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  • scribbling_symphony 6w

    Let me know your views on this. Also, what kind of poems would you like to read on next? If you are not following me make sure you do and also let us get in touch on instagram. Link in my bio! Happy reading Beautiful poets!

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    जब देखता हूँ किसी कलाकार का नायाब सा टुकड़ा,
    तो अक्सर सवालों के घेरे में उलझ जाता हूँ।
    दिमाग पर मानो जैसे असमंजस का पेहरा लगा हो
    मन कश्मकश में होता है,
    हर हाल में एक अद्भुत रचना रचने को मचलता है।
    शब्दों को पिरो कर उस कला की बराबरी करना चाहता है।
    नाप - तोल करके किसी बेहिसाब तराजू से अपना हिसाब लगाता हैं।
    फिर हताश हो, बंद हो जाती है स्याही की डब्बी और
    अनगिनत अर्धनिर्मित कविताओं के संग्रह में एक और पृष्ठ जुड़ता है। फिर अगली शाम ,
    चाय से उठते वाष्प की तरह मन पुनः इधर- उधर टहलता है,
    बुनने बैठता है एक अल्हड़ सी कहानी और
    दिल को फुसलाने की कोशिश करता है,
    अनगिनत अर्धनिर्मित कविताओं के संग्रह में फिर से
    एक और पृष्ठ जुड़ जाता है।


  • scribbling_symphony 14w

    I was as alone as a standing lamppost In the dark streets, Held by the delicate strings of the cobweb,
    As worthless as the fallen dry leaf in the autumn. And then you picked me up, tugged me in your diary. And there I stayed between those pages which were inked with your softness and love, Blooming in the spring of your solace Forever and ever!


  • scribbling_symphony 14w

    I studied every nuance,
    Read each subtle detail.
    Could never yet solve the puzzle,
    That how are you so perfect without any scale.
    But I know now, my beautiful MOM
    That Mothers are God's artistery,
    Just like a mystery angel of any fairy tale!

  • scribbling_symphony 16w

    Let her mend Let her strife.
    If She is an equal, give her that vibe.
    Yes He can cry and feel the pain
    Don't bound him in your domain.
    I can dance and be a mother of two.
    I may keep it subtle or overdo.
    He may be sitting on the backbench
    His curiosities no teacher can quench.
    Less in the wallet, empty is his bank.
    But he is trying to climb all rank.
    He can fall for He and she may love She,
    Everything is normal if you keenly see!
    Laugh deliriously, show teeth off - white
    Dance in rain and forget the crowd for a while!


  • scribbling_symphony 16w


  • scribbling_symphony 16w

    I always thought That Not Crying Is Synonymous to growing Up. Once you know the artistry of masking feelings You get Sensible and mature. And While I was trying get myself skilled in this and grow Up, I suddenly discovered that all these while I was not hiding myself but preparing A volcano whose eruption would only destroy me leaving everyone else unbothered.I had been betraying my ownself. In quest of escaping from the world and the faces with mask, I eventually began to my reflection concealed in a mask.
    And then I had a new definition -" You grow when you allow Your tears to be free and laughter to be wild. When your smiles are wide, unoblivious to how It would Look On a camera!! This is maturity and Art Of being Happy!"

  • scribbling_symphony 25w

    Departing like leaves in autumn
    Like flowers lose its blossom.
    With the going wind and spring
    Knotting all the linking string.

    Fading trusts everytime
    Crumbling hopes everymile.
    Smashing expectations like some lime
    And outside the room again with a smile.

  • scribbling_symphony 33w

    Waking up in perplexity
    Sleeping in dilemma
    Sorting things in proximity
    Through all learnt in academia

    Human without humanity
    Lies becoming the escape
    Decoding the inner insanity
    Or leading to be more insane

    Solitude is mere emptiness
    And crowd urges to be fake
    Choosing the classic disco lightness
    Or empty grounds and starry stake

    Intentions sweep out ununderstood
    Unscanned left emotions within
    Hurting other and one in the mirror stood
    And meeting next day with a Grin

    And With puzzles and no clarity
    Unfirm like a casanova
    I Woke in perplexity
    I Slept in dilemma


  • scribbling_symphony 35w

    Oh world you thought she lost, she died
    But she was the Phoenix,soaring heights
    Leaving behind the blood, the sorrow
    For she is a woman, not so narrow

    You may have trodden her down in history
    With your bitter actions and hypocritic lies,
    You may have tread her in the dirt
    But still, like phoenix, she will rise.

    You may shoot her with your words,
    You may cut her with your eyes,
    You may kill her with your hatefulness,
    But still, like phoenix, she’ll rise.

    Just like moons and like suns,
    With the certainty of tides,
    Just like hopes springing high,
    Still, like Phoenix she will rise.

    She will stand for her rights
    She will fight for what is right
    Breaking all shackles, crossing all miles
    She will rise

    She is an ocean, leaping and wide,
    Leaving behind nights of terror and tide
    She will rise
    Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear
    To the horizon that is so near
    She will rise!
    She will rise!
    She will rise!

  • scribbling_symphony 41w

    Chehre ke piche chehre hai har taraf
    Sahi kaun hai...sach hai kidhar
    Kashmakash hai kaisi zindagi ki yeh
    Mulakat jaha insaano se nahi
    Unki nayi niyaat se hoti hai har pal.

    Mukhaute ki khubsurti
    Chehre se zyada kyu hai...
    Suna tha sacchai noor hoti hai..
    Fir chamakte ye bnawati fool kyu hai..
    Yaha diwali bazaaron mein
    Fir andr andhera sa kyu hai...
    Ye Bharose ka koi anjaam hai...
    Ya uska yun bikharna kismat ki fitrat mein hai?

    Yaha kale rang ko indradhanush se chupate dekha hai...
    Yaha ....sitar ko nahi... khanakte sikko ko gaate dekha hai...
    Dekha hai haath chorte logon ko yunhi kisi shikast pr...
    Aur tanha chute baazigaaron ko ek maumili si chot pr.

    Jeene ka nazariyan jo kitabon ne sikhaya tha...
    Jab zindagi ke rastein aage badhi hu...
    Toh ab sb badla sa paya tha...
    Kahi jab khilkhilahat gunj rahi thi... toh koi rashk mein rakh ho raha tha
    Jab toot ke chikhi koi dhadkan idhar toh koi jash-e-jaam laga raha tha.