loner, insane and psycho

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  • scarto 21w

    Unlimited Power!

    If hatred could be converted into energy, we would have unlimited power source.

  • scarto 21w

    Reddish !

    You look beautiful in red,
    So I made you to pose in red but in blood.

  • scarto 22w

    Multiple Personality (Dis)order !

    All times
    Different places,
    Can't remember
    The familiar faces,
    Multiple voices
    In my head,
    One wakes up
    When one goes to bed,
    Multiple tasks
    Easy to be done,
    When you have a dozen
    It's always fun,
    Mixed emotions
    Hard to understand,
    Always end up
    In no man's land,
    One is sweet,
    One is soar,
    One loves heat,
    One loves roar,
    Life this way
    Comes with a price,
    More suppress
    Only dominant will rise,
    Didn't do mistakes
    When we born,
    When I die
    All will be gone.

  • scarto 22w

    New year and I !

    In the beginning of the new year's Eve,
    All souls are spending time to deceive,
    Lots of smiles we can see,
    Deep inside who knows what it might be;

    Hopes and dreams arise this day,
    New year may show us the new way,
    The day after your life will be the same,
    You are the only one who is to blame;

    Spending time with family brings us joy,
    Those were the moments we truly enjoy,
    We are born in this world to be free,
    But we chained ourselves to the money's tree;

    The reality i speak is hard to accept,
    But everyone knows it's very precept,
    We like to live in the shadow of lie,
    It's always better to give up and fly;

    Change is what we really want,
    We still keep our old memories to haunt,
    It's very good to cherish simple life,
    But we are not the only one who has life.

  • scarto 22w

    Subjective !

    Like a rain drop
    She touched my face,
    Blinded by her light
    In that gradient I still gaze,
    The crown on her is all I can see,
    She touched my soul and made me free.

  • scarto 22w


    We are not born cruel but made that way,
    For the sake of my loved ones I keep my devil at the bay.

  • scarto 29w

    Failed Dream !

    Lying on the bare sand,
    My conscious drifted away,
    I woke up in my Dreamland,
    My happiness is impossible to say;

    Mountains are standing tall,
    Clouds are it's crown,
    There are no boundaries or wall,
    All are equal there is no down;

    All life lives in harmony,
    Which we failed in reality,
    Nature has the most beautiful symphony,
    While we supreme in duality;

    Always wanted to stay here,
    No matter what happens to my body,
    In this place my soul never wears,
    My breathing is calm and steady;

    The reality is calling me,
    I know what I have to do,
    Closed my eyes and tried to see,
    Surrounded by darkness but that's my reality too;

  • scarto 29w

    Definitely !

    Life is indefinite, one way or another it will find its way.

  • scarto 29w

    You and nature !

    Fly high
    Into the sky
    Where the clouds travel
    Night moon, it's beauty unravel
    Glittering water in the pond
    Makes your memories so find
    The sound of leafs rustling
    Distant wolf and it's howling
    Makes a perfect time to walk
    Imagining you and me in this Lightful dark
    The scent of the flower
    Is stolen by the wind-the follower
    Spreading along its travelling way
    Never stop doing it all day
    Life is meaningless without you
    Everyone ignores the simple beauty but few
    Once you open your heart to nature
    Happiness will follow to your future
    Life is not only about living
    It's meaningless without dying
    Keep your heart in the true place
    You will become God in your own maze.

  • scarto 29w

    My secret !

    The difference between old me and new me is how people treated me.