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  • shambhavi05t 3w

    Ki ye tumse jo milne tumhare shehar aaye hai,
    Dur kitne hi apno ko kar aaye hai,
    Chor peeche bahut kuch, jo idhar aaye hai,
    Jane kis khoj me hum, Kidhar aaye hai !

    Ki, ye tumse jo milne hum tumhare shehar aaye hai,
    Jane kitni hi yaado ko sang laye hai,
    Jane kitne hi sapno k rang laye hai,
    Ki, ye jo tumse milne hum tumhare shehar aaye hai...... Jane kis khoj me hum kidhar aaye hai!?

    To be continued...


  • shambhavi05t 15w

    Darkness is more fascinating than light,
    Its purely raw n that's whats make it Beautiful.....
    Its holds so much of Depth
    But It requires a lot of patience to unfold itself,
    Each layer just so distinct and So pure.....
    Presence of nothing and still Absence of nothing,
    Just like you are not lonely but alone.....
    Its Simplicity holds so much complexity maybe that's why we hold fear from whats Dark.
    As we know that we don't hold the potential to unlock it.
    Otherwise it's just so soothing.
    Trust me!

  • shambhavi05t 16w

    Kuch khas nahi hai....
    Maine man liya...

    Bas jo kata mujhe se hui
    Ye dil tutna to....
    uski ek choti si saja hai....

    Kuch khas nahi hai...
    Bas ek choti si saja hai...

  • shambhavi05t 16w


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    Wo kehte hai
    Hume unse narajgi bahut hai
    Magar koi unhe samjhaye to aye khuda....
    Wo khas bhi to bahut hai.

    Ye narajgi humari unse hume jodne ko bahut hai...
    Bin kuch kahe sun-ne ko bahut hai..

    Warna todte hai na jis kadar wo dil humara,
    Koi bataye yahan jodne wale bahut hai....
    Milenge unhe aur hame bhi hajaro hath thamne ko
    Magar sath chanle wale humse,
    kal bhi kam the ,
    Aur aj bhi kam hai....

  • shambhavi05t 18w

    Ajeeb hai na....
    Roj itni sheedat se intazar karti hu KAL ka ki,
    Kal mai thora aur mushkura lungi,
    Kal khul k ji lungi,
    Kal dekhna pakka mai apne pasand k sare kam kar lungi,
    Kal thori dur aur chalungi, Aur unse milungi jo ab tak bas khabo me mile,
    Kal sari bate keh duni, sari sunn bhi lungi,
    Kal ek naya savera hoga, aur mai roshni me naha lungi .....

    Par ye KAL aata hi nahi hai....
    Kahi ruk sa gaya hai shayad......
    Yaa bewafa hai, Dil iska bhi kisi aur pe aa gaya hai shayad.

    Ab to bas
    Umar bit rahi hai
    Roj bas isi shor me....
    Aur is Shor k samandar me,
    mann ka paymana to abhi bhi khali hi hai.


  • shambhavi05t 18w

    Dushro ko khone par to dukh hota hai....
    Par kya khud ko khone pe bhi kuch hota hai??

  • shambhavi05t 19w

    Tumhari har khawahis puri karni ki adat si jo hai...
    To kya hua ye wali thori ajeeb hai...
    Mana ye mushkil hoga, par tumhare naam pe sab mumkin hai mere liye.

    Tumse duri hi sahi ye bhi seh lenge hum...
    Tumhe chor kar chale jaya, wapas laut k naa aayen..
    Chalo ye khawahis bhi puri karte hai aj tumhari hum....

    Bas Khayal rakhna apna,
    Itna kafi hoga humare liye.....

  • shambhavi05t 20w


  • shambhavi05t 21w


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    #Hostel diaries

    Setting up limitations and boundaries for others is so easy.
    Bounding them in DEADLINES and ENTRY TIME and then draping it all with the cover of Concern .....
    But Sometimes Its SO NOT DONE !

    Being at my hostel room gazing from my window to the distant Canary hill and town nearby,
    When the night falls, looking at it through my window at the ultimate sight of the horizon, even the outer most night lamps twinkles
    as if its the brightest STAR I have ever seen...

    But its doesn't last for long, however this view has been the most pleasing one,
    It had accompanied me on some of the sleepless nights and all sleepy ones as well.

    Sometimes these Shackles of terms n Conditions make me feel sick and Alone, detaching me from outside everything but then they give wings to my imagination and fan up my fantasies,
    like what if I could just escape through my hostel window and fly high to few miles within my reach and few extra beyond, like a Bird....
    And could probably discover all that lies underneath the sublime sky....
    And then slowly and silently return back to my room through the same window without any fear.
    Just for once and all I wanna soak in
    The dark and the bright,
    the smile and the tears,
    the pain and the fresh drops of drizzling rain,
    All thats ODD...
    And all EVENs that remain.... Inside my small-big heart ❤
    The imperfections That I carry, the flaws that I own, guilt n grief.....Just want to wash them all off with the splash of love that I am left with....
    To rediscover life again in a untouched way in a new dimension.

  • shambhavi05t 22w

    Ab tak;
    Mai zindagi k peeche bhag rahi thi ya zindagi mere peeche .....?
    Pata hi nahi chala,

    Mai zindagi kat rahi thi ya zindagi mujhe kat rahi thi !

    Ab tak;
    Mai khud ki or bhag rahi thi ya khud se bhag rahi thi....?
    Pata hi nahi chala.
    Kisi k kareeb ja rahi thi, ya khud se dur ja rahi thi ....?
    Pata hi nahi chala.

    Kuch paa bhi rahi thi ya bas khoti hi chali aa rahi thi.....?
    Pata hi nahi Chala.

    Ab tak;
    Mai Zindagi kat rahi thi ya zindagi mujhe kat rahi thi !
    Pata hi nahi chala.