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  • scarletakeixha 1w

    In another life,
    I know I wouldn't be
    your girl,
    I will not be able to
    keep our promises,
    It will not be us,
    against the world.
    in another life,
    I will not be able to
    make you stay.
    You will remain,
    as my
    the one that got away,
    and me baby,
    I will remain,
    as your
    second leading lady,
    for in another life,
    I know you'll choose
    the same girl,
    as the one that you'll
    love forever.

  • scarletakeixha 1w

    And now, I'm back,
    I already found
    my words and phrases again.
    For the second time around,
    writing saved me from drowning,
    and finally.
    I am now breathing.

  • scarletakeixha 16w

    Yes,break up hurts. But,have you ever saw one of your friends crying because of some stupid mother fucker?

  • scarletakeixha 23w

    The funny thing about
    memories is,
    the fact that it can
    stay forever in our hearts
    but the person with us
    will leave,
    as soon as they find someone
    who they can create new memories with

  • scarletakeixha 23w

    I was once scared of
    darkness and emptiness
    but now,i just realized
    it's my home already.
    I'm now slowly embracing it.

  • scarletakeixha 23w

    I just realized,
    one of the
    hardest thing to do is
    to let go of something
    that was
    never been yours in the first place

  • scarletakeixha 29w

    a six word story��

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    I stayed,but then you left.

  • scarletakeixha 29w

    Just one reason please. One reason for me to stay alive. I'm fucking tired,and this demon inside me won't leave.

  • scarletakeixha 29w

    I just wanted to feel free
    I didn't know that in order to feel this,I need to fly until I can finally reach the sky.

  • scarletakeixha 29w

    Sorry Mom and Dad,but your daughter is slowly dying. Sorry everyone,but here I am,already giving up. Sorry for I can't fight anymore,sorry for loosing this battle. Sorry Lord. Sorry for I want to take my last breath. Sorry. Sorry for putting this rope in my neck,sorry for hanging myself. I love you.