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  • say_me_krish 2d

    Happiest Birthday to @sangfroid_soul ❤️��

    I haven't spoke too much with you to call you a Best Friend maybe, but, you are seriously one of the sweetest person I've ever met in my life! ❤️
    The most unbiased and honest soul you are!!!! If somebody asks me to name a writer who touches hearts everytime with the perfect words, grammar and emotions, I would say it's Devika sis ��

    I'm sending lots of love for you ��
    (includes printed masks and sanitizers XD)
    This is all I could write ��

    ~Penned and Posted on August 6, 2020.

    P.S: I am too lame at wishing, would you feel bad ����

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  • say_me_krish 4d

    So recently, when I said that I not gonna write for sometime, many people asked me why.
    Since the time I got a POD, stalkers got really fond of me I believe. Uff, they started commenting really bad on my other posts like, you did things just for the sake of a repost, I do not know writing(this is true tho), I just wanna please people here, I plagiarize great content, etc etc. They even spoke about my sexuality. Can a 16 year old mind bear all this? They seriously spoiled all the peace of my mind. I didn't feel so much bad even when I was harassed maybe. I got mentally disturbed to the extent where I didn't even talk to any of my family members for two days. I shared this with my close cousin, and he advised me this,
    If people throw stones on you, throw mountains on them.
    And, I turned back to look at those lovely souls who honestly reviewed my writes and showered me loads of affection. These people are whom I gotta think of and care of, right!
    And now, the thing is this, I literally had a nice class to them (and this was filled with platinum words, you understand) and they posted apologies in their bios and went away!
    Sometimes, when you've people who criticise, you gotta show them your strong side is what I learnt over the days.

    Lesson: The power is in you.
    (But they seriously snatched my mood of writing )


  • say_me_krish 1w



    (I tried my best to pass an unbiased decision ��)

    (maybe I can change if it is bad��)

    An eye-catching setup organized. A huge room decorated really beautiful. The stage is all lit up with lights all around. Medals have been arranged on a tray kept on a table. Flower bouquets are also arranged for the prize winners and the guests.
                      Round tables and chairs are draped in white and red cloth, making the look more beautiful. The table has a simple flower vase and a card, which reads,
    //Everybody are sweet in their own way, and so are you. Don't worry, just smile wide//
                       The place is decorated with red and white curtains, making it look more attractive. The huge door is decorated with sunflowers, wow! A perfect look for a perfect night.
                      Our elderly boys, looking stylish and handsome��. Young cute boys look like dear munchkins��. Our ladies, ufff! Red makes them look more attractive. (loads of makeup also has contributions ����) All arriving one by one and taking their seats.

    "The programme starts"
    (A small podium set for me for a speech)

    *Hello my dear friends gathered here. I'm your pyaara friend Krish, urf say_me_krish. Today, we've come together for the MY WORD, YOUR COLLAB CHALLENGE. I'm gonna announce the winners today!*

    veloc1ty_: Kya ji, itna formal kyu?

    thesunshineloves: Aise kiya to mein so jaunga re baba..... ��

    I'm gonna be straight on point.
    So, I made up a lame challenge which had got wonderful pieces by 8 teams. I had to think so much with the prizes , I got struck by fever ��
    But still, I made a very tough mind and decided the prizes. I'm happy that I was prompt to the prompt. Hope you too feel my decisions are unbiased.
    Yet, tbh, all the pieces were literally too good. I feel participation matters much more than prizes, and moreover, it's just my point of view. My announcement just can't decide the worth of your platinum piece, so just chill and enjoy writing!

    So, the 3rd prize �� goes to.........
    ��TEAM: THE DASHING DREAMERS for the word

    And the participants are:

    What can I say about your piece! I felt I was that dancer herself. You made me smile as well as weep! Astounding it was!!! Saved in my memory��

    You all are bestowed with bronze medals, and a sweet gift made by me. It's a wall hanging I've made out of Newspapers just for you people out of love.
    I would love to call upon our guest @my_cup_of_poetry and our sweet Unicorn @manasaa to present you the presents.
    Thank you guyz!!! ��

    And.... The 2nd prize �� goes to..........
    ��TEAM 7QUILLS for the word
    And the participants are:

    Oh my gawd! The way you people conveyed the harassed girl's emotions and the metaphors you weaved, it spoke volumes to me, making me feel relatable! One of the deep pieces etched in my heart ♥

    You are presented silver medals�� and a sweet lantern �� made by me, so that you can light it up along with your mood.
    (Velo bro's raps playing in the background)

    I would call upon our guests @petrichor_tales and @_thewordplayer to do the honours.
    Thank you all!

