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  • shaheenmuskan 5w

    There are people that can touch you, without ever laying a hand on you;
    And those are the ones made out of things we call art.

  • shaheenmuskan 6w

    I said you mesmerise me, without even trying.

    But, what I meant was, it mesmerises me that you aren't even trying.

  • shaheenmuskan 9w

    Dead don't speak!
    So, can you shut-up, please!
    No I am not telling you to die,
    All I am saying is stay away from my life.

    You must be amazing, I am not saying otherwise!
    But darling, you just don't entice.
    When you think that you are charming!
    Honestly, your delusion is pretty alarming!

    And no I don't mean to demean you,
    You know, I just don't see the need to.
    So, next time how about you keep it to yourself?
    Your highs and lies!

    Oh, I wish you well!
    I just don't care if you rote in hell!

  • shaheenmuskan 10w

    Care to share?

    I think I have put it somewhere
    I just don't know where
    I remember I was careful with it
    It's crucial I was aware

    Maybe I gave it to someone
    Or maybe I tucked it somewhere
    I know I had it
    I just don't remember where

    You see I have lost it a few times
    But mostly it comes back just in time
    But this time it really seems I have lost it
    I am terrified, I swear

    Can you help me find it
    If not can we share
    Yes, it's hope and happiness I am talking about
    Would you care to share?

  • shaheenmuskan 11w

    And you, my love!
    Are the reason I wake up on days;
    When I don't even feel like breathing.

  • shaheenmuskan 11w

    I am conflicted between-
    Having this urge to pour my heart out and put it all in front of you!
    And the tendency to not show any human emotion or the fact that I can love too.

  • shaheenmuskan 12w


    I have lived my life being 'the one'!
    I can be charming, calming and pretty alarming!
    So, if you gonna call me babe and hon!
    I am gonna take a pass and tell you it was fun.


  • shaheenmuskan 12w

    Nothing to say

    I don't know where to begin or end,
    You turn me into this mess,
    Where I can't comprehend!
    And it bothers me for miles on end.

    But i can't describe how I feel,
    or find rhymes to heal,
    All I do is kneel!
    In front of these temptations that appeal!

    My poetry becomes this mess,
    of unfinished lines!
    With way to many signs and metaphors,
    yet nothing rhymes.

    You take all my rationality away!
    And leave me questioning my own ways?
    You do this to me every day,
    Yet when I'll tell you all this!
    You will have nothing to say.


  • shaheenmuskan 13w

    It's beyond my understanding,
    That how people can't understand that people under no circumstances should be discriminated based on their caste, colour, religion or creed because of the simple reason that we all are equal.

  • shaheenmuskan 13w

    The book on your bedside table

    She is that book on your bedside table, that you just can't get yourself to read. You know you want to, but sometimes you are not sure if you know, how to?

    So, you get another book for a lighter reading and you finish those every alternate night; even the once that get your attention can't last untill the next midnight.

    You know in your heart of hearts that you want to read her, but you don't really know how to?
    So, some day you pull yourself together, certain that you will read her, you flip through pages as if you were examining her,

    But again you find the writing unfathomable!
    Understanding euphemism, and grasping rhetorical question isn't one of your strong suit.
    so, you stumble on a different a page
    You mumble!
    You jumble!
    But you can't begin to grasp the cipher!
    It's just beyond your caliber.

    She will always be that book for most of the people, as deciphering the intricate patterns require undivided attention;
    It requires commitment and compassion!
    And not everyone is ready or capable of making it.