sometimes the name above the quotes matters more than the quote itself ...

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  • sebastiandavid 12w

    Dusro ki ek gaali sunne sai dimag ubal parta hai
    Tumhare toh har Marr main pyaar aahbharta hai

  • sebastiandavid 12w

    Halat yeh hai ki jinse shikayat krni hai
    Shikayat bhi unhi sai hai

  • sebastiandavid 13w

    Ab wahi hoga jo dill chahega.
    Aage jo hoga dekha jayega.

  • sebastiandavid 16w

    Pain hurts, and it takes time to heal. Faith can help. Sometimes that pain comes with a purpose. Sometimes the struggles can lead to strength. Maybe you will come across a better opportunity. That pain you feel now will be replaced with comfort. Stay strong. Only thing I want to ask is when?

  • sebastiandavid 17w


    I'm in a dark place
    But I've always been there.
    I'm a disgrace,
    I'm filled with despair.
    My life's a waste
    Just like the spots in the moon
    I stand like an empty vessel
    Waiting to be filled.
    Done with everything
    Thoughts exploding
    A knife waiting to pierce the mind
    I stand alone in dark
    Waiting to fade away

  • sebastiandavid 18w

    Dua karo jis tarah ap kisi se mohabbat nahi krpatein kahi koi apse na kr bethe

  • sebastiandavid 19w

    Those who do not learn history,
    Are doomed to repeat it.

  • sebastiandavid 19w

    The gift of choice,
    The gift that's given to you,
    That nobody can take away from you.
    You have unlimited choices.
    You make a wrong choice,
    You can try and correct it
    With another choice and make it right.
    Your life is precious choose people wishly.
    Some will help you choose the right choices. some will be the cause of your downfall.
    Choose what makes you happy
    Not what makes others happy because of you

  • sebastiandavid 20w

    Do not pity the dead, Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.
    J. K Rowling

  • sebastiandavid 21w

    Better to have sex with you whole night
    Than fighting with some bitches over money