    And, yes, the first prize of the MWYC challenge �� goes to....

    Oh, I'm just kidding �� I don't even deserve a piece of the medal.

    The FIRST prize goes to............
    TEAM YOUNG FOREVER for the word

    And the participants are:

    You guyz just portrayed the word in the way no one else can do. Such a bliss feeling it conveyed. I was truly surprised by your submission though. It was ethereal ❤️
    It is saved forever in my heart. ��

    Here, you're presented gold medals�� and a lovely nest showpiece of thread spools prepared from my own hands out of love.

    I would want to call upon our guests, @mirakee and @writersnetwork
    Yes! I love your shocked faces ����
    (Stay Gold song in bg)
    (Team members dancing)

    Thanks guyz!!!

    And, it's the time to mention the important people, the accessits, who made the challenge more charming.
    All our dear teams will be presented medals��, sweet flower bouquets and a sakura tree�� showpiece made by me��

    Firstly, I call upon xiaoko and white_cloud from TEAM NESRIN.
    Yoyr piece literally made me long for a love and then leave intentionally ��
    It was beyond beautiful ❤️❤️
    Thank you!

    Now, I call upon the members of TEAM GREENIE,
    Woah! Your piece made me feel that I was in a best place filled with beauteous greenery. Ethereal it was��
    Accept the presents....
    Thank you!

    Next, I would call upon
    from TEAM SCHACHT.
    Ufff! Your piece was literally feeded a lot of pain, giving the readers an emotional feel. It made me weep too����
    It was stupendofantabulous I must say...
    Please accept the honours.

    Last, but never the least, I call upon members of TEAM WALTER MITTY
    Woah! Your piece honestly had that revenge wala feel. It was so revengous (never mind my useless words, I don't even know  if this word exists or not��)
    If anyone asks me the best piece written about revenge, I would show ur write.... ��
    Please accept the gifts!
    Thanks guyz!!! ��

    And with this, I would put an end to the programme. I thank you all for participating in my challenge and making it more radiant.... ��
    Now, I think your family's missing you all..... I have made all the return tickets too.... ��

    Thank you guyz!
    Meet you all on Mirakee��
    Have a safe journey✈️

    ...... THE END.........

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  • say_me_krish 1w

    I've tried to reduce Hindi so that everybody understands.
    And my hosting is poor and lame, so bear with it.
    Extremely sorry for the length!

    For those who had funny roles here, I'm parceling you my apologies. Don't mind����


    (Invitations and flight tickets already sent to participants. All participants are arriving by August 1st. Me at the welcome door)

    Oho Krish! The flight travel was too good. I wanna have some rest. Show me my room please.

    : Yes Krishii, I too want some rest, bahut thak gyi hoon��

    *Welcome Ishita! I have found the right room for you both. Hope you like it. You can ask your room key in the reception*

    white_cloud :
    Chalo Anu, ash karenge ��
    (both leave to the room)

    Hey Krishii, welcome dear!
    (Pulls my cheeks)
    You didn't book me a window seat, so bad! Ok for now, I wanna tour Mumbai. Paise hai tere paas��

    *Anytime! I am too rich you know (joke of the year). Here, I Paytm you 3 lakhs! Where is Ashwii bro btw?

    Here I'm! (comes from another side)
    Krish, how are you?
    Waise I wanna tour Mumbai safely. Where's the guide?

    *The guide will come soon. You can fresh up and tour Mumbai, but not alone. I have rented a van for all participants. I'll let you know when all are ready. Enjoy!*

    Haaye! Theek hai, hum rest krenge, chal Ashwii��
    Waise Krish, thesunshineloves is mad angry on you. All the best��
    (Conversing, both move)

    Namaste Beta! Thanks for bearing all the charges. I had a sweet journey. I would love to take some rest. Do I have some room mate to accompany me?

