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  • shalini_jose 6w


    On days you don't feel worth existing,
    Take a cold water shower ,
    Contemplate painless death .
    Regret not being able to succeed,
    Cry your eyes out if tears find you ,
    Bunk that online class.
    Overthink about being this way,
    Laze around till you feel better.
    Sip hot chocolate while watching your favourite show ,
    Take a break from that toxic person,
    Let the sun find you in tatters .
    Let your soul breathe freely.
    Take baby steps towards finding joy in little things,
    Make progress at your pace .
    Repeat the process whenever necessary.
    Be kind to yourself ,
    Be patient with trauma ,
    Don't let them tell you "it's a phase",
    You didn't become like this in a day or two.
    Would be ridiculous if someone told you that it would go away in a day or two .


  • shalini_jose 14w

    On icy winter days when you let yourself take a cold water bath,
    On days where words come to you and you refuse to penn them down .
    Those bleeding wounds you hide behind a brave face.
    Not long before it comes crumbling down,
    The happy facade shattered into pieces,
    Oh dear dear look at you,
    In shambles and frozen screams,
    Ironic how asking help is cowardly
    And hiding the trauma considered brave .
    Oh sweetie listen up nice and clear,
    Self pity ain't going to do you any good.