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  • senroshni295 1w

    Before the sweet sun goes down,
    And I wear my frown's crown.
    Dear ,I want to tell you that,
    All the bitches are angels.
    And all the angels are broken underneath.
    They bleed with mermaid's tears,
    And all the mermaids are starving to breath.
    Nalas are caged,
    And sleeping beauties got raped in their sleep.
    To ease her pain and mind,
    Cinderellas need to weep.
    Snow Whites can't live in a jungle,
    With seven men's need.
    No thief is gonna come,
    Rapunzel, herself gotta get freed.
    All the Jasmines will make it on their own,
    And will never have genies.
    Tinkerbells have to be tough,
    To save themselves from enemies.
    Cause it's better to be Moana,
    To escape,
    And lost in the Sea breeze,
    Than being beauty,
    And losing freedom,
    To win the heart of a beast.

  • senroshni295 1w

    It's 2020 babe,
    here queens don't escape,
    they just turn your world upside down.
    sitting on their thrones,
    Wearing their shining crown.

  • senroshni295 1w

    Dear society,

    Caging a lioness won't turn her into a squirrel.

  • senroshni295 1w

    Tears and time will teach you the best lesson.

  • senroshni295 7w

    In a beautiful garden,
    There were flowers so different.
    A simple white lily,
    & a rose, red & vibrant.
    The rose was thorny & cruel,
    Every hand which touched got hurt.
    Left in blood & pain,
    Only friend she knew was dirt.
    Bounded in her own boundaries,
    Never knew what love is.
    Had only received hatred,
    For her thorns & complexities.

    But then she came,
    The lily, so calm.
    Wanted to become friend,
    Knowing the harm.
    She saw her petals,
    Before her spiny thorn.
    Knew she's taking risk,
    Risk to get torn.

    Petals beautiful & soft,
    Fine as a masterpiece.
    So weak and fragile,
    Moving with wind's ease.

    Lily stretched her hand,
    But rose was rude.
    She embraced her loneliness,
    Not wanting her to intrude.
    But Lily was determined ,
    To break her glass walls,
    To pour love in her cup,
    & joy in her halls.
    With bruises all over,
    She kept trying.
    Heart broken,
    Couldn't stop crying.

    Yet, good always comes back,
    Love returns.
    Hard work wins,
    Care earns.
    Rose lowered her head,
    They became best friends.
    Goodness won,
    & our story ends.

  • senroshni295 7w

    I wanna quit

    Tired of being strong,
    I can't do it anymore.
    It feels like forever,
    Sucking my heart's core.
    Hurt & confused,
    Going through the same shit.
    Pretending to be okay.
    But deep down I know, I wanna quit.

    Broken and unloved,
    My soul's screaming, suffocating.
    I know it'll never Come,
    But I'm still waiting.
    They make me feel useless,
    Unwanted my every bit.
    I'm tryna stand again,
    But to be honest, I wanna quit.

    They ask me to be normal,
    Like normal is something I can do.
    To keep up with others,
    Stand in my place dear, "now can you? "
    I don't ask for sympathy
    Don't wanna take it's benefit.
    I wish someone could understand,
    But they won't, so I wanna quit.

    The pressure in my head,
    & friend forever anxiety.
    Digging my soul everyday,
    But stays, they don't leave me.
    I'm fighting my insecurities,
    Trying to come over it.
    But sinking deeper everytime,
    & that's why I wanna quit.

    They tell me I'm untrustworthy,
    I hurt everyone around.
    But I know I'm hurt too,
    I'm not as brave as I sound.
    Every night insomnia greets me,
    With same stuff and hit.
    I'm trying to heal my wounds,
    But I can't, I wanna quit.

    I'm a victim of my own mind,
    Incaged in depression.
    Overthinking same things,
    With more negative conclusion.
    Trying to fight the beast,
    Who kills me over and over again.
    & that's why I can't fit.
    But does anyone cares,
    That I wanna fight or quit.