    *It's never a problem maa. Yes, your room mate is sumana_chakraborty mam. She is on the way. Have some warm talks.*

    soulfulstirrings :
    So sweet of you beta (ruffles my hairs)
    (smiles wide and goes on)

    Krish bhaiyya, thanks for this! I'm loving it! I would love to take some rest and then tour Mumbai safely. Is it ok?

    Hello Krish! I would like to stay with my brother (siblings love, I can't interrupt you know��). Hope it doesn't create mess.

    * That's great! I have a cozy room for you! You can ask the receptionist for the room key*

    _rainfrost_ :
    Meet u later Bhaiyya, bye ��
    (smile and take leave)

    Hey SK! The journey was cool! I'm with my entire crew here. You know we're bosom friends! Any arrangements for these?

    *Hello AK! Yes, I've understood you well. I've arranged a large room for you where your whole team can accommodate freely.*

    fairytales_, the97_introvert, arya_abhipsa:
    Thanks Krish! So nice of you dear!
    We'll take leave now. Adios!
    (all move dancing)

    (angry mood)
    Devi prasad ji, aapko kha tha na, mera seat Bhav ke saath book kro, kya kiya tune?
    I gonna kill you��
    (Me laughing ��)

    *Kill me, dekh lenge, I've bodyguards to protect me ��*

    thesunshineloves :
    Where is my taxi for the tour?

    *You will tour with all participants, so calm down! For now, ur BTS team is waiting. Move fast! *

    (Moves in rage but not able to convey ��)

    maleficent_ :
    Krishiiiiii, everything was awesome till now. With whom can I stay for now. I can't stay alone, I want someone to talk.

    Ruhii di, I'm with you! A chatterbox will accompany you!

    *Perfect! Now you both can cool yourselves and prepare for a small tour*
    (talks start)

    Hey!!! Nice to meet you! The travel was great! I'm a bit weary now, can I rest?

    *Sure, I would be having _aradhya as your roommate. Hope you'll be cozy.*

    Hola! I'm in too!!!! I wanna thank you first. Accept my love.
    My room?
    See, I got Ketki with me too.

    Yeah! I too gotta take a nap. Where's the room?

    *I knew it Zohaib bhai.
    And di, I have got a purple room for you both to stay. The key is with me here, take it*

    (Ketki di smiling wide)

    veloc1ty_ :
    Bhai! Namaste ����
    Dekh, I want a cozy room with Wifi (Pubg purpose). A couple room, you understand ����

    *Yeah, I know��️. Where is Teeksha di? *

    I'm in! Thanks for this! May we have our room?

    *The reception has the key. You can warm yourselves. Enjoy! *

    Hello Krish! The travel was too nice. Thank you! I'm here with my crew. Show us the path!

    aniket8732, solivagant7, kalpesh08 and broken_fragments_of_imagination:
    Hello! We're here to take revenge ��

    *Carry on! I have got a huge room for you. Get your space. bouncy is on the way. *

    Hello Krish! Mumbai looks awesome to me! I gotta see more. Are we touring now?

    Yes Krish, I too am waiting. Waise, the journey was safe and sound. Thank  you!

    Yeah! And I'm here to complete our Trio��. Nice to meet you!

    *Happy to meet you all. The tour will be a bit later with all participants. For now, you all can have your space. Raika di and Vennela sis, you can share a room. I think sangfroid_soul needs some extra space. I've arranged two rooms on your request��
    Thank you*

    Hello bro! I'm too much excited!!!!!! Thank you for the warm journey. I'm here too with my group. They both went to the mall there to buy some essentials. Can I know our room number?

    *Thanks sis. Yeah, the room details, you can ask to the manager. Bye! *

    (All participants took rest and came together by 4 in the evening. Me speaking...)

