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  • shallow_12 10w

    You were sun and I am moon.
    We're destined. Destined to be far from each other.

    But years pass, there's this time I can finally face you. That I can finally face you're warmth . . . An eclipse it is! A time when we collide.

    You bring light to my dark soul. You're my light.

    So I promise to wait for that day, that I can finally meet you again.


  • shallow_12 10w

    I just want to share my drawings to u guys. It was so boring in class today so i decided to fill the back of my notebook <33 #random #pics #drawings

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  • shallow_12 11w

    One day,
    I'm going to stop writing about you.


  • shallow_12 11w

    Happy w/out me :< @writersnetwork

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    The rain was nonstop just like my tears.
    While you're now happy without me.


  • shallow_12 11w

    Dark is the night,
    So as your soul that hides in the shadows.

    But bright are the stars,
    That beams hope through the darkness
    And enlightens the soul that's been hiding.


  • shallow_12 11w

    Reading�� @writersnetwork

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    Reading is like peircing yourself with a knife.
    The characters are you're friends.
    You cry with them, laugh with them...
    Even die with them sometimes.

    And as the story ends, so as your heartbeat.


  • shallow_12 11w

    Let's start all over again.
    You smile again,
    And I'll fall for you again.


  • shallow_12 13w

    Part 3

    "Don," I called him while we're now walking at the park. "You probably know my name, right?" I asked.

    He looked up to the sky and nodded. "But you should know it yourself. I shouldn't give you a single clue of who you are." He answered, which made me sigh.

    "But, how did you knew all that?" I interrogated. "Are you some sort of gaurdian angel?" I always thought it that way. He just knows so much about me.

    "Hahaha of course not!" He laughed as if I just said something stupid. "I'm more like a messenger."

    That made me want to question him more. But instead, I turned silent and continued on walking.

    The park is just so nice and warm. I kinda want to appreciate it more. There's almost no people around here which made it more calm. It feels like it's been a long time since I've felt such calmness.

    Then it hit me.

    "Did you set this up?" I questioned him. This park where he took me feels like a place I've been at before. Is this his way of helping? "Is this park part of the 2nd task?" I asked with crossed-brows.

    He turned to me and smiled. "I thought you'd never get it," he chuckled. "I see. You're not as dumb as I thought you were." He teased.

    So I was right. This park is a major place for me in the real world. I probably went through some shit in this park.

    "Now try remembering things that happened to you here." He said while walking and looking at the sky as if the bright sun doesn't bother him.

    To be honest, it's harder than it looks like. I can't even think of the slightest things about me. I mostly think about Don's real identity instead of mine, which is pretty stupid since he should be no one to me in the first place.

    I sighed as we stopped at a lake. He sat at the edge of it then touched the water, I just stood there looking at how calm he is with the water. Somehow, me seeing him like this also calmed my mind through the pressure I'm going through.

    "Zoe, look at those fishes!" He pointed at the water to where the jumping fishes are. Wait, Zoe?

    My eyes widened at him instead of looking at the cute fishes. Did he just called my name?

    His eyes widened too, as if realizing what a big mistake he just made. He even covered his mouth with his palm unconsciously after realizing how stupid he was.

    "So I'm Zoe!" I shouted as I've finally remembered my name. Yes, this is me. My name is Zoe!

    I can't help but laugh at his face as he stood up and looked at me with shame.

    "Okay, I know, I was too careless," He grunted. "But..."

    I tried to stop smirking for him to not be too mad at me, but I failed. I gave him my most annoying smirk. "But what?"

    "Congrats," he smiled. At the moment, I felt this weird feeling. He was mad and a failure just a while ago, why congratulate me and smile? "You remembered your name, you did good." He stepped towards me and patted my head with his hands in that thick gloves.

    "Hey, don't touch me!" I was about to grab his arm from my head but he took it away as fast as he could as if he's trying to avoid my touch.

    What's with him?

    From what I believe, I wouldn't remember my name if it weren't from his stupidity on accidentally calling for me. So why congratulate me? He even smiled showing that he's proud.

    I sighed and just shrugged the thought off as we continued on walking across the lake's bridge.

    We stopped at the middle of the bridge where we can see the full view of the lake. It's so beautiful.

    "Hey..." I called, breaking the silence.

    "What?" He replied without looking at me. His eyes were fixed on the cute jumping fishes.

    "I remember something," I said. "I-I was... fishing with my..." I tried telling him while reminiscing what really happened.

    I see myself here at this very bridge a long time ago. My father and I were fishing and...

    "I was so weak that time. T-The rod fell to the lake and I. . . I fell with it." I looked at him with a worried face as the story just went on my mind out of no where. I just remembered it out of the blue.

    "What happened next?" He asked.

    "I was drowning. I coudn't breath," I continued. It was so vivid in my mind. "My father jumped to save me, and I, I was... saved." I told him. It was not detailed, but it really was so vivid in ny head.

    It happened. I really drowned and my father did saved me. I'm not imagining things, I'm sure. Everything happened so fast.

    "That's it?" He asked looking at me. He's waiting for me to continue more of the story... as if he knew. He knew that it didn't end there. That there's more going on my head. "It's okay, you can share it to me." He smiled with comfort. I sighed.

    "My father had a weak heart. A-After saving me, h-he... he got so nervous, he thought he lost me," I kinda don't want to continue the story anymore. No, I'm not going to cry. I just feel so heavy remembering it. So, so heavy.


    "He fainted and fell into the water" I said. "He knows how to swim so everyone thought he was fine. B-but... it was too... late."

    There. Finished.

