
    these high; waves too,

    i exist in your dreams,
    i live in my own peace,

    remember my name as "BIWA",
    i'm here to create,
    a sky of a "believer".


  • sanjudaily 5w


    How does it feel?
    being a poem,

    the words take time to meet,
    once they meet; they have to greet,

    the fine flow; must make them
    feel free,

    the emotions; should amplify
    some unread grief,

    the quotations; might lead a
    new dream,

    how does it feel?
    being a poem,

    does it make everyone glee?


  • sanjudaily 6w

    the chaos; within me wants to run after you,
    but the calm; helps me to grow over you.


  • sanjudaily 6w

    Each person i meet, i steal a song from them.
    So it helps me connect when you are not there.


  • sanjudaily 7w

    I leaned your choices; and then they changed.
    Now i lost you; along our happy lanes.


  • sanjudaily 8w

    This rush of thoughts right now
    -hands trembling,
    -lips exhausting,
    -anger growing,
    -frequent blinking,

    just wanting someone to apologise for all the pain i've got,
    just wanting someone to say i'm sorry i'll be more affectionate,
    just the heart being at peace.

    Is that only me or do you feel it too?


  • sanjudaily 9w

    You in a very odd way; satisfy me.

    Even if my mouth; says "be gone"

    my hands; tend to hold you back.

    I've held your heart; even,

    when your body just left.


  • sanjudaily 9w

    Not regretting.
    Learning. Accepting. Realising. Experiencing.


  • sanjudaily 9w

    Being a part of the 21st century
    somewhere I tried living someone
    - else's life
    - else's smile
    -else's mind.