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  • scribbler_house 50w

    "Would you stop bothering me?" An annoyed mother scolded her twelve year old.

    "I stopped bothering you"Months later found it written in his suicide note.

    Bhavika Tahiliani

  • scribbler_house 50w

    To swim through the storms,
    To walk through the obstacles,
    To fly through the cluster of critics!
    Standing at top and smiling to thyself
    Gleamed eyes and scars shined!
    That's all!


  • scribbler_house 50w

    And he told me I wasn't enough for him,
    he walked away with lack of courage to fight against the odds of our relationship.


  • scribbler_house 51w

    Everytime when i speaks truth,
    Sometime time cheats me..
    Or situations neglect me

    Muskan pathan

  • scribbler_house 51w

    लफ्ज़ लफ्ज़ तेरा बेचैन करता रहा रात भर,
    ख़त में लिख दे इन्हें या नज़्म का पहरा कर दे।

    तकाज़ा दिल का था फिर इल्जाम जुबां पे क्यों,
    मौसम बंजर बहुत इन आँखों का अब झरना कर दे।

    दीदारे जुनू न रहा कोई बात नही अब,
    पलकें मचलती है बस इत्ते इल्म का सौदा कर ले।

    दस्तक दें जब कभी सांसें मेरी दिल पे तेरे,
    लबों से चूम लेना नाम मेरा इत्ता सा वादा कर ले।❤

    Vaani Taneja

  • scribbler_house 51w

    Agar Dil ki bat kroge ki to jitne harne ka swal ayega nai,

    Aur agar puch Liya jo sawal hmne to jawab milega nai.

    Divyesh Prajapati

  • scribbler_house 51w

    काफी गहराई थी उसकी लिखावट में ,
    लगता है फिर से किसी ने दस्तक दी है दिल पे।।

    Umang Patel

  • scribbler_house 51w

    Sometimes you are too blank to think...
    Too numb to feel...
    About all the broken promises...
    The beautiful memories..
    The scary nights...

    All you think about is when the Sun will rise again and its warmth will help you to heal and feel again.

    Diksha Mago

  • scribbler_house 51w

    Just to linger the pain,
    I played hide and seek.
    For every time yet again,
    Memories come and peek.

    I lie i forgot about you,
    I don't wish to do.
    But only if you knew,
    How much i love you.

    Richa Chugh

  • scribbler_house 51w

    M atured cum crazy!
    E tiquettes that makes me blush!
    N ever gives up that makes me proud!
    D amn his voice!
    H onesty that made me fall!
    A ddiction like no other!
    K indness that melted my heart!

    That's why I call him 'Mendhak'!!❤️