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  • shaktiman 13w

    Q-Which is the best game in the world?
    Boys-COD, PUBG...
    Girls-Tinder, Happn...

  • shaktiman 14w

    Q. What do two losers gossip about?

  • shaktiman 27w

    I am no photographer but i can picture us together...

  • shaktiman 28w

    By unknown writer

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    I am sailing a boat full of aspirations,dreams and motivation in the ocean of life,with oars of failure...

  • shaktiman 29w

    Q. How unlucky are you?
    A. I was born in the era of ditched love and fake promises..

  • shaktiman 37w

    Love is not an integral calculus,
    It should not be measured by the response of the beloved,
    It should be measured by how much one can sacrifice..

  • shaktiman 39w

    Everytime i look down at my WATCH i miss her......

  • shaktiman 41w

    She was a dagger packed in a Christmas present..

  • shaktiman 42w

    In that stage of life where "Papa kehte hain bada nam karega" makes more sense than
    "mujhe chhod kar jo tum jaaoge,
    Bada pachtaoge"

  • shaktiman 42w

    Trust me she is the live example of
    "khuda nay badi fursat aur nazakat se banaya hain"....