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  • seethaseera 2w


    A friend is not @lways a Human,
    A friend can be a dog, plant, thing, music,bird, animals ❤️..etc etc
    Make sure you select your friend who will never hurt you...!

  • seethaseera 11w


    I ask that lord brahma a question...!
    There is any page which contains happiness in my fate..
    Atleast for a half minute✌️

  • seethaseera 12w


    A writer is the only person who wins millions of hearts after losing his own✌️

  • seethaseera 12w


    I write to
    Make the people live in my words who are not present in my life...!
    I write to
    Heal my pain...!

  • seethaseera 16w


    I'm an emotional person but not to the world..
    Only to myself✌️

  • seethaseera 16w


    Sometimes mistake may be minute but the result of that mistake is huge
    Sometimes it may be the life of a person✌️

  • seethaseera 21w


    Depression makes you feel all emotions..!
    At one point of time you feel happy, you feel sad, you want to shut this world, you want to talk to people later you don't want to talk etcetera etc...!

  • seethaseera 22w

    Living the life of your choice
    And living the life of other's choice
    Which one is you??

  • seethaseera 23w


    When I start feeling emotional..
    I start writing..!

  • seethaseera 24w

    Phoenix bird

    In order to rise
    From its own ashes
    A phoenix