to be or not to be???

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  • shakethepear 96w


    Don't lose people while earning wealth for gaining people is a way to earn wealth

  • shakethepear 98w

    Khud se hi haar k baith gaye
    Hum ab saare jahan se haarke baithe gaye
    Wo jo baaghon main khile the
    Phool wo murjha ke baith gaye
    Aankhon ka noor gawan k baith gaye
    Aaj Khud se hi haar ke baith gaye
    Haarna to ek bahana hai
    Asal m hum thak k baith gye

  • shakethepear 99w

    Every human has his limitations. Only God is limitless. So it's okay to be wrong. It is okay to have a bad day. It's okay to fall. It's okay if you are in a position where you cannot do anything but bear with the evil around you. It is okay if you cannot fight this evil.
    But what isn't okay is if you don't give it a try. Try.... Failure isn't an issue... The issue is not trying hard enough.
    So if you try and fail, you have joined the league of heroes! Give yourself some credit. Live. Laugh. Be happy. For who knows " kal ho na ho". ( Tomorrow may never come)

  • shakethepear 106w

    There's no turning back from this...


    There is always a U-turn ...
    Provided you are breathing...

  • shakethepear 108w


    I am standing still,
    But to reach the stars, I must move
    For nothing is reserved for a spectator!
    Wear and tear should be my groove...
    'coz living is not for the dead!

  • shakethepear 116w

    Look in the mirror before you show it to someone else!

  • shakethepear 117w

    Quitters are sometimes winners!

    Quitting is good only when it's attached with the bad habit!

  • shakethepear 117w

    Why do we fall Bruce?
    So we can learn to pick ourselves up!

  • shakethepear 118w

    Not everyone deserves to be helped.... Food for thought.

  • shakethepear 121w


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