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  • seemaseems 1d


    A angle with plaza
    Green open space
    with cloister piazza,
    Cool flurry of air soothing
    Which gives me unwilted breathing.

  • seemaseems 3d

    A positive person can make possibility
    But A positive move can make everything possible

  • seemaseems 1w

    Right is right
    Wrong is wrong!

    Wrong is never right
    Right is never wrong!

    Wrong can be right
    But right can't be wrong!

    Right is always looks slight & light
    But wrong is always a burden looks strong!

    Right is unbelievable
    But wrong is easily believable!

    Right is wrong, when the person is right
    But wrong is right, when the person is wrong!

    Right makes the wrong person right
    Wrong makes the right person wrong!

    The wrong one will find you in peace and leave you in peices,
    But the right one will find you in peices and leaves you in peace!

    I literally donno what i wrote ...kindly bear my writing!!!

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    Right & wrong

  • seemaseems 1w

    Image content credit goes to rightfull owner

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  • seemaseems 1w

    Reminder benefits the believer

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    Hadith 1

    Bissmillah hirehman nirraheem...

    Ad deenu yusrun
    الدِّينُ يُسر
    Deen asaan hai❤
    Deen(religion,faith) is easy and compatable❤

  • seemaseems 1w

    9th sep - 9 muharram 1441 AH
    10th sep - 10 muharram 1441 AH
    11th sep - 11 muharram 1441 AH

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  • seemaseems 1w

    We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
    - winston churchill
    Allah (swt), the wise,has said in the noble Qur'an:

    ''Give to your close relatives what they need, and also give generously to the destitute and to wayfarers. Do not squander your wealth; those who are wasteful are the brothers and sisters of satan and satan is always ungrateful to his lord. But if, while waiting for the lord's bounty,you are unable to help your relatives, the destitute and wayfarers, then at least speak kindly to them''.
    - Surah Al-Isra(17:26-28)

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    Give,give,give-until it hurts to give!
    This will release u from bondage to the ego-and to things

  • seemaseems 2w


    Life is god's greatest school,
    Our experiences are teachers.

    We try to escape from bitter experiences,
    As student escape from 'tests' & tough 'assignments'.
    Escape is not a option for life.

    Instead of escaping,let us greet ,with words:''welcome friends, what lesson do you have to teach me?''

  • seemaseems 2w

    Kiska dosh?

    Kya kahun log khud dukhi hain, lkn
    Khushiyon ko dosh dete hain.

    Kya kahun log bure khud hain ,lkn
    Achai ko dosh dete hain.

    Kya kahun soch galat hoti hai,lkn
    Insan ko dosh dete hain.

    Kya kahun akele khud hote hain,lkn
    Bheed ko dosh dete hain.

    Kya kahun log badalte hain,lkn
    Generation ko dosh dete hain.

    Kya kahun mayine galat hote hain,lkn
    Log alfaaz ko dosh dete hain.

  • seemaseems 3w


    Naah !!
    birthdate is cool
    bcz it gives sense
    As days diffrs every year

    And every year
    same date arrives near,
    With different surprises!
    Each surprise gives me
    new way to face lyf clear,
    And every surprise will be
    difficult than the earlier.

    Difficulties what makes us mature & strong,
    And makes wise us to choose what is right and what is wrong.
    Without hardship thr is no appreciation of easy,
    And depreciation is the power to gain appreciation.

    *Not Aging
    Getting updated
    Blessed with one more year

    *Nothing is more powerful dua than the (Alhamdulillah) ,
    And Nothing is more powrful prayer than the (lailaha illallah).
    Lailaha illallah
    Lailaha illallah
    Lailaha illallah
    As the days passes every year (beshak) our destination(judgement day) gets near ,
    lyf is a drop of bubble and doesnt give any guarantee to stay frevr.
    May almighty guides everyone to only focus on our needs and deeds .

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    Is it Birthday!!!
    Or birthdate???