    But I'm sworn to not,
    To don't , to never,
    I know I won't do it,
    Yet I can't shut my soul screaming,
    Who says,
    I can't I wanna quit.

  • senroshni295 7w

    With a jerk she woke up
    Huffing & puffing
    It was dark and dead silent.
    Her brown hair racing down her pale face
    Looked around ,
    Couldn't find no one, panicked.
    Went to the kitchen
    Everything was quite, still & alarming.
    Then to the bathroom
    Repeating the same scenario.
    With each step getting desperate.
    Came back to the place
    She had started.
    Suddenly she felt the iciness,
    Her feet was wet with blood.
    Fully numb.
    So frightened, so scared.
    Psyche left physique.
    Her legs wobbling
    She picked up the Crumbs of her strength.
    Poked under the bed.
    Fingers, hair, blood & wide open eyes.
    Her mom and dad, in pieces.
    Their limbless bodies,
    Hands freed from shoulders
    Ankles and fingers feets apart.
    All their clothes in the bloody shade.
    Terror filled her heart
    & Pain her veins.
    A shrill silent scream.
    Penetrating all her dreams.
    The people who Taught her to speak,
    Are never & going to hush again,
    Sweat and tears rolling down,
    Darkness and death,
    Her heart losing beats.
    Lungs losing air,
    But her lose is beyond the horizon of pain.
    She's filled with emptiness,
    All her sparkle lost in the depth of murk.
    Isn't broken but smashed,
    And her world, completely crashed.

  • senroshni295 7w

    It's so hard to tell,
    It hurts like hell.
    It's not that I've a problem,
    But it's like I'm the problem.
    I wish,
    someone could say,
    That now it's okay,
    But I know
    That it's just another day.

  • senroshni295 8w

    We created this one whole heartedly.. Hope you'll like it.

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    Colorless love

    I'm collecting love in my piggy bank
    Instead of using
    I will give u the whole
    When it will be a thing not to choosing

    Part of me lives in you
    & a part of you in me
    What we have is something else
    Sometimes sweet sour & lovely.

    I don't say
    But it doesn't means I don't do
    I just don't know how to express
    My endless love for you

    Do u love me
    Or this is your way
    To show your love
    I don't think it is
    But I don't wanna take a thing
    I don't deserve

    I'll choose to leave my life
    To stay in your shadow
    Will hug the end of the journey
    But still I'm too afraid to show

    But tell me, why do you wanna behave like
    Our love is just a deal
    Is it easier to break my heart
    Than telling how you feel.

    This silence is killing me
    Is breaking me every night
    Is screeching my heart
    I'm giving up every fight

    Can we please end up
    This mess we have made
    I can't stay like this anymore
    And even can't wait

    My heart still craves your love
    & those nights again for spending
    It still sings the same song
    & hopes for the happy ending

    Will I be survive
    Or I should broke this
    Like many people do
    But it's as difficult
    as choosing death
    To leave u
    Cause I returned the same things
    U gave me
    And the hearts received too.

    -Roshni Sen feat. Akash Koreti

  • senroshni295 9w

    It's the top of the mountain
    I don't know what I wanted.
    But it feels so good to be here.
    Cause the valleys are so dreadful
    Cause the roads are damn twisted.
    Cause the Tunnels're suffocating.
    Cause the sea makes me sink in
    I can scream loud here,
    Can spit it out here,
    I don't wanna hold my breath
    Like I've been doing
    On that Rocky shore.

    I don't know what I needed,
    But it feels so good to be here.
    Cause down there're Forests.
    Forests make me lost in.
    Cause down there're rivers
    Rivers make me drown in.
    Cause down there're cities
    Cities are busy, they make me crazy.
    Cause down there're people,
    & people divide me in
    Millions of pieces.

    But I can smile here
    Like forever is just a while here.
    I don't wanna be in a
    Cage of restrictions.
    Like I've been doing
    With those civilized citizens.