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  • sarcasticbong 1w

    I have created timelines, just to die every time with a heart that failed miserably in her presence.

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    Just to hide
    those filthy buried pain,
    I created love stories with
    devastated endings.


  • sarcasticbong 3w

    #Celestialvibeseries most loved series.

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    We went for a long drive this time
    With those fluppy clouds over our head
    Word's stiched within themselves
    Roads over roads on never ending loop.

    I looked out the window
    Street lights racing with us
    Moon stupidly following throughout
    We travelled in time of a distant future.

    A kingdom of magic mushrooms
    Every breath gives you a euphoria dream
    Dream inside dream the riddle keeps going
    Voices of different entity, vibes declined.

    Breaking timeline
    Pass it on imagination wearing off.


  • sarcasticbong 4w

    Some people have always a way straight to your heart.

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    Mera dil pe pyaar ne
    agar dastak diya na hota
    toh tumse jarur ishq ladata.


  • sarcasticbong 6w


    I stood there with the mic
    Recreating my poems
    People staring at me
    They looked lost,

    Was it the same reason I lost you
    Or you made this time loop where
    Every night I have to stand and reacreat those poems and everytime people looked lost, I would remember you.


  • sarcasticbong 8w

    Har saal ohe purane kahaniya likhte gaya
    Yeah soch ke o dekh he lagi,
    wapas aake uski Yaadein le jayagi.

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    Saal beeta to socha
    ab khushiya aaiegi

    galat fami mein tha shayar
    vahee taareekh ke aaiegi uski yaadein lake.


  • sarcasticbong 9w


  • sarcasticbong 9w


    It was just like the dream
    On a full moon night and twinkling stars to gaze upon, laying beside each other we were exchanging breaths instead of words
    Thoughts of lustful passion with pain and pleasure calling each other out,
    On a verge of creating wondrous imagination.

    My arms holding your hips against mine
    Planting soft kisses on the collarbone,
    moonlight on your lustrous skin showing off the silhouette of your beautiful frame.
    Those honey curves ignite fire beneath the rib cage, gasping breaths
    I threw myself against your irresistible frame stroking your soul with my fingers.

    I stood up and said I want your taste to linger on my lips until another full moon,
    Your wish is my command, I love you my moon pie.


  • sarcasticbong 9w


    The cold wind kept coming
    Breaking me into pieces
    Songs of 90s playing on background
    Did you forget to stop by me and smile.

    Was it me, who made you go
    I don't remember the words that said
    I just want you to hold tight
    Did you forget the light, I'm burning low.

    Please don't cry, I promise to take away those bitter memories with me
    But i will miss you on my front seat
    The right side of the bed will always stay for you, it's your privilege forever.


  • sarcasticbong 10w


    Beaming light from the past
    Drawing lines into the parallel universe
    I met myself in some distance planet
    As earth was ripped out of orbit

    Mountain's flying visions
    Singing air of unsung songs
    It was a universe of the second choices
    Where, I didn't fell in love with her
    Where, I choose to be extrovert
    Where, I left poetry because love was nil.

    Trying to survive in this unknown
    I kept loosing myself in this void
    Loud noise killing my neurons
    Falling asleep into lucid space
    People staring like a picture
    I'm scared
    Hibernation mode activated.

    Pass it on imagination wearing off ;


  • sarcasticbong 11w


    Childhood sweet heart.
    One-sided lovers.
    10th class Farewell.
    Unspoken bye.
    10 year, school reunion.
    Silent gaze.
    Friend request.
    Late night chats, beside their other halves.