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  • selflover23 6w


    Dreams and expectations never ends,
    making us desire for more and more.
    Bridged by uncertainties and unpredictability,
    it makes us clueless of what happens next.
    Like a movie, the ending is gonna be a suspense
    Still hoping for the best to happen....

  • selflover23 6w

    What remains left

    People come and go, uses for their needs
    and what remains is our broken heart
    crying deeply inside and suffers alone.

  • selflover23 6w


    Unexpressed feelings of sadness and pain,
    hidden inside that no one knows.
    Family is made up of fights not love,
    those noises bursting out and reaching everywhere.
    A home filled with loud noises and yelling,
    deep down it creates scars which doesn't go away.
    Those emotional wounds that doesn't heal,
    creates a void in her heart remains empty forever.

  • selflover23 10w

    Untold beauty

    Being a person with a good heart is more beautiful than being a person who attracts others by looks.

  • selflover23 10w


    Our life depends on how we see the things. If we see sadness, all we see is that. If we see happiness, we only see that. If we see the life as positive, so will be our life. So stop blaming your surroundings, situations, people. You are the creator of your own happiness. Change the perspective you have towards your life, then life will be beautiful.

  • selflover23 10w


    We don't realise how lucky we were until we lose it...

  • selflover23 10w


    Be thankful for what you have, instead of complaining what you don't have.

  • selflover23 12w

    Inner Strength

    A powerful energy which is inside us,
    arises when we are amidst hardships.
    Furnish confidence to fight adversities,
    turning us into more powerful person.
    A kind of fire burning inside us,
    which ignites spark of hopes.
    Burning the enemies of hope,
    removing the obstacles on the way.
    A driving force keeping us to fight,
    never let us to give up in any situation.

  • selflover23 13w


    The best revenge for your enemies is your success and happiness

  • selflover23 13w


    If you have a good heart, then you are rich by soul