    I was still little that time, and this place was my favorite since then. After father died, it still stayed as my favorite place.

    "Good." He smiled again and continued to cross the bridge without me just like that. "You're getting better at this, I thought you'd never get it." He laughed while facing his back at me.

    I'm almost tearing up here then he just left me as if nothing big happened. Everything is still sinking in to me, atleast give me the time to absorb things!

    I followed him as we make our way out the park. We were silent. And I was still thinking of what happened after my father's miserable death at that park. But I can't seem to recall anymore.

    I'm walking worridly and pressured while he's chilling and even humming a lively song. I kinda want to curse him with a horrible life. He just gives this easy-go-lucky vibe which makes me more pressured!

    "Where are we going?" I asked breaking the silence.

    "I'm going to take you to a fast food restaurant," he said. "All that drama made me hungry."

    And for a moment, I heard my tummy grumbled like storm.

    That's it for the 3rd part! That was a slow update, but I'll still continue this story even thought it's shit XD. Hope u guys also read the past chapters/parts! Thank u so muchhh��

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    A Dream With You

    Part 3


  • shallow_12 14w

    "Let's talk somewhere else." Don suggested and walked towards who knows where.

    I instinctly followed him and we made our way at a park. It's really quiet and only a few people are here, he probably wants a private conversation.

    I sat on a bench and tried to sink in what he just told me.

    I've forgotten everything. Even my name!

    Why haven't I noticed it?! It's been weeks already, and now, I'm not sure of who I am anymore.

    "I'll explain this shortly," he broke the silence and looked at me with a straight face. "Right now, you're in a coma. You seem okay here at this dream, but in the real world, you're dying."

    My eyes widened as he said what he just said. Now that's even harder to swallow. Me, in a comatose. Me, dying.

    Is he still telling me the truth? He could be fooling me just now. He could be making fun of me after all!

    "W-who are you?" I asked. "Why do you know all of these?"

    He seems to know me better than I know myself. Is he some sort of gaurdian angel? He probably knows my name too.

    He's just too weird! At first I thought he'd be an ordinary person who'd actually help me wake up from this dream. But now, I feel like it just went from complicated, to much more complicated.

    "Don't worry too much," he gave me that creepy smile once again. "I told you, I'm going to help with this journey."

    There he goes again with this 'journey' thing. It's just confusing me more!

    "What do you mean with this journey?" I asked. Since asking is all I can do for now. I don't even know my name.

    "There are only three tasks to complete the journey," he tried explaining, still with that grin. "First, you must remember you're past. Second, you must find the three major places - or the places you mostly went to when you're still at the real world. And third..."

    Nothing is still sinking in to my mind. Every word he's making is just making me more and more confused.

    All I want is to wake up. That's it.

    "What's the third?" I looked at him with desperation. He paused and made the mood more intense than it's actually is.

    "You have to play rock, paper, scissors with me."

    I gave him a questioning look. He stared back as if giving me the message that he won't entertain questions anymore.

    "You make it sound so easy." I said.

    "It's hard," he admitted. And somehow, I felt that he's actually concern. "But that's why I'll help you."

    I face palmed once again and sighed. I heard him chuckle. "And one more thing!" He pointed up as if he just remembered something.

    He then leaned towards me. "You only have one week to do all those tasks, goodluck!" He whispered.

    Now this is the part 2!! Hope you also read the prologue and the part 1 :> Thanks for reading��

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    A Dream With You

    Part 2


  • shallow_12 14w

    "I-I'm sorry, I didn't meen to--" I stopped as his eyebrows went from mad to bland. He's still looking up since I'm at a rooftop. I can't help myself but feel awkward.

    I swear he's different. He must've been stuck on this dream too just like me! Or he could probably help me make my way out of here.

    This place is making me sick. I can't stay here any longer.

    He just blinked at me with his hands on his pockets and continued on walking.

    No, don't leave me yet! I have a ton of questions to ask. A ton of questions needed to be answered. I have to wake up from this dream, and this guy is my only key to it.

    I carefully made my way down from the rooftop, to the ground, and ran as fast as I could to catch him.

    I can see him from my distance, I'll definitely won't let him slip! He's wearing a black jacket and black jeans. He's not really a fan of black, huh?

    As I finally reached him, I tried to grab his jacket from behind. But before that, he turned to me which made me gasped. Again, he just faced me with that blank expression.

    What's his deal?

    "Why are you following me?" He asked as if he knew from the start that I really was following him.

    "I need to... ask you something," I said while taking deep breaths. I got tired with all that running. "You see, I'm stuck in this dream and I don't know how to get out of here. But, you seem to know this place so well. I just want to--"

    "Don." He cut my sentence and he stated shortly with that blank stare. He then reached his hand to me as if waiting for me to shake it.


    "My name is Don, and I'm here to help you in your journey." My mind went blank and instinctly shook his hand. I just realized he's actually wearing some gloves.

    "What journey?" I asked. Is this some sort of game? Even though he acts like this, I know that he knows more than he looks.

    He then turned to smile at me, I can't help but shiver. "How disrespectful. Asking me such without even sharing me your name?" He exclaimed.

    "O-ow, I'm sorry. My name is . . ." W-what's wrong with me? I can't seem to remember my name.

    He smiled wider which scared the hell out of me. But of course, I tried to act normal. Atleast tried to.

    "You just realized that now," he chuckled as he walked towards me which made me stepped backwards. "You've forgotten everything."

    And there, it hit me.

    Hope you guys read the prologue! I'm gonna update another part this night, soooo thanks for the support! ��

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    A Dream With You

    Part 1