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  • satyyyyyyy 1d

    Bodies aligned in realm of hate,
    greater truth yet to be said,
    with you grieving in your own grave,
    waiting for a miracle to wake.

    What exactly will it take,
    to remind you for your own sake,
    that you can break out of this state,
    without any sacrifice to make.

    And what can be greater than this,
    that you recall your abilities,
    that you connect with this being,
    the one that rests within you deep.

    The deeper you dive the higher you reach,
    and wake the power that lies underneath.
    the wider it wakes, the bigger you see,
    that you are more than just what you believe.


  • satyyyyyyy 5d

    Yours is the brightest image,
    pasted forever in my eyes.
    thriving just like fire,
    burning down all of the lies.

    Just like sun assuring it's light,
    even when it's losing from my sight,
    It brings me the moon lit bright in the evening sky,
    Promising to stay forever even while wishing goodbye.


  • satyyyyyyy 4w

    What gain does it give,
    To forget and forgive?
    What worth does it have,
    To make the promises to keep?
    What number of days does it take,
    To understand one's fate?

    Lot of questions but no answers.
    A new idea every day I get.
    A new logic every day I make.
    A million definitions for heaven's sake.

    Another push maybe will help.
    Another clichéd phrase before I go to bed.
    Another dream that makes no sense.
    Another chance to make amends.


  • satyyyyyyy 10w

    See through me

    Deep Dark stands tall in front
    asking can you see through me.
    Not easy to defeat my existence,
    Neither any easier to stay with me.

    I'm wreckage of the same ship we both were once part of,
    You found your shore somehow dear,
    But all what ocean had was me.

    Now when we both collide,
    When you see me eye to eye,
    Do you hold the courage to embrace me.

    If you don't choose to do, you'll end up drowning into me,
    But dare you do what takes courage,
    I'll fade into peace and you'll see through me.


  • satyyyyyyy 11w

    Every now and then I find myself
    Standing in this closed cabin
    With voices shouting louder and louder
    Giving their best to hold me within.

    But all I have to do is close my eyes and think of the summer day.
    First I see is We standing side by side with our feet soaked by the waves.
    Second is the warmth of your presence,
    It's all about company that is the essence.

    The view of the far spread ocean,
    The feel of the water on face,
    The time spent on warmest sand,
    It all takes me to my happy place.

    Now I don't need any window or some gate,
    Or to look for some other escape,
    Just the vibe of it all is enough to make me levitate
    out of the cabin.


  • satyyyyyyy 17w

    So big is the agony,
    So deep is its reach.
    So tight is the grab of it,
    Like a bunch of vines,
    with heads of leech.

    So harmful is to surrender,
    So hurtful is to oppose,
    So hard is to stay sane,
    So easy to lose the hope.

    Still it is the will to fight,
    To go beyond the mediocre sight.
    Still it is the embrace of pain,
    To head towards the strength lane.

    Still it is the action consistent,
    To repel the vines will full persistence,
    Still it is the dream of liberation,
    To fulfil the purpose of one's creation.

    Great is the pain caused,
    But greater is the strength obtained,
    Great is the time consumed,
    But greater is the lesson versed.

    Great to see pain end one day,
    Greater to see that strength still stays.
    Great to see the bird fly away,
    Greater to see what's next in its way.

  • satyyyyyyy 17w


    Is it just a desire,
    Or is it a hope,
    Seems like a will to create when all conspire,
    Seems like me being in this hurrincane but with a will to cope.

    The more I think about it,
    More forms it start to take.

    More colors it falls into,
    More reasons it finds to take place.

    Takes me to this journey to explore,
    To know if will I dare to dive in,
    Or to know how far can I sail.

    Helps me find my voice in the best way,
    To speak what I believe not what all want me to say.

    And to leave a scar on the face of normality,
    To create this piece which can define creativity.


  • satyyyyyyy 19w


    When you put the Armor down,
    When you blow away the fog,
    When you show me the real you,
    the way only you can do,
    By being just like you,
    That's when I see the gorgeous view
    Crystal clear like there's no me in world
    Only you, just you. No one else but only you.

    And when all blur is gone,
    When we see eye to eye,
    When there are no distractions,
    No argument, truth, or Lie,
    That's when I realise
    There's no me or you.
    Only this gorgeous view.

  • satyyyyyyy 30w


    May your plans rest in peace,
    If all go as planned is what you believe.

    Can not stop what's on your way,
    Be it sticks, stones, or what they have to say.
    And you thought you'll see, come what may, unaware of how much it'll take.

    Voices are the most dangerous.
    They'll mess you big time if not cautious.
    Among these are the ones those who come from inside you.
    Making you think it's your inner self talking to you.
    But All this poison that came to you is what you gathered from around you.

    Deep within you lies what's true,
    The truth that knows no bad or good.
    And this truth is what you have to hold on to,
    Even if it means losing everything else if you have to.

    Just like a mantra, chant this truth.
    Stay loud enough until lies are mute.
    Ask for help if you have to, there are plenty of survivors around you.
    Instead of thinking you alone have to go through.

  • satyyyyyyy 33w


    Oh don't go that down, you'll miss what's up there.
    No don't aim so high, you may fall in midway.
    Oh don't stay that good, you may miss what's being bad.
    No don't be this bad that you make everyone sad.

    Think before you do it. Think a million times.
    Run hundred million simulations, deep inside your mind.
    Stretch the small things and dig everything that's buried,
    See them grow, and then let them rain on your parade.

    And when all damage is done, don't just stop there and do the aftermath. Instead keep thinking until you drown in the regret.