Kashmiri. 23 Self Contradictory Dreamer ��

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  • sharis 9w

    All that we ever ask for is a life where one keeps no account of loving. A life where beautiful moments pass in slow motion. A life with a more sense of being over a burden of living and most importantly a life where honesty is valued over pretensions!

  • sharis 9w


    For all that we've ever known, Vanished
    In the letters we never Wrote

    Of the stories, we hide in Words
    Did you hear of them, as an entire season Passed!

    Voiceless Melodies
    Unremittingly dissolved Veracity

    Violens wept for the Men of God
    As they surrender to doom and Beyond!

  • sharis 11w

    What's that I write now
    Because all that I've ever known
    And all that I want to write
    Shall never be in unison
    For what if I write
    All that I've ever felt
    Does the reader
    Deserve it all !

  • sharis 43w

    For they know this gentle you and not the story of violence it took for you to arrive here!

  • sharis 46w

    The light of the day may know your Strength
    The darkness of the night knows where you bleed!

  • sharis 46w

    Evanesced away
    The dreaded Gods
    Who shall let their dead
    Come back to life
    Farcical Immortal
    Long before departed
    Who left that prayer

    Bone dry blood
    What's that you smell in the air
    The Armageddon
    Never begun
    For each of us shall leave
    With no prints
    How beautifully you set my home on fire!

  • sharis 47w

    Sadness puts me to sleep
    A little happiness puts me to sleep
    These emotions
    Are the death of us
    Long before we go to sleep

  • sharis 47w

    For I was meant to tread through the unknown
    How do I know of the destiny!

  • sharis 47w

    A little by little
    You became yourself

    A little by little
    I lost myself!

  • sharis 47w

    From a child to a Man
    Lost his boyhood
    Made to chase the mad World
    A savage awakened Within
    For they shunned the boy
    Who once was human!