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  • saumya_mis 1d

    I know I'm not writing even good these days.

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    I wanted to utter every thing
    that is out of your grasp.
    Might be it superfluous or
    exuberant in volumes.

    If only heartaches have a
    name I won't whisper you
    Love is all about to fly.
    You made me believe in the
    finest of things which locks off
    the way to paradise.

    In the shrewd tricks where heart
    bows down, I fear finding you,
    for you was supposed to be
    honest this time.

    Time have wrinkles and books
    have too. You wish me to write
    but I prefer to read this obscure

    I want to sacrifice with the
    haste of falling for the skies,
    without realising their devotion
    to clouds.

    These imaginations I guess
    should have been tired of
    meeting and messing up
    with me, but limitless reasons
    it hides to make me explain
    questions, surely denies the
    approvals that has no sense.

    Saumya Mishra

  • saumya_mis 3d

    Something imperfect. You can scroll.

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    There was love even in the
    greyest of skies but your eyes
    refused to see.

    I always longed for worldly
    things and use to abhor my
    expectations later.

    You thrived in maintaining
    distances and here I am
    throwing pebbles in
    the ocean of my own tears.

    These roads you visit, whisper
    unending tales where we shared
    our future and now they're vanishing
    in the air for no reason.

    I am facing regrets but you are
    discovering nothing new.
    Neither the experiences nor
    the beauty behind mess.

    In the moment, footsteps faltered
    and I pretended that I fell.
    Fell for the last time.

    And now that you're not here
    to hold me, the quest will stay.
    Saumya Mishra

  • saumya_mis 1w

    Have you ever touched words
    with charisma of despair?
    Like how they run out of memories
    and stay without regret of losing.
    They survive like there's no tomorrow
    and converse the realities without

    I touched them.
    Everytime they feel like the
    strings of love humming on
    my face. The curves in my contemporary
    life, turns out to be the righteous

    They traverse limits of happiness
    and bless me with positivity.
    The feeling that you have
    while staring at the most
    gorgeous eyes and breathing
    hard after your first kiss makes
    you alive and silence makes no
    sense at all.

    All you want is to feel,
    read and pour out words.
    Words that are made of nothing
    but stardust, collision of
    togetherness, raindrops of love,
    flickering eyelashes, antonyms
    of separation.

    This strange liveliness you have,
    wants to offer infinite amounts of
    realisations to others where you
    kept on losing your existence

    It all changes your perspective
    and words never knew that they
    might be your salvation.
    They say, to love others you
    have to love yourself first.

    But I believe to love others
    you have to fall for words first.
    They paint every world,
    shrieks possibilities and
    makes everything clearer
    that once was faded.

    ©Saumya Mishra

  • saumya_mis 1w

    If love would be life
    then there might exist
    breaths with suffocation,
    happenings without meanings.

    You feel toxic like the
    books brushing off the
    past and innocence screaming
    out louder.

    There will be aspirations but
    they can't cope out with dilemma
    and these winds stays on your
    mind like they are tragic.

    With insecurities people start to
    deal your affection and what
    remains is remorse in their hands
    that won't slip like the sand.

    You sworn out on many things
    and it somewhere face your
    fears, but trust could never be
    accompanied again.

    It walk, visit and befriend with
    you and the sheer idea of drowning
    into everything once you have
    connection with.

    The magnificence you see around
    won't capture your heart anymore.
    It stinks inside your mind.
    Saumya Mishra

  • saumya_mis 1w

    Your heart is no less than a
    mirage and concoction to
    survive in peace but still it
    captures what's not good.

    You prefer touching the skies
    with no thunderstorms at all
    and this mind already was gifted
    with thoughts drowning in and out.

    It all runs hastily that
    perceptions take away your faith
    and the consequences probably,
    now all that you wait for is nothing
    and no one.

    The echoes whispering in your ears
    reminds how it was supposed to
    yearn many things but now has been
    limited to choicest rewards.

    There were boundaries at
    your home but avidly what
    matters the most are the corners
    that surrounds you.

  • saumya_mis 1w

    The lifeless beauty you see around,
    might whisper deadly silence when
    love is about to turn grey.

  • saumya_mis 1w


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    The distinction between day and nights that never fits into place and the persistence that never takes you off from the songs of my playlist somewhere reminds me how permanent things stay, where they once belonged to.
    Saumya Mishra

  • saumya_mis 1w

    They have glimpse of you.

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    These phrases that I hide beside
    sparks of darkness turns out to be
    the happiest mistake stars ever made.
    Saumya Mishra

  • saumya_mis 2w

    I never know how many syllables it takes to write a book that might cajole your heart and for how long you are going to travel around winds just to feel loved.
    Saumya Mishra

  • saumya_mis 2w

    How often you look at your heart and publicise your expectations to others? One time a day, or more than a million times. According to you,there should be a fair appreciation to that. I guess. You might seize the long lost phrases while walking down the lanes of happiness and of course despair too. They need not to be apologised later for all the sins you did were just to accomplish what every part of your skin wants and somewhere your realisations disregard the fact that how realities were never the stars of your sky. Your own sky. The sky of your innocence and greed. They always fail an attempt to shine. There also appears an unwritten story that suppress its emotions just because it wasn't embellished well to amaze them.

    If something could ever bother your life then why it is supposed to drown in silence? A deep silence, where your conscience had gone astray. All you could see is darkness. Darkness overpowers you, and when it's all about to pretend that you're courageous then a day will come where you might try cunningly to gain pearls from the tears you shed, and love from the old photographs. Everything you see here can never be counted on fingers and what you have can never be kept safe. It need to be set free just not to fall but to rise. Rise like the air. Stand like the ocean.

    You still keep on trying every measure to hold on the things that are fragile, temporary. What you are losing in the war suddenly will not warn about the harm actually done. A stage where you learn how to maintain distance between love and life and how not to pronounce destiny everytime including the people you curse everyday for the retardation you are facing then love speaks, for sure. It speaks of your character, of your unwanted choices and about your aghast perceptions to protect and guide you being your salvation. Life brings experiences but love changes you. Love makes you conscious but life makes you self centered and what you see as disappointments are nothing but countless experiences just to let you grow. A little better.

    ©Saumya Mishra