loner, insane and psycho

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  • scarto 3w


    We don't live inside the universe, the Universe lives inside us.

  • scarto 4w

    Shame !

    Tears are gushing without any reason,
    Sorrow is pushing to my own treason,
    Humiliation is what I earn from everyone,
    In my life somethings I want to be undone;

    Lost all the battles I have been through,
    Never learned from experience I never grew,
    Still I always trust people blindly,
    They always cut my throat kindly;

    Many wounds and scars still i am the same,
    No matter what they do I don't feel the shame,
    I just want someone to talk,
    But they always turn around and walk;

    I found a new life prespective,
    Still trying it's not effective,
    If this continues I wouldn't know where I will be,
    Maybe soon I will bury myself in the deep sea ;

  • scarto 5w

    The candle's life

    Originated from itself cold,
    I am a phoenix not sire,
    My journey is illuminating behold,
    My life starts with a fire;

    I appear in beautiful many ways,
    But I always end up ugly,
    I live only for a few days,
    Yet I shine very brightly;

    Some call me light giver,
    They can't see past my purpose,
    To some I am a life saver,
    It's one of my nature of Colossus;

    Most people see the light,
    Not the soul burning pain,
    To them I am such a delight,
    Even though I am dying for their vain;

    Crushed and distorted in the end,
    Burned and drained my soul,
    Yet my life never descend,
    Gets ready to burn my new soul to my goal;

  • scarto 5w

    The Bird Song

    Come, hear the bird song,
    It's been there all along,
    Can't deny the joy it brings,
    A moment later love suddenly springs;

    The rhythm is quite unique,
    Like the dimple in the smiley cheek,
    Doesn't matter how far it sounds,
    Only matters to the heart it bounds;

    Melody is there in joy and pain,
    But the song is not always the same,
    It only touch the soul of it's kind,
    Because love is a feeling but it is blind;

    Language is same but dialects are different,
    There is only praise no affront,
    Song stops only when there is no life,
    Who knows ! It might continue even in afterlife;

  • scarto 6w

    Voiceless Cry

    My heart became cold as ice,
    When I see the ring on her finger,
    I did nothing but stare at her eyes,
    Found in her heart I didn't linger;

    Last words she said was goodbye,
    I thought it wouldn't end that way,
    I couldn't move don't know why,
    But our souls moved far away;

    Here I am still hard to believe in reality,
    The whole world is trembling around me,
    Teared my soul with her brutality,
    And walked right through it's debris;

    I rejected everything in this world,
    Lying in the corner to die,
    In my mind a new idea unfurled,
    Now the words became my voiceless cry;

  • scarto 6w

    The two most extreme things:
    1. Unconditional love
    2. Unbearable pain

    But the thing is,
    I got the unconditional love from an animal
    The unbearable pain from a human.

  • scarto 6w

    Just a reminder !

    Watching the beautiful sunset,
    Rested upon the oldest tree,
    Remembering the things I tired to forget,
    My mind sets his sail across the sea;

    She walked into my path
    Made my world blossom,
    She even controlled my wrath
    Made my love spasm;

    The chill on my face
    Reminds me of her presence,
    The truth I must embrace
    When I found she gone great distance;

    She taught me how to live
    Without what I love most,
    I'll never be able to forgive
    Myself for what I have done almost;

    Seeing her face in the night sky,
    Dawn already came still my eyes are wide,
    Now I am all alone and here i lie,
    With all my love locked inside;

  • scarto 6w

    Endless whirl !

    Tears from my eyes never fall,
    All the time I can hear my angel's call,
    Deep inside the soul is dead,
    Seeing the red because my eyes are drowned in blood;

    Choking throat my words won't come out,
    I don't know what life is all about,
    Always keep my friend sadness,
    I am just one point away from madness;

    Crowded halls hear infinite voice,
    The soulful silence is only my rejoice,
    It's difficult to survive in my world,
    Because there is no one care to hold;

    Waited for the hands to come,
    Expectations made my life dumb,
    Viewing my past it's hard to see,
    My life is done when you avoided me ;

  • scarto 6w

    Your one word made me a living dead.

  • scarto 6w

    My Other Side !

    I let my dreams take over
    Because I want to stay there forever,
    The reality is hard for me
    I might be sliding into killing spree;

    Love is not a beautiful thing,
    It's an infinite loop fakes spring,
    This world deceived my mind,
    There is no place here for my kind;

    The truth always seems impossible,
    The idea it inherit is plausible,
    We are doing everything wrong,
    Do we know how long we can prolong!?;

    The insane people named me insane,
    More i shout more pain I gain,
    I lay low and fed my yearn,
    Now I am standing and watching them burn;