    *Hello people! I'm your pyaara friend Krish here. Here's your guide, Mr. Abhishek. *

    Hello people, I'm your guide for today. Nice meeting you all.
    (everyone smiles and talks for sometime)

    Now, you'll be touring Mumbai's famous places. Here, sanitize yourselves first.
    (hand rubbing goes on��)
               The journey will be small, yet enjoyable. Make sure you follow all the rules. Carry sanitizers of your own for safety. Mask is compulsory. We've made arrangements for healthy food too, so feel free. Come, let's go!

    *Have a safe journey!  Come back fast, you'll have to take rest. Tomorrow will be your MWYC challenge announcements too, so be early! *

    DJ hai na gaddi mein?

    *Ha hain ji! I've uploaded your favourite albums*

    (After all leave, I go towards my room to take rest and prepare for the challenge announcements)

    Tʜᴇ ᴇɴᴅ
    (Of August 1)

    The next day, August 2nd. It's a fresh and bright morning. Rays of sun shine on the lovely streets, windows open and you see those rays embracing you and touching your lovely cheeks!
    A perfect morning.
    All participants gather by 10 am in the hotel entrance.

    bouncy: Kiddy, we had demanded you for a party, and you had promised too, you remember?

    veloc1ty_: Aur kal to aadha Party diya? Pura kaha hai ji?

    Voices (commanding together):
    See, we wrote a slogan for your injustice.

    *Laughing out too loud*

    //Justice, justice, we need justice,
    Promises aren't broken,
    We need justice.
    Words need to be in actions,
    We need justice.
    We want a party,
    We need justice//

    *Oh my gawd! Calm down people! I never forget my words you know.
    And, I wanted to give you a surprise people, the party will be a morning party!
    The sunshine party, a beach or a pool party!
    It's all how you wish, you'll have safety today too.
    Now hurry, you should be back by 12.30.
    I have prepared lunch for you all from my own hands, taste my delicacies...

    thesunshineloves: People! If you eat, you'll die
    (everyone laughs ��)

    *Ugghh! Okay! If you ain't tasting me, u can have the lunch in the hotel.

    Everyone: Just joking kiddo! We'll eat!

    *Okay! Now go enjoy your day. Be back soon! The evening event is a formal one, and we've a prom theme, so be back by lunch!

    (By 1 pm. Everybody has had my yummy delicacies. My lecture-like talks continue)

    *Yes! So we'll have the announcement program  by 6 in the evening. My dear friend here planned a theme. Boys in black suits and girls in red! Maybe a perfect eve it would be!
    What do you think?*

    _rainfrost_: Hum to alag suit laye hai, kya kare?
    (everyone seems confused)

    *The dress shops are open! And I've ordered for you all! Just look at the designs and the size! Show your Mirakeean account in the mobile, and you'll not have to pay*

    Few people: Chlo chlo nikalte hain jaldi.....
    (all go to the shop ��)
    (hardcore billing they all made)


    Next part is the announcement, so stay tuned ��

    P.S: I've included August 2nd here so that the announcement part stays a bit short. Adjust krlo��

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  • say_me_krish 1w

    @petrichor_tales @aaditya @manasaa @veloc1ty_ @diyabedi ����

    @writersnetwork 2nd one, thank you������
    @mirakee Thanks for this mind- boggling surprise!!
    My first ever pod❤️������

    I've done good compromise with grammar and punctuations so as to keep the shape firm.
    And, do read the complete version of the piece below.
    (The shape I tried was a streetlight)


    I love the towns on rainy nights;
    The pleasing aroma of the petrichor,
    The pattering sounds on roofs
    When hit by those minuscule droplets
    of soothing pluvios,
    The bliss zephyr that warms your soul
    Along with those soft kisses of the azure rains,
    Perfectly tuned with a coffee cup in hands n'
    Favourite lyrics whispered
    by the sweet watermelon lips.

