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  • savinggrace 15w

    Kelly's Gift

    SO HERE I AM for all the world to see.
    To judge, criticize, mock or berate. Perhaps, some may understand, accept ,or approve. Whatever feelings people may have about me are not mine to feel, they are not mine to figure out. My feelings are mine.
    Mine to figure out.

  • savinggrace 74w

    No Promises

    Not a promise to be made, no promise to have to keep. No promise is real, yet you hold on to them so deep.
    He promised you tomorrow,she promised you today, we promised them forever. With every promise made, good intentions were endeavored.
    We are not promised tomorrow, today or forever. We are only given moments, grand moments we can treasure.
    Not a promise can be made with truth by it's side , no promise is real, yet his promise was not a lie, he simply couldn't know , tomorrow he was going to die.