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  • sanusan 7h

    If pain is the gain
    Then y don't you achieve it
    Until ur success scream.

  • sanusan 2d

    He:I will take care of u until my death.
    She:ur death is my last day in the world.

  • sanusan 4d

    Koi gamon se jujj rahahai
    Tho koilabo se ulaj rahahai
    Koi khamoshi ko chuparahai
    Tho koi dard se chilarahai

    Hum gair na sahi
    Appne bhi kabhi nahi the
    Appno ke sahare
    Zindagi karahaithe
    Akk pal mai kisi
    Gair ko apnane ka
    Hukum de gai.

    Ye zindagi apni thi hi
    Kahan jo hum raj kare
    Jabse duniya mai aye hain
    Sirf dosron ki kushi
    Ke liye jiye jarahaihain.

    Manzil hamse juda hai
    Waqt humse khafa
    Hum meherum rahai
    Uss zindagi ke
    Jo hamara naa raha.

  • sanusan 4d

    Dil kahi na kahi
    Kisi ko pasand karhileta hai
    Dil pe kisika zoar nahi
    Hum kitne bhi
    Bandishon ko apnale ki
    Hamai pyaar, mohabbat jaise
    Sabdon se hi nafrat hai.
    Magar ye sirf kehne ki baate hai jaanab
    Dil choori se kisiko pyaar karne ki
    Saza dehiteta hai.
    Jisko hum chakar bhi inkar nahi kar sakte.

  • sanusan 1w


    Inner me
    Ask y u always
    Sacrifice ur self
    For others happiness.

    Inner me
    Ask y don't u
    Deny the fact
    U to have emotions .

    Inner me
    Ask y can't u
    Make use of people
    As they do to u.

    Inner me
    Ask y always
    U get hurt
    Y can't u trow up on them.

    Inner me
    Ask can't u fight
    For ur own satisfaction
    Apart from satisfying others .

    Inner me
    Ask y can't u
    Live urself is it
    Necessary to rely on some one

    Inner me
    Ask if u happy
    Then don't deny the
    Fact that ur soul and shadow
    Aren't happy.

    Outer me
    Said u can't understand
    The world. ��

    #selfself @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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  • sanusan 1w

    U have a issue in
    Ur Brain tissue
    So make a wishu
    To get rid of this crishu.

  • sanusan 1w

    Hi guys this the 3 part of the story hope guys would like it and repost it ��.

    3 IDIOTS VS S3.

    (So shanii ignores the guy . And moves to her place.
    Suddenly a senior girl enters in class and says u people have language class now. Sir asked language students move to language class room).

    Shanii:O my goodness. Should I need to walk for 2 floors now.

    Raina: hi do we have language class now.


    Raina:are u a fresher.



    Shanii:haaa��.anything else u want to ask me.

    Raina:haan do u have x boyfriend?

    Shanii:����������������who ask so suddenly. But you u need that.

    Raina:just wanted to knew about u.

    Shanii:I have lots of things about me. Like who iam, where I belong to, how many siblings do I have. Who ask about boyfriend at 1st meeting. Like really. Forget it I don't have any bf neither I want nor I will have. I just hate those mess plzz don't ask such questions again ok.

    Raina:see u too also got angry with me. But I don't think having a bf is not ridiculous���� right.

    Shanii:ya but . Haa forget it. Ur weird.

    Raina:�� am I.

    Shanii:comes let's go the class.

    (So shanii begins to the journey of new friends and new adventure ahead. As they had only 12 students in language class. Shanii gona enjoy and rule ahead).

    (Shanii and raina enters the class. Suddenly she saw that handsome guy in front desk. Shanii just ignores him and goes to next row where few girls were already gathered.
    And settled)

    (Sir enters into the class) (everyone wishes him goooooooooooooood moooornnnnnninnnnnnng sir)

    Sir:sit down. So everyone as u all know we haven't received over new syllabus yet. Let's introduced overself so that it would be easier to know about each other.
    So one by one get up and introduced urself and tell some nice experiences of ur lives.
    So u the corner girl let's start with u.


    Sir:yes u. Get up.

    Sahana:sir are u sure it's mee.

    Sir:yes u. Who else can u see at the corner.

    (Sahana stood up)

    Sahana:ok sir. I will start from the beginning.
    So myself sahana. Basically I belong to Kolkata. And it's my birth place. My mom when to vacation while I was in her tummy. She was holding 7 month and suddenly I was born. But I was brought up here Bangalore. Last 2 years ago I lost my dad. I went into depression. And it's been a while to get normal. And I have migraine too. This are things what happened to nothing so serious. And nothing important sir.

    Sir:sorry for ur lose. And don't u have boyfriend?

