queen of own kingdom

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  • sathi_queenz 5w

    Chahe Jo bhi ho jaye...
    Don't forget that he cares for you ...

    And it's none but your father..

  • sathi_queenz 7w

    Ring a ring a roses,
    And pocket full of posies..

    Ring ring aromatic chain,
    And heartfull of tears & pain..

    The girl grew up..

  • sathi_queenz 7w

    I think a person must be believed
    When he knows,
    The pain behind your smile..
    The love behind your anger..
    And the reason behind your silence..

  • sathi_queenz 8w

    Shikayaato ki bhi ijazat sabko nehi hai..
    Jisse humdard hogi sirf ussi se hai..

  • sathi_queenz 8w

    Sometimes the time runs too fast..
    Especially when it must stop..

  • sathi_queenz 9w

    Maybe I am an unknown face to you..
    Who used to sit among those few..
    To hear all your knowledge and experience..
    Which had no bounded fence..
    Not many movements are there with you to remember..
    That I was also in this school as a class member..
    I know this beat of paper and the weightless ink..
    Has no ability to judge our link..
    You as a teacher and me as a student.. We could become a good companion at present..
    But a last you left the field for your retirement..
    And hence a feeling of melancholy surrounded the environment..

  • sathi_queenz 10w

    Hum musafir ban jayenge..
    Agar manzil tum ho..
    Hum asmaan Chu lenge..
    Agar sitare tum ho..
    Hum Nadi ban jayenge..
    Agar tum Lehar ho..
    Aur Hum waqt ban jayenge..
    Agar kwaish tum ho toh..

  • sathi_queenz 10w

    This bit of paper and the weightless ink can never judge my love for you..
    Still I write just to feel the inexistence presence of yours..

  • sathi_queenz 11w

    Tumhare pyaar ki parchayi mein
    Hum kho jayenge..
    Aisi bewakoof toh hum hai nehi..
    Kyun ki aisi hazare pyaar humare aakhon mein basa hai tumhare lia..
    Jisko samajhna tumare bas mein hain nehi..

  • sathi_queenz 12w

    Strength is that which you use to protect a girl and defend her from evils..

    Not Ur muscular potency which u use during midnights while raping a girl!!!