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  • shanmukhanmannanam 17w

    I tried to stick my life
    On the delicated wall of SPEED
    I failed firstly, because preparations being
    I tried to trim the shape of speed
    Approximately as it fit of the life of me.
    Failed again since the shape of both could not
    be equvalised for.
    Tried, again and again !
    I made the shape of speed into
    geometricaly irregular.
    Failed, again and again !
    Thoughts shape limitations !!!..???

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  • shanmukhanmannanam 24w

    Everything we see: The Black is the Holy man and his Black flag is a Holy sign.
    #Peace #society #struggle #discrimination #love #humanity #writersnetwork #poetry

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    The smell of Black flag = The smell of Black man

    It is: under the shade of silence
    Like a Domination
    On the tip of the errected pole
    Standing in the midist
    The stale of thoughts

    Shivering a Black Flag
    Like:caught hold of
    Contagious disease

    They :
    The eyes,nose of Black Flag
    It is ordered :
    Left aside the soul of Colour
    Breaching the rule-
    to see the Light
    The nose of Black Flag
    Be hindered the smelling of vision

    Conflicts cross everything :
    No God,and-
    No Boon supporting -
    And no standing with Black Colour
    Since :
    A created God do never !!!..???


  • shanmukhanmannanam 25w

    I try to analysis the SIN and The MANKIND. By the imaginary way of catching the facts on the trial run of everyones' thought be jaming in the midest of Life ,being : i.e., in terms of their fear misunderstanding thoughts, invalid response ,domination, overpowering, defeating capture and all these are causative for accumulating for a germination of religious thought and riot which exploited,which deniying the fact of Biblical terms in the right favourable discussion.
    #social #life #poetry #writersnetwork

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    My Multidimension

    I , the BELIEF ,
    Picked up all the elements -
    of SIN over the Earth ;
    And , framed a CROSS ???

    I cut apart and discarded-
    The eyes and ears from me ;
    And, the words performing on my tongue -
    is torn away too.
    They are the Sinners !!!..???

    And , however ;
    I have been judged :
    To shoulder on CROSS along-
    Untill ceasing the running length -
    of SIN..!!!..???
    And, at the end , a nailed- death on the cross.

    The glittering sin drowened in the Darkness:
    It is the CONFESS...!!!..???

    The Death distributed
    so many questions

    The DISBELIEF itself is the Answer-
    And, the DARKNESS got the colour of Light..!!!..???

    That is my resurrection and,
    Ascension towards Disbelief..

    HIS every drop of Blood
    diprived the darkness of the light..


  • shanmukhanmannanam 26w

    The war deconstructs the imaginative thoughts on the Peace.. The Peace never be a creator; but war recreates every emptiness and voids..
    #Peace #society #love #happiness #writersnetwork

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    War Rediscover Me

    Hiding myself,
    From the depth of the PAST
    No boiling on FIRE
    No rice to taste the Pot
    And, the empty Heart:
    It was my own.

    No one translated my tears,
    No sentiments crystalised
    Butter didn't peep the kitchen
    Better to deal: empty shower
    To bail out
    Luck never turns right
    To sleep still annoyed its better.

    What does it mean ?
    I mean THE WAR
    The real war
    Reconstructing everything!!

  • shanmukhanmannanam 26w

    Fluid Dreams

    Time mixed with dreams,
    A blend for your smile,
    Your empty palm is always filled with time;
    But vaccated at the same time,
    Until crushed and swallowed
    It for a dream.
    Time before you act,
    After it lost.
    And, always with in around you,
    Until you catch,
    Never a regret is condoned.
    Solid gold as it comes,
    Boiling fluid as it lost,
    Face a lost, you in a void:
    Decide and dream yourself for you,
    Never I or they.