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  • seiki_kei 4d

    Why is reading what you said so painful
    Is it cause you were so lost in an identity that never existed
    Or is it
    Cause deep down I relate to that mask you are displaying
    In hopes, everyone will look at that you
    Then the one that's broken behind the paper-mache
    You spilt into three
    You created me
    Why am I not grateful
    Am I the feelings you tucked deep away
    Am I who you genuinely where
    Some little kid unsure where to turn
    One who's actually smart
    Not the one who sold her body
    Am I the real you you kept hidden beneath that paper-mache mask
    What part of you
    Am I?

  • seiki_kei 1w

    What did I do wrong-?
    What- what happened-?
    Did- I mess up-?
    Did I- hurt someone-?
    What did I do-?
    To hated by myself

  • seiki_kei 1w

    what's wrong with me-
    I- I didn't mean to-
    Did I fail someone-
    Am I am a failure-?
    What's wrong with me-?
    Why- why is everything wrong with me-

  • seiki_kei 2w

    Right now i want to hold you
    To kiss you
    To enjoy my time with you
    To enjoy your smile
    And your laugh
    But in the moments where I can reach you
    The thought of you comes
    And causes dismay
    Cause I want you not a memory
    I want you not an old conversation
    I want to love you
    Not to cry over you being gone

  • seiki_kei 2w

    Am i

    Am I supposed to like my chest
    Am I supposed to enjoy the fact that I have breast
    Am I suppose to fit into a body that isn't mine
    Am I...
    Am I being sensitive
    Am I supposed to know
    What exactly I am
    Am I supposed to follow the book
    And fit into some plan
    Is this normal to question why exactly
    It hurts to look in the mirror
    Why I want to punish my body
    Cause it's not good enough for me
    Is this normal
    To cry and break down in front of the mirror
    To break down cause I don't know
    Who the hell is looking back at me
    Is this a waste to try and make my breast disappear
    Am I wasting my time trying to appear fine
    When I can't
    Cause im not in my own body
    I poke and pull at my skin
    Cause it hurts to much to look at it again
    When I want to do so much worse than poke and pull it
    Is it normal
    To be crying over a poem
    Because it's hitting to close to home as you write the phrases
    I'd rather be myself
    Than some pink-haired
    Little girl
    I am
    No girl
    I am me
    And sadly
    My family doesn't understand me
    They dont respect me
    Im alone in a house full of people
    A house full of family?
    And I say that with a question
    Cause are they really at this point

  • seiki_kei 3w

    I miss your everything
    Your smile
    Your kisses
    Your embrace
    Your jokes
    Your laugh
    Your voice
    Your compliments
    Your statements
    I miss you
    When all I want
    Is the hold you once more
    Please come back soon
    I miss my everything

  • seiki_kei 4w

    a voice screamed out of the dark
    The deepest pits of my mind
    The parts I locked away
    "Do you remember"
    "do you remember what tore you apart"
    "What ripped you limb from limb"
    "What Caused this mess of tangled feelings and voices"
    "Do you remember little one..."
    "Do I need to?"
    And with that, he grasped my arm
    The tar like skin and eyes I can't see
    He disappears yet is clear
    Are my eyes deceiving me
    "I said do you remember"
    he screams louder than before
    His voice roars through my thoughts
    Through my memories
    Causing me to see and feel it all over again
    It isn't worth breathing in at this point
    But I inhale still
    He blocks me off from everyone else
    And he shows me the monster that I call myself
    His sentences burn through my ears
    Not even clear what he's saying anymore
    "Do you remember little one..?"
    He shoots his words like bullets from a gun
    The other voices trying to stop his Devastation
    He's ever-loving destruction of already devastated and desperate human
    "How about now"
    The other try and pull me away
    Grabbing on my arms but my skin tares away
    I am stuck with a mad man
    Who won't stop shouting
    About the past
    Its making it hard to want the future
    "Again and again you will see your mistakes given to you on a sliver plate"
    "And with my tongue young one you will remember"
    "The exact things behind the slaughter of yourself"
    I crumble at the floor at this point
    Yanking at my ears
    Cause id rather hear nothing than him
    He doesn't stop
    He won't stop
    As the last bit of yelling stop mid statement
    I realize I lie on the cold harsh pavement
    Looking around unsure what to do
    Then the others come crashing through
    Looking at me with shock and disbelief
    Cause my fingers run red
    And there's a puddle beneath me
    My ears scraped and scratched
    Surprisingly still attached
    They pull my hands away from me
    Am I so terrible I can't even keep them as they take care of me
    They whip my eyes
    Expecting me to stop crying
    But all I do is crumble and break more
    Unable to use my hands
    To cover my shame ridden face

  • seiki_kei 4w

    I worry about your safety
    For you are facing monsters
    I can not see
    I can not confront
    The only thing I can do
    Is wait for the embrace
    I crave oh so much
    And to hear your voice
    Would be like a calming rhyme
    I know I can not keep you safe from most things
    But not being able to comfort you
    Not being able to hold you
    Is worrisome to me

  • seiki_kei 4w

    Am I greedy to ask to see you again
    When I saw you yesterday
    When I heard your voice
    And the things you said brought bliss
    Is it greedy of me
    To want to spend forever with you
    Is it wrong of me
    To want to hear you sing a melody
    Of the song that rests on my heart
    The song that reminds me of the
    Very work of art
    I get to call my own
    The very piece of art I get to hold
    Is it wrong of me to ask
    To go back into the Museum
    And converse with a painting
    With a work of art

  • seiki_kei 5w

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