I started writing poetry on the 1st of October. I hope you like what you read!

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  • seho 69w

    We will play until the end

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    The game

    When you start playing the game
    I will be your enemy
    Nothing is in your path of knowledge
    Just you and me

    The game will be played against time
    Like your life and mine
    Which way will the dice roll?
    In what direction will you go?

    See through the skies, your limits
    As I climb the highest mountains
    For you, I do
    For victory and for you


  • seho 70w

    Another reality

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    Join me
    In my wildest fantasy

    In a world turning upside down
    Nobody will make a sound

    There is a stranger in my world
    He will face his fears and rise

    All the time I have spent
    Can't pretend it's not the end
    I'm not ready, they are not ready
    I know that it's the end

    But I want to go back
    Because my feeling was right

    I will have to find
    The lost piece of my mind

    You're about to see
    You're about to see
    You're about to see
    The insanity that drives me


  • seho 70w

    Things that only she can be

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    I will take you beyond your furthest limits
    You will not believe what is going to be left of you
    Within you, I will destroy you
    I will burn away this facade and I will reveal the true you
    By the time I am finished with you
    You won't know which is up or what is down
    Your legs will move away
    Then I hide my hands behind my back
    Innocence will be a stranger to you

    Are you prepared? I just have one more issue

    I have no safe words, she said


  • seho 71w

    Music, is our universal language

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    Lost in paradise
    The waves hit me
    Without the search of time
    The music sets me free

    Can't run, can't hide
    Perception is inevitable
    No signs on the finite road
    But I keep going forward

    The stairs of sound have equal steps
    Steep and short at times
    Long and slow at another time
    I need no control

    Whatever the tempo may be
    It is the music, that sets me free


  • seho 72w

    An intense poem building up towards a violent climax

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    Fall back
    Hollow and empty
    Hands pressed against chests
    Limbs fall like leaves from the dead tree
    A new man takes the red spot without hope
    Dark ashes rise up from beneath them, no mercy
    They were human, they were the cause and the result
    It pulls them down while heavy fire will burn their feet
    Slide, grasp, pull, sharply until they are ready, another man
    Blood will never be as brown as the color of the eyes that look into death


    What makes us human ends humanity


  • seho 73w

    Her eyes are shining in the light

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    I don't have to look
    I know what makes it the way it is
    Her eyes
    I see them in the dark
    I still see them when everything is black

    When light reflects or when it shines through
    I see you, I see you, I see you

    Time will pass
    Everything evolves
    When time flies
    I will always see her eyes


  • seho 73w

    Rain is much more than water falling down.

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    A raindrop hits the stone swiftly
    That is how it must be
    Is when something can't be
    yet it is
    Letting it go will cause
    That what is the reaction of reality

    Forget about the cloud, the river and the sea
    Every obstacle in the way of the future
    The present is what we get
    That is why the stone is wet