~'Sing to me instead'~

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  • scoopskiepotato 5d

    Don't darling,
    Don't fix those cracks
    that blossomed on your mask
    (I don't think I've ever seen
    Quite so scarringly perfected)
    And these gaps they nestle
    May I slip past those?
    As the gravity of your soul
    Pulls me further into its
    With a force so monstrous
    No angel would want to escape;
    (Is that why you call me your 'angel'?)

    This subtle beckoning
    I'm far past swooning,
    I'm aching to become one with your ruins;

    (Why don't you let me breathe with it?
    Why don't you let me breathe within it?)

    Now tell me
    Won't you be my darling?
    And let me,

    Let me cascade down
    All your facades?

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    Won't you darling?

    Won't you,
    Let me cascade
    All your facades?

  • scoopskiepotato 2w

    everything is the same thing with a different name

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    "Reasons" as such
    don't really need a reason to exist,

    But we rely on them
    Far too much
    That we eventually
    force them into existence,

    Expecting them to be answers
    But all they do is provide company
    In this never-ending pursuit

    And sometimes,
    That seems to be enough.


  • scoopskiepotato 2w

    Sometimes I feel like a peanut without it's shell,
    The shell being the best and the most intricately crafted part of me , the one that everyone admired and considered me to be lucky for...
    Maybe it was a little too scarringly perfected (I wonder why people never thought of that )
    Nevertheless I cared for it only because something so carefully crafted and molded existed for me and no other peanut can fit itself into the emptiness I left behind, a petty reason to feel special indeed, a petty reason that left me behind.

    Sometimes I feel like a peanut shell without it's peanut, Strewn into some corner , not having to force myself into a journey that the peanut is rolling along. Eventually I'd be picked up by some magical creature of sorts , maybe Peter Pan? He'd take me on the journey with all the other dead childish peanut shells and we'd only call ourselves dead because he promised us that we'll never grow up.

    Maybe Peter Pan would snuggle up into the so-called shells and hum out a sweet little lullaby borrowed from our childhood which echoes through the hollowness , filling it up and making the shells somewhat seem complete again unlike the abandoned peanuts.

    Dear Peter Pan,
    Being a child was so much more fulfilling , I felt so much more complete because I got to be the peanut and the shell. Who knew that growing up would mean ending up as a naked little peanut that didn't feel so-special anymore
    Why do grown-ups feel like the bigger people, again?

    So that leaves me with one silly little question,
    Am I the peanut or the shell?

    Can I please be both?

    Yours maybe,
    Shrivelled lil peanut.


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    Peter Pan- The Peanut Shell Collector

    Dear Peanut,

    May I put you to sleep again, what do you say?
    One last lullaby to accompany you along the way...

    "Head up in the clouds
    Taking turns to shout
    Your words' a melody
    Just take some time to breathe
    Memories take their toll
    Never growing old
    But you should cut the thread
    Remember when I said that

    Bridges could burn for you
    Wouldn't you like them to?
    I've never seen you get so low
    I've never seen you get so low"

    Yours maybe :)
    Peter Pan


    Never seen you get so low
    -Song by Aquilo)

  • scoopskiepotato 3w

    I think I'm breaking,
    But that just might be
    Another thought
    And all thoughts ,
    Break down someday
    I think I'm afraid,
    That I might just be
    another thought to you
    And all thoughts,
    Break down someday

  • scoopskiepotato 4w

    Entice me, darling

    Entice me with the ruins
    You hold so close,
    Far more
    closer than your soul

    That etched it's way,
    Into my ruins.


