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  • shadownik 4d

            Nik was chilling out with his friends from his university. They had just finished taking an exhausting class and were treating each other at a local cafe.

            Suddenly Char Busla, the son of an influential business( in his words mind you ) got a call , so he got up to attend to it. He went a few yards away but Nik and Avan ( his other friend, a bloke actually ) could hear Chars soft cursing as he returned. 

    "What's the matter mate ?" Asked Avan as Nik wasn't one to bother. "Girl troubles bro.. she's asking me to spend more time with her" 

    "Ooooh.." exclaimed Avan. 

    " Why bother with such nonsense" added Nik.

     "Cut it out guys, Avan' s an insensitive bloke so he's never gonna have a girl in his life and you Nik are such a sourpuss sure you don't wanna try this love thing? " 

    " Ohh stop it Char, did I ever tell you that I hadn't experienced it in the past " chided Nik. 

    " what?? Damn it Nik I thought we were cut from the same cloth.. how could you betray me so? " cried Avan.

     "Ah! Stop it you morons it was just a matter of a month.. I was attracted to her and I knew she was too, finally one fine afternoon she confessed and we spoke a few sweet words over the next few days.. one day I called her to the library where we shared our first kiss"

     "What happened after that dude " asked Char. 

    "You ditched her right" added Avan which earned him a fierce glare from Char 

    "Hahahaah.. did you morons actually think that was true.. I should've looked at your damn faces" 

    Slowly Nik took out a book from his bag. On the book were the words "THEORIES ON THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE" 

    " open the chapter number 26 titled THE MANY WORLDS THEORY by Hugh Everett .. interestingly according to that theory the universe can have an unlimited number of alternate realities.. so you see if a number of people including me made a few different choices I would end up with a girlfriend .. so what I 've told you guys isn't entirely false ". 

    " Nik you devil .. I knew we were cut from the same cloth" whined Avan in joy. 

    "Damn it.. I should've known it. An incorrigible beast like you would never have experienced love.. but still, I advise you to experience it ". 

    " Oh stop it Char I already told you my clone in the other dimension already has one... And I don't need a crutch thank you.."

     "You guys are demons I tell you .. fine just leave it at that" cursed Char.    


    Starting something new here, hope you'll like it

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @odysseus @orotund @writersbay

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    The Nik Diaries episode 2

    Suddenly Char Busla, the son of an influential business( in his words mind you ) got a call , so he got up to attend to it. He went a few yards away but Nik and Avan ( his other friend, a bloke actually ) could hear Chars soft cursing as he returned. 

  • shadownik 4d

    Waves of blue and white crashing onto the glowing shores
    Drowning everything in their thunders and hisses

    Let them sail you out of life's worries
    As they suck you into the sea of oblivion
    Even though you know it's a moment most transient
    Cause what the sea takes in, it is sure to spit it out.


  • shadownik 2w

    From a book I was reading.
    So true

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    "Someone once told me that diplomacy not only meant saying the right things at the right time, but also leaving unsaid the wrong things at the tempting moment".

  • shadownik 3w

    An excerpt from a book I was reading
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    “The world doesn’t create furrows for the rivers,”.
    “The water cuts its own path—through mountains, rock, and forests—not with sheer power, but perseverance"

  • shadownik 4w

    Today a suicide victim breathed her last in our care.. I still don't understand why they would arrive at such a conclusion. Why do you think it's so hopeless...she wasn't even much older than me.
    Don't you think as long There is life there is hope.

    Please don't lose all hope in a moment of sadness. You may be alone but you won't be alone all your life right. Find people talk to them fight for your cause.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @odysseus @orotund @writersbay
    #hope #valuelife

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    Sailing in a sea of bitterness
    Isn't it worthwhile for a single drop of happiness
    A moment of weakness
    In exchange for a lifetime of experience?

    Look at the world, at the sea of human heads
    Do you think they give so much as shreds

    Don't you think that as long there is life there is hope
    You may cope or you may elope
    Though it's something everyone may deplore
    Just don't go knockin' on heavens door

  • shadownik 5w

    These fleeting times, these greening meadows
    Birds and bees adrift the warm cosy wind
    Of children's rants,and of Juliet and Romeos
    And days of drudging for the artistic kind

    A rare moment of serenity, a conclusion forgone
    Ohh.. What a great time for a good big yawn


  • shadownik 5w

    I know you feel hurt
    And seeing you so makes me even more
    I know you think me as heartless and curt
    As I've put on the mask of the unheeding senor

    But I know someone has to do it
    And me, I've chosen to be the one to commit


  • shadownik 5w

    Nik, the protagonist of our little tale to be was taking a session for a group of gradeschool kids ( social responsibilities and all) not that he felt like he should do it but it was more of a suggestion from the university where he slaved ( more like the dictator's order ).

    There was a middle aged woman probably in her thirties who frankly speaking looked quite pretty for her age. Anyways, she was their homeroom teacher and had just handed over the class to Nik and had asked him to provide an overview of what life in the present times meant..

    Now I know this is a rather heavy topic for a grade schooler.. but it's already the 22nd century... What do you expect.

    He asked the children what they thought life was..
    A cute girl with brown beady eyes and jetblack pigtails answered smiling..

    "Miss Rachel said life's a mix of all colors "

    Nik asked, "Anyone with a different view ? "

    Everyone shook their heads.. It looked like they had a lot of faith in their teacher.

    "Okay.. Now take out your crayons, colour pencils or anything of that kind and mix em on a paper"

    The children hurried.. muttering and chatting while completing their task

    "What did you get ?" Nik asked

    They held out their sheets for him to look at. On the sheets were what you would undeniably call ugly splotches of grey and black with a few dots of bright colours visible here and there..

    "That there kids.. is my.. your.. your teacher Rachel's and pretty much everyone's life "

    The next day.. At his university Nik submitted a report saying he had taught the children an important lesson...

    #sarcasm #lifetruths
    @writersnetwork @odysseus @orotund @mirakee @writersbay
    Starting something new..

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    Starting a series I guess, hope for your love and support

    I'm gonna call it NikVenktures.. forgive me if it sounds lame

  • shadownik 5w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Imbibe

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    Every piece of knowledge conceivable, inconceivable he yearned to imbibe

  • shadownik 5w


    Sigh.. one year closer to death
    A cup of water from the river Lethe
    To forget our worries
    Amidst this year's snowy flurries