to be or not to be???

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  • shakethepear 3w

    Philosophy of Life

    Accept things the way they are and change the things that need changing...that's the secret to being happy.


  • shakethepear 14w

    We point out faults in others,
    While we hide our own defects!
    We try to laugh at others,
    But cry when others laugh at us!
    Like hyenas, we follow the lion,
    Like liars, we call ourselves the king!
    Sorrys' are the eraser for our mistakes,
    But there is no eraser for you!

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  • shakethepear 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Imbibe

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    Through your eyes, I have imbibed an eternity!

  • shakethepear 14w

    By unknown writer

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    There are two kinds of people in this world.
    One who do and others who criticize.

  • shakethepear 56w


    You can always change your bad days into good by doing anything that improves on yesterday 'you'.

  • shakethepear 65w


    I let the fear
    Own me
    So i could own
    The fear
    Now, the fear is me
    And I am the fear.

  • shakethepear 67w


    A flower is called a flower not because it's beautiful or has a good aroma...but because regardless of its thorns , it refuses to gloom and shines to its full glory.

  • shakethepear 78w

    Learn to live before you stop to live!!

  • shakethepear 85w

    Lessons learned!

    Apply what has been learned.
    Talk as if the person is closest to you.
    Purify the intentions.

  • shakethepear 89w


    Don't lose people while earning wealth for gaining people is a way to earn wealth