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  • santhianandan 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Seaside

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  • santhianandan 5w


    Sun rises everyday tirelessly
    With a bright energetic smile
    Spreading positive vibes everywhere
    Calling out to all life aloud
    To awake and work with joy
    Teaching how to live with balance
    As it settles down to rest
    At the end of the day as sunset
    Relaxing to rejuvenate itself
    Only to rise up again early
    As high as above to greater heights
    Repeating the cycle endlessly
    Spreading hope in human minds!

  • santhianandan 5w

    "Winter Time"

    Winter arrives with a shivering cold
    Infusing chillness into the air
    Nesting everyone inside their blankets
    Triggering the need of warmth
    Embracing each other in love
    Rejoicing in the spirit of togetherness

    Teaching the world unity in diversity
    Initiating the need of understanding
    Mindfully to live in love forever gracefully
    Eternally lost together in the paradise of joy!

  • santhianandan 5w


    "MIRAKEE "

    Magic exists in this writer's app tempting writers
    Impulsively sparkling interest within, to write more!
    Readers excited and overwhelmed with joy
    Assemble to read variety of amazing contents
    Keenly interested, awestruck and spell bound in wonder!
    Enthusiastically creative arena motivates writers
    Energetically to write more creatively and willingly!

    Love you Mirakee

  • santhianandan 8w


    Life is like a battlefield
    With ceaseless attacks from all sides
    surrounding and threatening us
    With fear,anxiety, worry,
    Sorrow, failures and death!
    Winning or losing the war
    Doesn't solely lie in our hands.
    Our only duty and responsibility
    Is to fight it bravely till the end
    Without giving up on ourselves
    Acting with confidence, patience,
    Love,.compassion and self control
    Performing our duties with righteousness
    Unconditionally loving and respecting
    Ourselves and others for who we are
    Whole heartedly accepting ourselves
    With all our strengths and weaknesses
    Daring to live a life of happiness
    Like a mighty warrior with courage!

  • santhianandan 10w


    Let the festival of lights
    Brighten your lives
    Driving away the darkness
    Enlightening your minds!
    Wishing you all a very happy diwali!

  • santhianandan 10w

    Dodoitsu Poem
    "The Mask "

    Walking down a crowded street
    Wearing a triple layered mask
    Worrying about my safety
    Is my new routine!

  • santhianandan 10w

    Love freeze!

    I wish I could freeze this moment
    Of love, peace, bliss and joy
    Loving you eternally, forever and ever
    Locked up in your powerful loving embrace
    As my heart bursts open with ecstatic love for you
    My fingers entwined and entangled with yours
    United we stay together blessed by divine
    Not willing to let go of each other drinking love
    Feeling our feelings of togetherness filled with love
    Laying my head possessively on your chest
    Dreamily I close my eyes hoping a bright future
    As I claim my right over you owning and winning you
    Peacefully listening to the romantic music of love
    Hearing and losing myself in the lup tup rhythm
    Of your loving heart, which beats only for me!

  • santhianandan 12w


    The heaven within me
    When I abode in hell
    The agape love within me
    When I hate myself
    The soft whisper of truth within me
    When fake surrounds me
    The Oasis of peace within me
    When I travel through the deadly desert of struggles
    The super consciousness light guiding within me
    When my conscious mind and subconscious differ
    Querencia for me is you oh! Divine
    You are my home oh! Ocean of mercy!

  • santhianandan 12w


    The battle field is filled with dead bodies
    Blood river flowing down like a stream
    Colouring the ground dark red
    Panic cries echoes everywhere
    Innocent lives at risk of merciless killers
    Women and children not spared
    Bombs and chemical weapons
    Destroying the beautiful nature
    Killing peace to pride the ego
    Why does world still believe in war?
    Using weapons to intiate peace treaty?
    Contradictory and painful to watch
    As fear engulfs the world causing havoc
    In the minds of the people creating trouble
    The insecured uncertainty of their future,
    World surely doesn't pave way for growth!
    Forgotten humanity is what humans need
    To build a beautiful world of peace today!
    Let us live our lives as humans with humanity
    War is not a solution for any problem
    Love heals, cures and breaks down any barriers
    Let us start a ripple effect of love and light
    Embracing each other in our differences
    Unitedly remembering we all are one
    Born into this world from the same source!