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  • selenophilic_873 4h

    A girl

    A girl with scintillating stars in her eyes
    Told stories of love affection and broken ties
    Sometimes tattooing anecdote of her own time
    Sometimes making some rhymes feel just mine

    They said she was broken yet gifted with art
    A creative soul and bleeding heart
    She cried tears of poetry
    Universe's beautiful ethereal serendipity

    She moved liked a epitome of metaphors
    A wave of love touching hearts shore
    She was the one with heart in her hand
    A gorgeous misery every writer would pen

    She crafted love hate and envy
    Even penned down her pain and tragedy
    Sometimes rhymed an unknown strom of tears
    Sometimes evoking the deepest fears

    I see this girl every time in my dreams
    Looking at me with unknown tears and silent screams
    She lives in my bare soul
    Reflecting me and you in her eyes

  • selenophilic_873 3d

    To my dear wonderwall
    Thinking about your smile my day begins
    And ends with mentioning your name to the moon
    In between I am caught up penning your presence on my hearts broken wall
    Sometimes I embrace your presence I preety sequence of words
    And then sometimes your messy hair are mentioned in every rhyme of my poem
    And somedays your beautiful thought is written in between pages of my favorite novel..


    #wonderwall #pod #mirakee
    @sanjay_kumr @ashamurali @lonethinker @freespirit13

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  • selenophilic_873 1w

    I was going through different write ups and quotes about life and happiness. When I arrived at this vibrant quote..

    // " Life is not merely a destination it's a journey full of emotions... " //

    Such a beautiful notion to describe life!!

    I have always heard people saying that life is indefinable. It's like life's purpose cannot be defined but is easy to recognize. As everyone I used to believe that life cannot be described in one or two words or phrases. But this very quote changed my belief!
    Life could be just described in one word
    Life is nothing but emotion. Rather it be happiness sadness guilt love envy hate etc etc.. It's all emotion. Every part of the feeling through life's journey hits upon a different emotion. Like every optimistic emotion pain and sadness is inevitable. Every one has got Impartially equal shares of every emotion.
    Walking through this journey we come across different co travellers each capable of arising different feelings and emotions in our heart. We continue this journey through strom rain drizzle shinning sun and every season. Even if we fall down once twice or numerous times we continue this journey. The most beautiful thing is we never fail to travel even if it's the worst path to anywhere.
    We travel and travel through this journey with mere predictions known as destiny. And yet everyone has same destination.

    We Crazily believe life is a destination but life is just a journey a journey of feelings it's a war faced by everyone. Destination of this journey is death where you just have memories of feelings as precious possession.

    While we so eagerly wait for our final destination let's not forget to live every emotion cause life is a journey to be lived and it's destination is always and forever death . .

    ... Selenophilic_873

    #pod #life #mirakee
    @sanjay_kumr @freespirit13 @lonethinker @ashamurali

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    Life is not a mere destination rather it's a journey full of emotions...

  • selenophilic_873 1w

    I want to be yours

    I want to be a little blossom
    Residing in the womb of green lush landscapes
    With dew drops of peace flowing through my interiors
    A lovely vibrant bloom lightening my anterior.

    I want to be tiny beam of joy hidden in an infants face
    A soothing melody tattooing your ears
    I want to elude like wind from place to place
    And leave a Soulful smile on your face

    I want to be a peaceful serein ravine
    Flowing through your heart's cave
    Embracing your inner sanctum For life
    Taking your notions in my strife

    I want to be A little playful song
    Always staying in your mind
    The lovely tune that you play again and again
    In painful times amidst of fall and rain

    I want to be the fragrance you wear
    Leaving bit of you everywhere you wander
    Like a fragment of your heart
    Never being able to be apart

    I want to be a soulful moment
    You will always cherish
    Also I want to paint my existence in your times
    And be hidden in winds as you adore wind chimes

  • selenophilic_873 2w


    In his deep brown eyes
    Lies a enigmatic universe
    Undiscovered undefined
    A chaotic hoax in a beautiful disguise

    The way his beaming infectious smile
    Leaves me spellbound and unaware
    Each time I try to dive into depth of his eyes
    My heart skips a beat and runs for a mile

    The moment he slyly touches his shiny hair.
    How manipulative his face looks
    Knowing the effect his laugh has on me
    The notorious winks he shares .

    He flows like a poetic ravine
    The fragrance of his mere presence
    Is intoxicating me like a raw liquor
    Godly taste of heaven fully divine

    He lies in my notions undefined
    He has conquered my dreams
    He knows how much I have fallen in love
    Yet remains undiscovered

  • selenophilic_873 3w

    Isn't it beautiful
    How our dreams get synchronised
    In a preety sequence of words
    How our notions collide
    And find peace in each other's world

    Isn't it beautiful
    How the heart sings a singsong
    Each time you pass by
    How I stare at your presence
    And smile each time more slyly

    Isn't it beautiful
    How every word coming from you
    Feels like a soulful melodious tune
    However childish it looks
    I prefer to call you my moon

    Isn't it beautiful
    How I see every vibrant color of love
    In you and your magnificent art
    And I pen down your name in
    Between books with a small heart

    Isn't it beautiful
    The first feelings of love
    The innocence it caters without any harm
    The way we lock our hearts
    And melt in each other's arms

    #love #pod #mirakee
    @freespirit13 @sanjay_kumr @lonethinker

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    Isn't it beautiful?

