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  • scribbleso_me 29w

    If something seems like end of the world
    Then remember
    It can be beginning .

  • scribbleso_me 30w


    The dream which was being left unfulfilled last night gives us a new chance to fulfill it in the real time.

  • scribbleso_me 30w


    U r not one of the million
    U r in the million

  • scribbleso_me 33w

    In these days where people having trust issues with others, if u have family issues and u trying to face it
    Then it's a kind of maturity.

  • scribbleso_me 33w

    Sometimes I just want to keep my mind blank
    Nd to feel my soul.

  • scribbleso_me 34w

    U can give your everything to them and still be asked " what have u done for us?"
    And this hits hard.

  • scribbleso_me 34w

    Behind every 'bye! Don't talk to me.'
    There ' pls!! don't let me go.' is silent.

  • scribbleso_me 34w

    Funeral of my heart

    At the stage of my life where I don't feel anything about anyone.
    Something has been died inside me.
    Yes that's my heart.

  • scribbleso_me 35w


    Poha made by mom

  • scribbleso_me 36w


    To watching your everything gradually converted into your nothing.