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  • scorpion_stich 7w

    Some songs make you dance your heart out
    While few others make you cry
    Some songs make you sing out loud
    When you plug your earphone
    And drool over the sky

    My favorite song you ask???
    Well there are many
    One for the twerk
    And two for the love
    Third one is an escape
    While the number four
    I always dodge


  • scorpion_stich 11w

    I had to let you go
    For your sake, I had to slow.
    If only it was in my hand
    I would keep you with me forever
    In a blink, just by swirling that wand.

    These days I often mourn over our only memory
    When the sun start to melt in the dusk.
    I try to hold myself stronger despite this tragedy.
    You have been my crazy ride so far
    And it hurt me little more this time
    It's deeper than all of my scar.
    My heart aches to realize
    That we aren't meant to be together
    Your heart doesn't skip it's beat for me
    And that, to you I am a whoever.

    But you would forever be my sunset
    Soothingly beautiful and amazingly colorful.
    Whom I will adore from distance.
    Much love to you my unrequited love
    And I am sorry I couldn't be your perfect.

  • scorpion_stich 12w

    Maybe a red wine
    In the dim light
    Everything might work fine
    With you by my side


  • scorpion_stich 14w

    A stranger so warm
    You felt like a nest
    To a bird who just lost its home


  • scorpion_stich 17w

    I would come close to you..
    Maybe for one last time..
    So close that even air won't have any space..
    Maybe for one last time...

    The warmth of your breath
    And your hand on my hips
    I might ask you or maybe not..
    But without wasting a second
    I would place mine on your lips..

    I would kiss you little longer
    Maybe for one last time...
    I would ask you to hold me little tighter
    Maybe for one last time...


  • scorpion_stich 18w

    The way you rolled up your sleeves.
    I fall for it every time.
    Those words written upon your lips.
    I wish to read it silently with mine.


  • scorpion_stich 19w

    Oh my heart, my dear heart
    Why you became stubborn
    Holy smart.

    I say look the new day
    A ray of change so bright
    You say this crucial day
    Swallowed my moon
    And you cry the bygone night

    I show you happy faces
    While you see sad traces
    I play you the music of love
    You sing me the betrayal dove
    I smile you support and faith
    You grin me guilt to death.

    I teach you to dance the rain
    And you jerk tears down the vein
    I ask you to sleep the peace
    You wake emotion that deceits
    I show you sky, its stars
    How happily they shine
    You see their deepest scars
    Wnd why they are still not fine

    Oh my heart, my dear heart
    When did you become so stubborn
    The holy smart!


  • scorpion_stich 20w

    Welcome to three O' three
    To my cloud cuckoo land
    Here its you, here its me
    Where you hold my hand
    Here we both dance crazy
    We sing melodies of heart
    To where in somewhere hazy
    When you whisper soft
    Me to you, you to me
    We belong!


  • scorpion_stich 21w

    When nights seem to haunt you,
    And you don't want to live it
    When spring fall weighs your soul
    And you can't stand it
    When even rainfall burns you
    And you fail to escape it
    I will be there
    To listen to your silence
    To ease your fist
    I will be there
    To cherish your presence
    And to hold you my beast.

  • scorpion_stich 22w

    In the summer night
    You bring that calm
    In the winter
    You are warm

    I take the trouble to go through a day
    Just so in your twinkles
    I can sway