    (Meanwhile the handsome guy was drinking water after hearing to he just splits the water)
    (All were consentrating on sahana and her story. But when splits all were like what's wrong with him)
    (Shanii was like he is behaving as if she is his girlfriend )
    (Then all started staring shanii)

    Sir:ok ok leave him. So where was I.

    Raina:sir u where asking sahana has a ��boyfriend.

    Sahana:no no sir i don't have boyfriend. Plzz iam out of it.

    Raina:u r so beautiful u should have boyfriend.

    Shanii:Raina y u want every girl should have boyfriend.

    Raina: for timepass what else.


    Sanny:��time passss? Bro what is she saying.

    Handsome guy:������I don't know.

    Sir: all be quite. So sahana u don't even have x boyfriend also.


    Sir:ok fine. U can seat.

    Sahana:thank you sir.

    Sir:next to her u continue.

    Raina:mee sir ok. Let mee start. So myself Raina. I want be manager a hotel manager. I like to annoy the people I like and I have boyfriend not for time pass but for serious. And he is gangster��������.

    (Reaction of the people in the class ��������������������������������������������������������)

    Shanii:I already knew she is weird. But now I think she is totally crack.

    Sir:aren't u afraid Raina��.

    Raina:no sir I enjoy it.

    Shanii:if wanna be manager then u need to go other course this is not the course. Where u will manager.

    Raina:no I want to be manager.

    Shanii: no one can explain u leave.

    Sir:ok as u wish. Sit down.

    (Suddenly bell rings. All goes to further classes with lots of confusion in there brains. )
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork
    #friends #love #evils

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    3rd part

  • sanusan 2w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Chaos

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    same word again. I will not write.

  • sanusan 2w

    3 IDIOTS VS S3

    Hi gyus this is 2nd part of my story hope gyus would like it and repost it ��������.

    (So shanii and her family reached to the home which was rended for just for few months)

    Shanii : haaaa mom we finally reached to our new house. But it's strange how I will get adjust to this home mom. Since I was child I had just been in our house.

    Shanii's mom:after all it's life u should get adjusted to the changes and overall remember this is not our own house so don't be like fool ok.

    Shanii: why ❓

    Shanii's mom: because u should be careful . Like don't misuse the thinks don't scribble the walls etc. Ok

    Shanii: ��.

    Shanii's mom: don't make faces. Just do as I say.

    Shanii:hmm �� ok.

    Every one enters the house. But when shanii steps in she feels strange�� as if something is stopping her to enter the house. She stops for few seconds. She was ��.
    Suddenly her elder brother shouts hurry up. Or else stay out. Shanii is really afraid of her brother apart from whole world his elder brother is the one whom she is scared a lot. When ever he says anything she forgets every thing and fallows his orders at last shanii enters suddenly.

    After having dinner . All the members in family slept��.
    Her elder brother acquired the room.
    She and her mom where left in one room.
    And her dad slept with his brother.


    (Shanii goes to clg )

    Shanii: hi every one

    Ayesh: hi shan.

    Shanii: is any notes given yesterday?


    Shanii:hoo ok.

    Ayesh:are u ok.

    Shanii:ntg mush we just shifted. And I couldn't sleep last night.

    Ayesh:it's ok u will get used to it.

    Shanii:hope so.

    Ayesh:hey do u know I got new friends here.

    Shanii:hmm �� ok.

    Ayesh: I will seat with them .

    Shanii:y r asking me . Iam not the ruler of ur life. Do what ever u want to do. Just leave.

    Ayesh:because ur my childhood buddy so.

    Shanii:just get lost.

    Meanwhile someone enters to the classroom.

    Miral:hi can I seat hear.

    Shanii: yes if u want but this is 1st bench. I prefer u not to seat here.

    Miral: it's ok I will.

    Shanii:u don't have problem to seat in 1st bench?

    Miral:nope.u r also seating hear right.

    Shanii: i goingam just temporary here.

    Miral: no worries��. I will manage.

    Shanii :ur so annoying. Ok as u wish. Who cares.

    Miral: hi myself miral. And u.

    Shanii:myself shanii.

    So these way shanii gets a new and friendly friend. They continue there cute friendship together.

    1month past away.

    (Shanii and ayesh usually comes 1st to the class. One morning bhot desided to look over the campus.
    After looking over the campus when they enters in the class ayesh sees that there class window has nice environment to seen so she takes shanii to see that.
    While they where enjoying the nature. Suddenly some sounds appears like some one was entering the class. Shanii turns back and See's A handsome boy with glory face enters in. )

    He enters with brightness of sunshine he is really handsome.

    Ayesh:who is this guy.

    Shanii: as if I knew.

    Ayesh: come let's speak to him.

    Shanii:naaa.y should we. No need . Class is about to start come let's go to our places.
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork
    #friends #love #evils

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    Part 2

  • sanusan 3w

    2020 u r going
    Do hell.
    Who cares.
    Don't expect any farewell from us.