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    Entice me,

  • scoopskiepotato 4w


    I think that,
    At some point
    In all our lives
    We reach the peak
    Of beauty
    Our bodies were meant
    To encompass,
    And maybe it's then
    We finally reward ourselves,
    We finally allow ourselves
    To feel the love
    Surrounding our souls
    As the hatred within
    Wisps into this love
    As a hazy memory
    Adding in a bitterness,
    Like the taste of a potion
    That heals


  • scoopskiepotato 6w

    A poignant tale of champagne Infatuations:

    Sometimes I wonder what champagne would taste like ,
    would it be like the

    'The taste of a dying star
    dipped in a sugary syrup of wonder
    With tartness from its brilliance
    And a slight hint of bitterness from
    the thought of the star's impending doom.'

    But the feeling of ecstasy buried in this imagination of mine , will only last until I take a sip of it , and the reality of its beauty is forced to be rewritten in my head all over again.

    Maybe I won't like it anymore , but would that even be my fault? For I was enchanted by the idea of it , not by the reality of it.


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    Champagne Infatuations

    'The taste of a dying star
    dipped in a sugary syrup of wonder
    With tartness from its brilliance
    And a slight hint of bitterness from
    the thought of
    the star's impending doom.'


  • scoopskiepotato 6w

    "I..I don't know
    If you still hear me,
    But I still hear you
    And I miss that side of me
    That you were a part of,
    I didn't mean to leave you behind
    But you're better off
    As a figment of my imagination,
    Maybe then the world
    Would not be after you

    I'm hopeless...
    She cried out

    But I couldn't reach out to comfort her , I needed her to believe that she deserved me, but despair had already woven itself around the mask she never dared to remove , taking her away , trapping her away as the world watched in silence

    Wasn't the feeling of hope enough?
    Wasn't "I" , the feeling of hope , enough?....

    Part 2?

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    Wasn't the feeling of hope
    Supposed to be enough?

    Wasn't "I" , the feeling of hope ,
    Supposed to be enough?....


  • scoopskiepotato 7w

    "I would never
    Give up on you

    Do you hear me--"
    I blurted out , yet again my voice(was it really a voice?) was lost in her abandonment, even the silence didn't stay , it walked away with her.

    "What were you to her?"
    The world questioned.

    "I don't know what I was to her
    But to me,
    She was the star I was born from
    A small sparkle that revolved
    Around her burning expanse"

    I muttered and turned away,

    "And when everyone left her,
    She decided to leave me behind
    Why do I pay for their mistakes?
    I only wanted to exist for her
    But she wanted to exist for them
    I-it's not e-easy being a feeling,
    That's not supposed to be felt
    That's not supposed to be trusted
    That's only m-meant to dissapoint eventually."
    I whispered.

    "I don't think I quite understand"
    The world questioned again

    "Oh I'm sorry I don't think I introduced myself the way I was expected to"
    Faintly smiling into the void , I continued
    "I'm hope,
    A lost cause at the moment
    You might have heard about me--"
    I slightly glanced at the world , but I guess it had already stopped listening , for despair had gotten it's attention now.

    (So I guess I tried something new , don't know if it worked
    Hee hee)
    Edit:Part 1?

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    "It's not easy being a feeling,
    That's not supposed to be felt,
    For I'm a lost cause
    That's Abandoned eventually,

    I'm hope."


  • scoopskiepotato 10w

    You frame yourself to be lonely,
    Detailed with insignificant specks of beauty,
    So I frame this "mistaken piece" ,
    Hoping for you to feel my embrace.

    Beneath all your details
    I see the colors you weep,
    Beneath all my details
    Do you see the colors of yours I keep?

    Dripping with melancholy
    But oh-so pretty,
    Funny how you don't see
    The way you charm your blues
    Funny how you don't see
    The way they let you bloom

    I spill in the bright yellow
    You gifted me with,
    I feel your fine green oh-so mellow.

    Here you are unfinished
    Ripping at your imperfections,
    Here I am not finished
    Revelling in their perfections.

    A bleeding red heart
    and an untainted white
    Watch your sweet romance,
    Blushing in pink
    It's a warm sight
    For my fleeting glance.

    You paint yourself as you please
    Calling this a mistaken piece,
    But I'll still frame this as I please
    For you're the one mistaken about this piece.