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  • sanviiiii 11w

    Don't tell me sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon!❤

  • sanviiiii 11w

    Cry babygirl
    That's how you learn to swim

  • sanviiiii 12w

    Love becomes strong when its time to let go

  • sanviiiii 12w

    To my dearest❤

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    A bond that cant be named

    Ok so,
    Do i call you my boyfriend or my best friend?

    At times when I'm upset you are my best friend, who puts me in a good mood.
    At times you are my brother/sister who irritates and annoys me the most.
    At times you are my mom who takes care of me the most.
    At times you are my dad who scolds me for not taking care of myself.
    At times you are a guide or a mentor who tells what's best for me.
    At times you are my boyfriend who gives abundant love and pampers me a lot.
    And above all this you are my happy person who makes me forget all my worries and pains. When I'm with you even the biggest of biggest problems seems little!
    I really cant think of JUST ONE WORD that describes all these characters in one person.
    The bond we share is something really special and i just dont want to give it a tag!❤