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  • shamelbhimani_backup 5d

    Wishful hope, for a drop of purity,
    to sanitize my soul,

    Distance myself,
    from all but one.

    And every love lost,
    I must retreat,

    within my own subconscious.

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 4w

    In loving memory of
    Bilal Aswad Nagaria

  • shamelbhimani_backup 4w

    Lay me, to rest, beneath the sun,
    And sing me a lullaby, before you go,

    Tell me your regrets, the depths of your thoughts,
    As you recall the summit, the Everglades of your memories.

    Lay me, to peace, above the clouds,
    And cover my eyes, with a blanket of earth,

    Remember me, as the pinnacle of your dreams,
    And I promise, I'll have lived forever.

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 4w

    Sweet like cherries, your temptations,
    Trickle down your lips, as the blaze dwindles.

    The lights turn dim, as the candles blow out,
    And we're left, in passing, to discover our bodies.

    Fire, rekindled, illuminates your soul,
    And you drip, drizzled in sweet caramel.

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 5w

    You shall consume your fears, from the chalice of regret,
    Bathe in remorse, of your unfulfilled destiny,

    Lather yourself with your imperfections,
    And cleanse yourself of your identity,

    For I cannot experience your true self,
    Until you are presented, nude in your temperament.

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 6w

    Wake in morrow, my love,
    For I must venture,

    For what destiny hasn't written,
    For man makes his own.

    Set aside, on the prairie, waiting,
    Praying for your love, cross the river,

    Beside escorts, keep you comfort,
    To cleanse your palate, for my arrival.

    Trivial, the flavours seem, of your love,
    Lay in confusion, rocking the boat,

    Keep company, now, for lost taste,
    And never will, you taste the journey.

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 8w

    Paint perfection, through your fingertips,
    Pray tell, the meaning of your expressions,

    The strokes of your despair, embodied,
    Expressed through your frivolous lifestyle,

    That entraps my attention, and holds hostage,
    Forces my hand, to tread, your treacherous lips,

    Till I can recite your features, verbatim,
    And pronounce your name, correctly,

    Announce to you, my love, unequivocally,
    And forget about you, the decade hereafter,

    Confine you to a signature, to join,
    In lawful, troubled, wedlock,

    And find you, at the edge of a cliff,
    Before you find me, with a mistress, the shadow of your doubts,

    I let go, and set you free.
    As you soar, through my thoughts, falling,

    Out of love, and settle for someone else,
    You remain, forever, a dream.

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 8w

    Tough-minded, layered with skin so thick,
    Not one could pierce, tested and broken

    Bent out of shape, but a needle,
    That pierces through your gaze, as you walk past,

    Feast in mine, as your eyes flirt with the walls,
    And pay no mind, to the world around you,

    Down the river, past the dock, where gloom holds still,
    You stop and acknowledge, all I lack,

    Your vision cuts straight through me,
    And you disappear in a crowd, of forgotten suitors,

    Gloom comes again, to comfort,
    And touch where I had been hurt,

    As I scratch off the pain, from your acrylic affection,
    Not one could pierce, devoted and broken.

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 10w

    Heirlooms of affection, epiphanies,
    Inherited from a tribe called 'lust.'

    Tender tales of devotion, penned by her ancestors,
    Delivered to her, generation after generation.

    An envelope, her fate sealed inside,
    "Tear here to fall in love."

    Shamel Bhimani

  • shamelbhimani_backup 11w

    Culprit of your love, guilty as charged,
    Intention to return, every moment lent,

    Till time passes, and I no longer cower,
    To return my affection, with interest.

    But lost, you have, solace in my words,
    My letters, no longer hold meaning,

    The edge of my pen lays shattered,
    Of a broken promise, to write to you.

    In time, we will become strangers, once more,
    As if our paths had never crossed,

    You'll be living your life, the way you dreamt,
    And I'll be convicted, for loving you,

    Sentenced for life, to another,
    Without possibility of parole.

    Shamel Bhimani