add spice to ur words and not to others life i write what hits my mind trying to be an observer

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  • scienartian 9h

    Study motivation

    They are there because they
    Never compromise with their studies.
    And you are still looking for the magic to happen.

  • scienartian 1w

    #10 words for expressing tears

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    With lots of pain

  • scienartian 5w

    The help

    Ask for help if you need
    Don't feel shy
    Provided if the helper has the Willing to do.
    Even then ask for once
    Might be they were ready to help you out
    You never know ,
    And also do selfwork ..
    All the best learners..

  • scienartian 5w

    A matter to think.

    The moment you start saying logical things you get many disapproval
    Does this disapproval even matter to you
    When you believe on yourself.
    The bottom line is that it's your believe that makes these disapproval a successful approval one day.

  • scienartian 5w

    Life is a train

    A train carrying problems called passenger leaving them on the destination, where the comparents are your families attached with you to help you out of the problem.
    This is what we called life resembling a train.

  • scienartian 6w


    A part of your savings and mine happiness
    Be that
    Your time
    Your love
    Or a thing.

  • scienartian 7w

    No explanation

    Don't tell me who iam,
    I know myself better
    Than what you do.
    If you know me better, then that question may not have come
    And if such question came then, have the patience to listen out and intellect to solve it out.

  • scienartian 7w


    Finding faults is what called criticism.

    Criticism is good but is it necessary that it should come with harsh words.

    People tends to find faults in others but do they find in themselves.

    Well dear friends
    Don't take criticism to your heart
    Take it in your mind and
    Improve yourself if it feels good to you,
    Otherwise don't affect yourself and let it go.

  • scienartian 7w

    एक सच

    समय के साथ सपने बदलते है
    पर खत्म नहीं होते.

  • scienartian 7w

    Teacher of life

    Time itself teaches you many things
    You even not need a teacher for it.