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  • santhoshi 8w


    The bright blue sky goes pale in confusion
    Blowing away the cotton clouds covering the evil and heat from the mischievous sun and turns into dark cloud
    Whenever sky turns dark I get excited because I know it's going to Rain
    Its wash away the hotness
    Rainy climate and rain is my best company were it's doesn't make me to feel alone especially when I'm traveling
    Sitting next to window seat
    Wind blow withe whistle sound
    Chilled breeze from window coming and touching my face and making me feel awesome and adding instant smile on my face
    Were my hair starts flying and it's Also enjoy along with me
    I just plug in my headset and beautiful songs running into my ears
    My music give me wings to the mind and fly into imagination world
    The rain beats down on the windowpane
    Lighting steaks the sky water Hits the ground
    Rain make me believe the Nature too enjoy shower

  • santhoshi 9w

    Human out there

    Every single person out there are capable to handle s situation
    But we have to know how to handle it in right way
    No one is perfect
    No one is expecting to be perfect
    It's okay not to be okay
    We are not born with a road map to get throught right Life
    No one has ever
    Life is mixed of Love, pain, happiness, success, and ups and downs
    Each one are vulnerable different in own ways
    Each one has problems and also solutions along with it but so many are failing to find out the right solutions and jumping into wrong decisions
    It's okay to be weak
    It's okay to cry out for help
    Everyone go through this moment in life
    You are not the one alone who is suffering
    Let's each one of us please eachother
    Let's learn to be for eachother
    Let's learn to be more kind
    Let's learn to empthise
    Let's learn to love more
    Let's learn to be strong
    We are human
    A smile,a listening ear,a gentle touch, just our presense to another person knowingly or unknowingly can make a difference beyond our understanding

  • santhoshi 9w


    Midnight all alone
    When the rest of world is quiet
    The night is a shelter core
    Where my tentative, precious and important thoughts can shelter and gain strength
    It time my heart need to convey the message with the help of pen and paper
    Were the number of thoughts will be running into my mind
    My heart is filled with emotion
    I always seems to come alive after midnight I feel like the world is mine
    I often think that the night is more alive and more rich when compare to day

  • santhoshi 10w

    If I were to build you a home

    I will build it with pure love and unconditionally happiness
    Where there will be no doors of sadness
    And huge windows with warmth and strong bond

  • santhoshi 11w

    May be I should have

    May be I should have
    Told you that How much I love you
    Maybe I should have
    Told you that you are my paradise
    Maybe I should have
    Told you that I don't need anything else you alone is enough
    Maybe I should have
    Told you my dear, let's be together forever
    My heart is throbbing Hard but my mind can't find the right word

  • santhoshi 11w

    My super women

    I know,
    however hard I will try
    I won't be able to find words to express my love for you
    Your love is incomparable
    Your love make my life bloom
    Your love and care hold and secure me
    Your love always protects me
    You always been my angel and protector taught me that I can find Stars in life
    You always remind me telling opinion of others doesn't define you
    When I talk to you it's feels like I'm talking to the universe and I guess that's why all my dreams come true
    Your existence is enough for me to wakeup in the morning
    I cannot promise you the moon and the stars but I can promise to bring their light to you always
    I love you mom
    I love God, because he Made you for me

  • santhoshi 12w

    Time to remember travel days

    When I travel, 

    I make sure That I take myself with me,

    Leave my fear and stress cap at home,

    Pull up my curiosity socks,

    Throw the self doubts in the garbage

    Grab my phone are camera so that I can capture all moments,

    Which is filled with Lots of happiness and crazy moments....

  • santhoshi 12w

    Dear phone

    You play Very important role in my Life
    Were you carry my feelings and hold beautiful memories
    You were with me all time when no one else could
    You support me when I'm in need
    You were my happiness sometimes my weakness too
    When ever you pop-out my curiosity and attention seek towards you
    You help me in many critical situations and Made me to feel relax
    When ever I click pictures you made me happy and also make me to look more beautiful
    You help me to reach out my loved onces voice in my special days
    Because of u my life becomes easy
    Make sure not to leave me alone

  • santhoshi 13w


    Dear dad,
    You are magician were you have handled me in every situation my every mood
    when ever I think of you I get that strong feeling that I'm always your little princess
    What ever I'm today, wherever I will be tomorrow, it's all because of you
    Where ever I go in life, you will be always my number one
    With you my life becomes easy were I can slove all my problems with confident not alone
    You gave strong wings to my life and dreams to fly higher
    You believed in me more than I did
    You always used to compliment and encourage me with your kind words
    Somewhere I must be lucky to get you dad
    No one can love me more than you my hero

  • santhoshi 13w


    You are the tune of love and I am the song of your life