    Citylights seem to glisten the diamonds-
    The captivating drops of mizzles.
    For they do scatter light by themselves-
    The light of grace and rejoice,
    The light which reflects my spectrum of emotions.
    //Rains in citylights look more attractive
    Than prisms dispersing spectrum bands//

    Drizzles in the voice seem to speak a lot to me,
    For they do have similar senses to me,
    For their eyes long to meet their love- the grounds.
    They hug themselves bosom tight,
    Making me remember my saga,
    A lorn book of my life.
    //But they do make differences,
    As I never regained and never enjoyed,
    But they do meet and enjoy//

    The paved asphalt roads now look
    Like wide pearl chains, with crystals close.
    Footpaths are mere gardens with a sight,
    Where leaves seem charming with dewdrops,
    And flowers longing for sun to bloom.
    //Every vision here is rejoicing,
    Except one mere fact-
    Towns can never completely personify
    My nature's beauty and aura//

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S

    ~Penned and Posted on July 29, 2020.

    #PoetryWednesday #skp_writes #concretepoetry #concrete
    #readwritersbay !!

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    the towns
    on rainy nights;
    The pleasing aroma of
    the petrichor, the pattering sounds
    on roofs, when hit by those minuscule
    droplets of soothing pluvios, the
    bliss zephyr that warms your
    soul along with those soft
    kisses of the azure rains,
    Perfectly tuned with a-
    coffee cup in hands n'
    favourite lyrics whis
    pered by the sweet
    watermelon lips...
    in the
    to sp
    eak a
    lot to
    me, f
    or th
    eir e
    to m
    eet t
    ms ti
    ght t
    es m
    g me
    my sa
    ga, a lor
    n one fro
    m my life..
    The paved asphalt roads
    now seem more radiant like a wide chain of pearls arranged close to each other. Footpaths are mere rows of gardens having scenic views with leaves having dewdrops and weeds seemingly merrier. Every sight is rejoicing except the mere fact that towns aren't completely personifying the beauty of the sight and the aura of the nature.

  • say_me_krish 1w

    Wrote this non-fiction.
    Coz people found happiness in cheating me��

    (For those who read it earlier, I had forgotten to write the full part. Please have a look again at this bad one)



    All that 'T R U S T' bought my way
    Was indelible wayment,
    For my innocence was a tool
    That was misused e v e r y t i m e,
    Everytime when I believed
    That my kismet would make me
    Meet true lemens,
    Who would be sweeter than honey,
    And soothing than petrichors.
    But, no!
    Fate had a different present for me- Pain!

    And this thing called pain,
    The gift you get when you're c h e a t e d,
    Never expresses itself completely;
    It too conceales one thing-
    The fact that this pain is lethiferous,
    Which slowly poisons you with sorrows
    And brings you to those dark rooms
    Which has a door called D e a t h.
    //Even pain cheated me//

    Cheaters come and go,
    But the one who stayed stalwart
    Was me with pain in bosom hugs,
    And yearn for true ones in my eyes.
    People as such,
    never took things from my side.
    For all they got is
    An odd satisfaction by cheating me.

    Your sole belief
    Gets shattered into the tiniest fragments
    Like that beautiful glass vase.
    It droops completely
    Like those roses, which bring death closer.
    You feel, you will never trust next.
    But no, you are blind,
    And you're turned blind!

    And poor me still believes
    In existence of truth and true ones.
    //But now, I feel,
    Some things and people
    Look better in Aislings,
    Which should never be assumed
    To be arriving into r e a l i t y//

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S

    ~Penned and Posted on July 28, 2020.

    @seyfert Finally! I posted it!!! Thanks for the prompt di❤️

    #skp_writes #lame_writes

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    And I'm painted grey with pain.

  • say_me_krish 2w

    Get ready for a safe party!
    Thermal scanning and sanitization are prioritized, so don't hesitate ����
    Social Distancing is mandatory

    Participants of "MY WORD, YOUR COLLAB CHALLENGE" are requested to be early at the venue.


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  • say_me_krish 2w


    @_thewordplayer Couldn't resist writing (as you) ��

    ~Penned and Posted on July 26, 2020.

    #skp_writes " #lame_writes "

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  • say_me_krish 2w

    @_hessa_ Purple inspirations.. I tried your style, is it good����
    @_thewordplayer @veloc1ty_ @petrichor_tales Thank you "Interview Inspirations" ��

    I tried to write something good, is it a fail? ��
    Any favorite lines?

