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  • shamifrnds 1w


    Reading the past writing the future
    Happy international Literacy Day

  • shamifrnds 4w

    When there is no one to listen ur problems say it, to your whatsapp status.

  • shamifrnds 6w

    The toll free number for all our problems
    is "Friend"
    Happy friendship day guys

  • shamifrnds 9w

    If you don't start it
    then you don't need to end it.

  • shamifrnds 14w

    My life is too danger than a knife

  • shamifrnds 18w

    I don't Remember
    Cause I hate Everymember.

  • shamifrnds 18w

    My sense organs

    My eyes are not supposed to cry
    Cause my tears became dry
    My brain is not ready to think
    Cause it's becoming shrink
    My heart is not co-operating to Love
    Cause it is completely filled with woe

  • shamifrnds 18w

    My Life

    My Destiny is totally against to my Desires
    My Luck is very similar to my bad luck
    My hard work always become fail
    Even my Effort always go in vain.

  • shamifrnds 23w

    Every story has an ending
    Even life.

  • shamifrnds 25w


    Live Every Moment To The Fullest
    Maybe This Moment May Not Be There Tomorrow.