    Isn't it beautiful
    The first feelings of love
    The innocence it caters without any harm
    The way we lock our hearts
    And melt in each other's arms

  • selenophilic_873 3w

    Goodbye 2020

    Here while standing over last few moments before the year ends. I really wanted to take this moment to appreciate all of you who have managed to survive emotionally and mentally through this year. I admit that this year has been a roller coaster for all of us. And this hasn't been the most memorable year either. Many people out there have suffered losses which are unimaginable. But today let's not feel lonely and sad and let's take a moment out today to appreciate this life and this year ending.

    And let's just hope cause only thing 2020 has given everybody is patience and hope so let's hope that the upcoming year 2021 would be happy and filled with warmth of love and affection.
    Happy new year!!!

  • selenophilic_873 4w


    Meet me under the emerging shadow of darkness
    Where all echoes end
    Where noone reaches
    We will sit silently stargazing
    Only the noise of broken fragments of heart would be heard
    Where our fragments of love would merge

  • selenophilic_873 4w


    Let me take some stars from your skies and adjust them in my galaxy. I am in amidst of making a brand new constellation of togetherness.

  • selenophilic_873 4w

    15 things the year 2020 taught me

    So 2020 has been a rough year for most of us out here. The year itself brought a dozen of experiences both sweet and sour. The one thing I admired most was that this year taught me a lot. Starting from how mental health is important and crucial to how death is inevitable to how we are just for a moment and then we all pass away.
    But I always thought this wasn't worth writing but all thanks to year ending and some late night reading I felt about writing something about this year.

    So these are the 15 things I learnt from 2020

    #1. People you care about might leave and you might even not have a chance to bid final goodbye. So be in touch with people who matter to you. Maybe there are some misunderstandings between you all but still try to be in touch. Cause it's just for moments that we live and no one knows what is coming next so try to acknowledge the importance of people who matter to you.

    #2. World is a beautiful place which becomes the moment you start loving yourself. I firmly believe that love is one of the most complicated feeling yet it's the most beautiful one and it begins the moment you start loving yourself. Every body is important but try giving yourself first priority and see how your perspective towards world changes

    #3. Everybody has their own battles. We just need to acknowledge the fact that nobody fights same battle and no one has equal strength to fight it. Respecting everyone's struggle and choices is important. And believe me all people are warriors in one or another way. So all we need to do is stop being judgmental about other's choices and their way of dealing with their own choices

    #4. Solitude and good music is only necessity except food and all other basic things. The most important thing I learnt was simplicity and how a lockdown made the world for me a more peaceful place. I strongly feel that sometimes we just don't value what we have and strive for more but 2020 taught me how we can find happiness in littlest things and how solitude and songs can bring you peace of mind.

    #5. Your time is precious don't waste it overthinking and worrying about things that won't matter in coming years. Try to live and rejoice in the moment which is gifted. ( kal ho na ho!!)

    #6. Value your family and close friends cause they are the only once who will stand with you in your hardships. Try talking to them and also have deep meaningful conversations with them cause if you don't then their might be a long perspective gap between you and it'll always make you lonely and depressed.

    #7. It's okay not to be okay. Another thing that became a national wide issue this year was about mental health. I learnt that certain time it's okay to show that you are feeling low and having conversation with loved once might help. I know sometimes we have problems which are hard to explain but try talking it helps! I also understood that there might be some close ones who are going through such times and it's necessary to listen and help.

    #8. It's okay not to have a plan. And certain days even after having plan things aren't gonna happen your way. So stay a bit optimistic about life. Cause at the end of 2019 we were unaware who our lives were gonna be shaken. So let life give you it's share of surprises and see how it unfolds the way of happiness for you.

    #9. Stay away from toxicity rather it be from social media or people around you who demotivate you. Stay with people who bring positive vibes

    #10. Be in presence of nature. 2020 has made human contact nearly negligible. One thing I learnt was to be with nature. It's so peaceful and soothing to watch trees swaying with wind, the drizzle of rain on your window, the morning sun and night skies full of stars. Be in love with nature.

    #11. Maintain a journal and pen down your notions cause everyone has a hidden writer in their hearts.

    #12. Social media is a beautiful hoax.!! Don't waste time comparing your behind the scenes with someone's highlighted reels.

    #13. Be realistic and opportunists. Even if people tell you to be optimistic always stay in touch with real world.

    #14. Sometimes it's okay to shut your thoughts and other people's noise and be with yourself reading a book. You can also pursue other hobbies!

    #15. Sing when you feel like dance when you feel like. Always do what you feel like!

    That's end of my list!❤