    1. If you like to write a reply letter, tag me with #paramour_writes (I feel nobody gonna write��)
    2. Purely Fiction ����

    ~Penned and Posted on July 24, 2020.

    *NO TITLE*
    (If you can suggest, I can add the title��)

    LETTER ✉
    The dear someone called 'MINE' in the drenched past,

    These mizzles by 7.52 in the evenings are something which always bring me to your doors of agapes, which are closed forcibly by you, forever..... After these senseless betrayals for three great years, the meaning of love I got was only this - "Choking PAIN in hearts and brains"

    Do you remember? We had seemingly built up our own universe- a serene one, filled with felicity. Our love was something which would sometimes be crushed roses- smashed by rough hands. Yet, the gentilesse stems of bonding always had place for new roses to bloom wide, attracting heartfelt souls. But now, things have seemingly changed, just as you moved yonders away from me. Over the days, being novaturient is what I want, but changes never swept my way.
    //Distances bring changes in the mind as well as the heart, for every garden has to lose yellowed grasses and drooped flowers as soon as time goes away from them//

    Days passed on and on, but our love never passed on to the next level. Our love just dusked as the sky does, but never appeared at its beauty; just faded out to vantablacks. 12 am had to gift me dark boxes though. The 6am  mornings and the sunshines just stopped embracing me; such a painful soul I was. Embracing me would perhaps make even sunshines darker; it had rays of glistening joy, and I had rays of excruciations and depressions. My perception that our saga would stay amaranthine also dusked; it was the same love which was iridescent- now became the darkest book, which none preferred to leaf into. I just learnt yearning to you over the years, but never got a step to move up. The susurrus zephyrs which seemed to caress me so gently have now become rageous storms for no reason, hitting my already fragile heart and shattering it to the tiniest smithereens. I am just left with just one question, "Why?"

    Now I understand- even an elfin chaos amidst the salt and sugar can hamper the taste of a delicacy made with utmost efforts. I'm still left with many questions though, which would perhaps never get cleared. My possessiveness, my emotions, my solicitude, what was the reason? Those initial days spent with you, a diary titled "Mine forever" filled with blank pages, a rose you gave me, now almost decomposed like my heart, and most importantly - PAIN, is what left with me now as mere memories. Maybe my unflappable nature was always misused by you, and many others too, who just left me barely nude with myriad agony all around.

    The blood in my arteries has stopped flowing, but still, this heart pumps a crimson- hued thing called BELIEF; an ethereal belief that you'll come back to me, realizing that I am a selcouth and a true soul. My heart has bore much pain than me myself, I wanted to transfer the pain to something else; how much can a 340gram weighing muscle bear? But, nobody can take this much, is the sad reality now .............

    They say, wine turns medicinal as it turns older. But why didn't our bonds strengthen and soothe as time flowed? The ineffable kalon in you is what my senses have already experienced, but this greedy soul wanted more, just a bit more. If not this, then what?
    I need answers, once and for all. If you can't get me out of the well, just don't. But don't let me drown into by digging it deeper.

    //I keep finding wrong ones,
    but I want love,
    Again and again//
    (lines from BOYFRIEND of Selena Gomez ❤️)

    Your betrayed one, Krish.

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S
    And yes, my favourite word is PAIN.
    (Experience and pain relate��)


    @cyan_rose Here!
    #blue_dear #blue_ineffable #blue_word_32 #blue_word_31 #blue_word_30

    @writersbay I merged many challenges. I hope it isn't a mess...
    #timec #yonderc #mizzlec #etherealc #wordc #duskc #chaosc #unflappable #myriadc #worthc #yearnc #redolentc #halcyonc #zephyrc #amaranthinec #selcouthc #kalonc

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    " #lame_writes" #skp_writes #pod #ceesreposts #paramour_writes


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  • say_me_krish 2w

    @_hessa_ See, I got your colour here too ����

    Too much into love writes nowadays, don't know why... ����

    ~Penned and Posted on July 22, 2020.

    Pic: Pinterest (credits to the rightful owner)
    Edits: me ☺️

    " #lame_writes "
    @mirakee (15 words were tough, sorry!)
    @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #skp_writes #pod #perpetual

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