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  • shaliya 2d

    You like me,
    Because I say yes and bloom,
    For everything what you tell me to do.
    Im choking,
    But you'll never know even when I die cause this happened all because of you.

  • shaliya 4d

    Heartbreaking things which I see around me!
    Maybe things can get better,
    If compromise and love was always kept at sight.

    Thankyou so much for all your love and support�� Stay blessed����

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  • shaliya 2w

    �� Cringe disclaimer ⚠️


    I bow down to map,
    Hit and loot all the scrap.
    Focused on my aims,
    Bullets stabbing others viens.
    Blue zone ain't my friend,
    9mm are always my stans.
    Queen of pochinki,
    Will serve you good headshot with tea.
    Trust no one cause,
    Each floor has enemies on boards.
    I need no king,
    As my AWM is loaded all keen.
    For those faking sly,
    My moves are high.
    My worthy opponenets
    You can catch me,
    Only 6x scope is by your side.
    Eyes locked on every ambush as sight!
    At the end of match,
    All I have is chicken dinner for night.

    ⚔ This is for fun, just my love for one of my favourite game which Im quite obessed with PubG mobile. In no ways Im trying to insult any player. All the players are wonderful and have amazing skills with the game which is higly appreciated and as I always believe there is always room for learning new stuffs and overall its a battlefield you never know who is going to knock you out or get killed by your hands. Everything is fair in Love, PubG mobile's play area and War. ⚔

    #PubG #gamers

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    Queen of Pochinki,
    Will serve you headshot with tea.
    (Read the caption)

  • shaliya 2w

    Lord, Wash all our sins and always give us strength to overcome all the difficulties, Bless us!

    The best thing I read today and thought I need to share this with you Guys.

    Stay blessed and never loose hope��

    Picture Credit : Pinterest

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  • shaliya 3w

    Oh my, Finally an end to 2018. This year was all spacious room for learning, loosing and gathering tons of stuffs, wonderful vacations, stressful hours, meeting new people and how can I forget my bae, Food and Tasty Food all the time.

    Im grateful for everything and also my mirakee angels who read my scribbles and appreciate, lift my spirit everytime.

    �� Thankyou so much angels, looking for a very wonderful 2019 year ahead��

    ��HAPPY NEW YEAR�� in advance.

    Stay blessed. May this year bring each one of us all the happiness, strength, success, prosperous, health and build love more stronger.

    Keep inking and Keep sharing do tag me to keep up with your amazing works.
    ~from shaliya��

    ^^ Update Update: I know dis is weird but Im highly obsessed with the game called PUBG Mobile, If any mirakee suffers from the same then do let me know your ID, let's have good shots and chicken dinner, PubG fam will get it��^^

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    There was this time,
    Where I did a crime.
    To play the game of love in chime,
    and sing my heart out in rhymes.

  • shaliya 6w

    Finally back �� how are you guys doing����

    No need of looking up in the sky,
    See around you'll find wonderful stars sparkling high.

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    Glitters don't attract me anymore.
    As I became the star,
    The same glorious mess you left before.

  • shaliya 9w

    Leaving Mirakee For Some Time. Would be back soon, Till then keep tagging me and Inking.
    Stay blessed Angels ������

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    Tied our love in tight ropes,
    Because you became all of my hopes.

  • shaliya 9w

    Thankyou for all your love and support��
    ���� Stay blessed angels ����

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    Don't you try to tame this storm,
    You were the one who ignited this form.

  • shaliya 10w

    Do tag me @shaliya or #shaliya so that I can be updated with your amazing creations.

    Thankyou for all the love and support ������

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    Silence is an art,
    Often misunderstood by tons.

  • shaliya 10w

    Thankyou for all your love and support����

    Do tag me @shaliya or #shaliya so that I can be updated with your amazing creation.

    @_sparkling_soul @vedika_11 @sip_of_roohaniyat @aarthisampath_ @asmakhan @alfia_writes @saba_rizvi @naheen_zaara @enchantress_soul♡♡♡

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    My one,
    There is invisible river,
    Which is formed of tears.
    This heart awaits for you,
    So together we can live for years.