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  • sans_brones 1d

    Took me legit 20 mins to draw that :)

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  • sans_brones 1d

    #lameandtemp :))


    Wn where are you,long time no see :)

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    She was inside a wilted flower,
    Inside a wilted flower she was writing a poetry,
    The poetry was conveying her emotions,
    Her emotions had died already.

  • sans_brones 2d

    He painted the walls with pain,
    I made a portrait of love out it.

  • sans_brones 4d

    Hey you shooting star!

    Never thought that nights will matter me more than a day,
    Hey you shooting star!
    Please show me a way

    Hey you shooting star!
    Be with me there,
    Never ever I thought you'll leave me alone!

    Crying are all apart ,
    I'll smile for you for hours,
    Wait for me a little,
    I'm searching my soul!!

    Get me life,
    To this dead heart,
    Can you please do that I'm waiting for you!

    I still wish on you,
    To fulfill my hallucinations.
    Can you do that to me?
    No I don't feel like!!

    Are you for real?
    Do you really listen to me?
    Or am I just speaking and you are eschewing me?

    I just keep staring,
    Maybe you'll touch heart!


  • sans_brones 4d

    Read the full thing��

    @fromwitchpen specially for you��

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    Khoon se likhti hai woh apni zubani,
    Apni ek nazar se kardeti hai kwaf logon ke dil mein paida,
    Chanchal chudail ke naam se jani jaati hai yeh maharani!

  • sans_brones 5d


    In St. Eric school , there was a 13yr old girl named diya was studying in class 8th. she was suffering from vitiligo (a skin disease which causes white patches over few part of body). All her classmates and other students used to make fun of her. She was really intelligent and a smart girl but even though no one wanted to be her friend. she had no friends.Teachers used to ignore her. Everyone used to hate her except her parents. even after all this she used to try her best to be happy. During their summer break many new teachers got admission in the school for teaching purposes. one of them were Mr. Kunal Sinha. he was 26 years old and was young enough. He was to allotted be a value education and art teacher. After summer breaks everyone was powerpacked. Diya was even looking happy after the summer break. It was the last period and it was value education class ,everyone was excited meet to Kunal sir. Everyone heard about him that he was a very funny and a good teacher. Finally kunal entered the class and everyone greeted him. Kunal allowed everyone to be seated. Diya was expected the same behaviour other teachers did with her. She was lost and quietly sitting in a corner , suddenly kunal asked her to get up and give her introduction to him.

    Kunal (waving his hand to diya) : Hey you! What is your name child? Give me little introduction about yourself just like everyone gave it.

    Diya (fumbling) : S....s......i...i...rrrr....sir
    A child : Sir! her name is diya, no one likes her! she looks like a witch!
    With this everyone started laughing. Mr. kunal also joined them and everyone stopped laughing.
    Kunal : What happend students! why did you all stopped laughing?! please contiue!

    Everyone kept quiet and didn't even uttered a word out of thier mouth. Diya got embaressed by all this. After sometime he started the class. Everyone enjoyed the class very well. After few days kunal went to meet diya during recess
    Kunal : Hi diya , how are you?

    Diya : I’m fine sir………how….are….you…sir??

    Kunal : I’m fine. What happened to you? You don’t have any friends?

    Diya: No sir, everyone here hates me because I’m suffering from vitiligo. Just because I don’t look good they hate me. I’m a pressure to my parents. I always try to be happy but everyone’s bitter word kills me.

    Kunal : Oh! This not a good thing right? I understand, but what can we do?
    Diya : But sir , this is what my question is to you!

    Kunal : diya , tell me one thing , do you know tomorrow is a special assembly?

    diya : ya….i know sir…but…….

    Kunal : no if or buts , tomorrow in special assembly you’ll take your stand and speak for yourself!

    Diya : but sir I don’t have courage to do all this…….

    Kunal : no worries ! I’ll help you out for that.

    Diya : ok sir then I’m ready……………

    Kunal : that’s good! And you know what diya your name itself tells about you! You are a beautiful ray of hope. You shine bright and glow all around. Keep in mind “beauty doesn’t resides on your face , it resides in your soul”

    Next day , the time came when diya had to speak for herself. She had no idea what to say. Everyone was eagerly waiting for her to speak. She was totally balnk. She took a deep breath and said “ I don’t know what to say but I’ll just say,I’m not beautiful but I’m better then you all. Maybe I don’t look good but I have a better soul”

    These words by her touched everyone , when she said those words principal maam and mr. kunal did gave a applaud to her for this!

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  • sans_brones 5d

    @squared I love copying her style ��

    Hindi part chyie iska??

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    I was walking
    near that
    serene river,
    Found some
    Leaves floating
    Over water.

    I found
    Written over
    I took a
    Leaf out
    Of it.

    The dried
    Leaf was scribbled
    With some word's.

    That was not
    just a piece of
    Leaf but a
    Letter with hundreds

    Maybe the
    Leaf's were
    But not
    The word's
    In it.

  • sans_brones 1w

    I'm not heartbroken,
    But I'm writing about those lost feelings.

  • sans_brones 1w

    Today maybe I'll log out at evening from mirakee. Don't worry just gonna take a small break ✨��❤️��

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    Pen tips have dried,
    Hands are tired,
    These incomplete stories are yet not completing.

  • sans_brones 1w

    Few days back this happened to me.

    I'm fine now :)

    Oh wait the lines in // are not by me it's by coldplay's song "Vida la Vida"


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    Dear Diary
    To the one who listens me everytime,

    Writing something after long time inside you. You may have gone dusty but maybe not the words.

    Today I have there to share something deep thoughts about me with you. I usually don't have any secrets amongst us as you know but gonna write my pains in the words of other :).

    In those four walled room , I feel breathless. There is no one yet born with whom I can share my feelings. All the lost feeling are dying inside. With every night I sleep , I wish my dreams come true..but the very next day , my mind says stop dreaming come back to reality.

    In those lost melodies , I try to find unsung rhythm.

    When I touch the floor I feel as if I'm flying. I'm lost.

    I'm not able to figure out , if everything is fine or not.

    There in biblichor smell from the shelves are giving me aesthetic vibes. I can't understand what to do, in those pulchirtude flowers I'm trying to find my soul but when I getting it present in those dead leaves.

    Whenever I read a book , the words cwtch me in themselves.

    Staring at the celling hopelessly. My mind is struck. Maybe I should listen to some good music.

    Tears are flowing out my eyes without any reason , something is killing me inside.

    Thanks love for always listening to me. I love you.

    //I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own//