The poet is still alive in this mad scientist

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  • scrallscripts 16w

    No suitable Title

    Erratic heart beats
    Sweaty palms
    Light headedness.
    Your guts are roiling and blood is thundering in your ears.
    It's two things; You are very excited or very scared
    Either way keep going!!!!
    You are made of way sterner stuff for a little anxiety to stop you. Anxiety serves you not the other way around.

  • scrallscripts 16w

    Great loves end

    I will promise you my undying love even though I am not immortal
    I can promise you my heart and I am quite certain without it I won't have the breath to lie.
    I could pledge my body to you and set my mind to the task of making you happy
    An impossible task
    For my body will betray me
    And your happiness is not mine to give
    I can promise you the world and decide to move the heavens and upturn the earth.
    My love, none of this will happen.
    Great loves end and what I can give you is my soul to keep

  • scrallscripts 16w

    31 May 2020

    The world is changing
    Things will never be the same again..hopefully
    The unrest is like the ripples from a bullet in a pond
    It's uneasy and its catching on
    The world is changing.
    I see it from my toilet seat on twitter
    Things will never be the same again..doubtfully.
    Maybe this time we will not forget what we learn
    Maybe this time we will grow and not remain the same
    Maybe this time things will go back to normal.
    Strangely I am unconcerned and this apathy moves me.
    What is wrong? I know the world changing why I am not moved?
    Maybe the world is changing and I am not changing with it.
    Maybe I am the constant.
    A constant with a defined beginning and a written end.

  • scrallscripts 16w

    Days Like This

    I wake up confused and dejected
    Already? That's no way to begin
    I lie in bed sick of it all
    Already? It's too early for this
    I have messages to answer
    Business to attend to
    And I feel like this
    Its just 6:00am.
    I wake up tired and confused
    Already? The day is only beginning.