"Welcome to my WONDERLAND" I want to become a writer but I also want to become a FLAME HAZE...ended up fangirling twitter: @_scarletalice

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  • scarlet_alice 2d

    Bliss is Over

    I thought it was all over,
    Freedom has taken over,
    The moment I woke up,
    One second I loosened up,
    I found myself eaten up,
    Fear has beaten me up.


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    Free yourself... Now...

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  • scarlet_alice 9w

    Everything Was Lie

    The memories you left,
    All of it were lies.
    Everything you showed,
    Everything you said,
    Everything you did,
    All of it were lies.
    None of it were true,
    Everything was for show,
    You did what you had to,
    Not because you want to.
    I was the clown of your circus,
    I was the show itself,
    I deserve to be laughed at,
    I am nothing but an empty bin of trash.
    Nothing is worth believing now,
    No one is worth trusting,
    Thank you for an eternity of pain,
    Thank you for taking the last hope that remains.
    This is what I deserve,
    There is nothing to complain about,
    I trusted and believed,
    I deserve betrayal and pain.

  • scarlet_alice 9w

    I'm sick of this already... ��

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    Maybe I should give up on life already...

    Life seems to have given up on me anyway.

  • scarlet_alice 11w


    You are my fiction,
    My unwritten love story,
    My dying hope,
    My non-existing reality.


  • scarlet_alice 12w

    I am The Story

    My existence is full of stories,
    Most of which are untold,
    Common therefore not worth telling,
    Dramatic therefore not worth hearing.

    My existence is full of stories,
    Some of which I wished I never told,
    For it only made me pitiful,
    Or the stories are just forgettable.

    My existence is full of stories,
    Stories I still write to this day,
    Stories that nobody would come to know,
    For everybody is focused on the story of their own.


  • scarlet_alice 12w

    That one poem that I wrote...

    You read it...

    But I know you didn't...