I'm simply just a girl, to young to understand her mind and this is how i cope ~KD

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  • seiki_kei 2h

    How do you look at everyone with such loving eyes?

    How do you not?
    Seeing the bad in everyone's smile
    Isn't good
    You really have all wrong I just see
    The pain in there smile
    And choose to not break them more

  • seiki_kei 12h

    Blood. . .
    It drips
    Like the tears
    That come from
    My eyes
    But below
    Is the puddle of
    And misery

  • seiki_kei 23h

    Somethings off in my headspace
    It's a new kind of pain
    Muted and fading
    But burning its way through me
    Trying to escape
    It hurts the worst
    Yet none at all
    I do not understand this
    It's burned many a path
    Through me
    Like it's hollowing out
    Wh- is this why
    I've slowly become more
    I hope not
    Cause if that's the case
    I didn't know
    Someone can scar the other
    That badly
    I would have never trusted anyone
    Knowing this is the power they possessed

  • seiki_kei 1d

    Who once many moon ago
    Made me smile
    Reached out to me
    And instead of smiling
    I cried
    Long and hard

  • seiki_kei 1d

    Look whose still breathing
    What a wonderful disgrace I am
    Can't even make choices for myself

  • seiki_kei 1d

    If I died tonight
    I wouldn't be mad
    Nor would I regret anything
    I would be happy
    It didn't take any longer

  • seiki_kei 1d

    I do believe it's my turn to ask the questions

    Then be my guest

    Is there something wrong with me?


    Why does everyone believe I'm okay
    That I'm fine
    I have to have gone through something to write the way I do-


    Who told you
    Who told me
    Who told this world
    That the broken are okay?
    Hmm who told you?

    No one

    THEN WHY DO YOU AM- amuse that's the case
    Why do you believe the lies
    And not only that
    Why do you spread them like wildfire

    Because if the world believe your okay
    I can fix you in private

    Well maybe I'm sick of lying to our already dying world
    Maybe I believe others should know
    Is that bad?



    You clearly haven't learned from our passed

    How so?

    Because people broke us
    So why tell them we are already down for the count for them to only hit us harder to make sure we don't stand once more
    Staying down and away is sometimes the best option

    You and I both know I go down and get back up
    I dare this world to come at me again

  • seiki_kei 1d

    Are you hard on yourself for no reason?

    I'm hard on myself for a reason

    Why is that?

    I know I can do better
    I know I am stronger than I appear
    I can and know I will make I through

    Why don't you relax a bit

    Because it's like training a dog
    When you relax
    The dog becomes disobedient

    That's an interesting way to think of it

    No I just view the world through a different pair of glasses than you

    What kind are mine?

    The kind the world wants you to have


    I have many pairs
    That's why I can explain my head to anyone
    Even those who know not what it's like
    To be in my shoes


    Well I don't want to bore you now do I

  • seiki_kei 1d

    What does your mind remind you of

    A vase. . .

    Whys that

    I wasn't finished

    My apologies

    A vase that's been push of a
    Shelf hundreds of times
    Then slowly piece back together
    And sat on the shelf once more

    What keeps pushing it of

    Cats. . .
    Cats that I though where my friends


    I suppose some call them people
    But once you break someone
    You become a monster to that person
    Losing your body in there mind
    Becoming a beast
    Hents the cats

    . . .

    If you ever broken someone
    They most likely gave you a worse monster or beast
    I like giving ones benefit of the doubt
    Like most cat owners do

    Why cats though

    Cats like knocking things of shelves
    So they can sleep high above
    People are the same
    Pushing others down
    But instead of sleeping
    The try to climb higher
    Only to fall

    You have thought this through

    I have a lot of spare time in my head
    I think a lot of things through

  • seiki_kei 1d

    What else are you scared of

    I'm scared of a lot of things
    Some people are slaves to fear
    I don't let it control me like most

    What do you mean

    I'm scared of disappointment
    But I still disappoint people
    I'm scared of letting people in
    But yet here I am
    Letting you look at my scars

    You are scared of being hurt again
    Who hurt you?

    The better question is who broke me and didn't help me pick up the pieces
    A lot of people. . .

    Your voice sounded pained

    That's because I still haven't figured out the puzzle

    Puzzle. ?

    Of the pieces they left me with
    It's like a puzzle
    But one that hurts when you click the pieces together

    . . .

    Yeah sometimes I am to honest with this world