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  • shailjaaaa 1d

    #cees_soj_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork #poem
    Picture source: Pinterest

    Pondering over the thoughts
    Of what I got or what I lost
    I took my old pen,
    and began to wrote
    The words, weaving a warm blanket of memories were falling apart
    Making it ardous to hold the fragile thread of words
    It was slipping down my hands repeatedly
    Making it extremely difficult to explain the misery of my heart
    Memories of a loved one
    Who made me believe that warm blankets do exists
    That the threads of mere words could be turned into a warm cloak
    I again mustered up all the courage
    and stopped myself from thinking about a sojourner
    A sojourner who was part of journey
    A journey which is not over
    A journey which I will complete with my
    woven blanket
    I again picked my pen
    And started weaving a new journey
    of eternal peace and happiness.

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  • shailjaaaa 4d

    #giving #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod #poem
    Picture source: Pinterest

    Giving your piece of bread
    to someone who need,
    to someone to feed,
    Is the most precious thing
    the world needs.

    Giving your ear
    to someone who needs to be heard,
    to console their fear,
    Is the most precious act I swear.

    Giving your heart,
    to someone who's falling apart,
    to ignite them, with the lively spark,
    Is the precious art one should start.

    Giving your time,
    to the one who is alone,
    to the people who are sadness prone,
    Is the precious deed that can be shown.

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    "Giving your piece of bread
    To someone who need
    To someone to feed
    Is the most precious thing,
    the world needs..."

  • shailjaaaa 1w

    #melody #poem #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Picture source: Pinterest

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    You are a song
    I sing from my lips
    but the melody of it,
    makes my heart beat

  • shailjaaaa 1w

    What if we live our life exactly the way we thought?
    What if we only get happiness from the lessons we were taught?
    What if flowers never wither?
    What if love in air always slither?
    What if sky is always blue?
    What if it's forever just me and you?

  • shailjaaaa 1w

    #perfection #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Picture credit: Pinterest

    Shining calmly,
    over the sky
    Transforming the darkness
    of the night
    Into a soft milky light
    Veiling entire piece of land
    With the increasing gloominess
    it is the shimmer that
    only gets expand
    Darkness bows it's knees down
    Ice capped mountains
    wear a glittery crown
    Trees and leaves
    are all silvery now
    Water is shining
    like flowing mercury
    Bud of tulip is glinting
    like a beautiful beacon
    This is the night when
    moonlight is achieving a surreal perfection.

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  • shailjaaaa 1w

    #four #mirakee #wod #writersnetwork
    Picture credit: Pinterest

    We all are agitated souls
    Living in the world
    of incessant materialistic demands
    A world resembling
    to a glass terrarium
    Sealed by our
    limited life duration
    The walls are made up
    of our desires
    Inside which we
    all are confined
    We get tempted by
    those fanciful desires
    But we forget that
    desires are neverending and
    fragile just like the
    glass wall of the terrarium
    It looks really alluring
    when looked from outside
    But it's baffling enough
    to make one wonder
    about their mere existence
    Before we are able to understand
    our creation inside our glassy world,
    Our senescence comes
    and now all that left is our love.
    Our love for loved ones,
    the joyful and sad moments
    all boils down to the memories
    The memories we imprint
    on canvas like minds
    of people we met on the
    journey that has been finished now.
    The terrarium is still beautiful,
    for the gazer who is away from
    tangling ropes of this world.

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  • shailjaaaa 2w

    #storyofaleaf #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod
    Picture credit: Pinterest

    I am a fallen maple leaf
    a leaf which has a story,
    A story about getting
    faded with the lapse of time
    A story about changing hue,
    from shiny green to
    crimson red,
    to the bright yellow,
    to the monochromatic
    dead and dry matter
    I've seen it all,
    I changed my colours too,
    That's what I am destined to do
    I am beautiful when about to fall
    Isn't this the irony about you all?
    Once I am felled on the earth,
    detached from my home
    I begin to realise
    my perished existence
    I get controlled by
    the swirls of wind,
    Sometimes I am taken
    to an unknown place,
    while sometimes I am just laying there
    depending entirely for an unknown stroke
    of wind to take me away.

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  • shailjaaaa 2w

    She is fire and she is ice,
    Combination of both,
    to be more precise
    Embellished by the pearly smile,
    elegant as a bride walking through aisle
    Two different perspective
    of universe
    fused together to scatter
    glittery colours
    Soul shines bright
    overlooks the stars
    Eyes so deep,
    heals the scars.

  • shailjaaaa 2w

    Infused with the drizzle of past love in her scorched heart,
    Scarcely alive in the world full of excruciating heartbreaks.

  • shailjaaaa 11w

    I am in pain,
    you are far
    Just like a distant
    shining star
    A star which is
    pleasurable to the eyes
    But it is in those
    unattainable skies
    The pain is going
    through my veins
    Cutting my throat
    with barbed chains
    Gulping down
    the sadness
    My stomach is filled
    with the agonizing pain
    Dreams appears as a
    severe drought even
    if drenched with rain

    Picture source: pinterest
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #love #poem

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