"Love is so short, forgetting is so long." Pablo Neruda

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  • searching_for_stars 3w


    Wounds have turned into scars
    Scars into medals
    Medals of redemption
    Of survival
    And hope

    I don't resent them
    I"ve learned to embrace"em
    They tell my story
    The journey of my soul

    Here they are
    Touch them
    Feel them
    This is Me


  • searching_for_stars 20w


    The agreements I made with the lies Made me prisoner of my own devise
    Eyes shut
    Heart numbed

    But won't conform to the norm
    The end of deception
    Beautifully and wonderfully made
    Were your words at conception

    "I know who I am"
    I am good
    You said so
    You spoke right to my soul


  • searching_for_stars 24w


    On a Friday like this
    Love showed up
    Didn't run away

    On a Friday like this
    Your pain remained
    Knowing too well
    It'll bring me closer
    Like nothing else

    It was on a Friday like this!