don't loose hope until the day breaks because anything can happen until u die..

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  • sharmapalak9536 3w

    You're too much of a sweet dream
    To which I indulge into an overdose
    Again I decide, again I try
    But can't save myself from getting handicapped
    I drown into this ocean you call giving
    I forget when to stop taking
    And I don't know how to swim
    I am left with nothing
    when it comes to returning
    Which way should I take,
    I am searching,
    is there a middle one
    Is there a way
    to save myself from getting robbed
    Is there a way
    to swim in your ocean of giving
    Else I'll hurt you
    By coming out of it

  • sharmapalak9536 3w

    To know

    How will you know
    what keeps you sane
    if you have never been insane
    How hope tastes like
    Can't be known
    without despair
    What heroism is
    Without ever being a coward
    You have been victim
    And once a devil
    Sooner or later you'll be angel
    But the cost is,
    to know
    what you have been once
    To know
    that You know half of you
    To know
    you still have to be full
    Till you know
    To become whole is
    to know
    What you're as a whole

  • sharmapalak9536 4w

    We poets are only good at
    Feeling it
    And writing about it
    It may not be enough
    For world
    But it's too much
    For us

  • sharmapalak9536 4w

    One day I was to see
    The life
    Tried my best
    And took the test
    But who was I to seek it
    As if I had the might
    But O life
    you underrated demon
    And over hyped angel
    If it wasn't to see you
    I would have dared to meet you
    The love and the hate
    I have all for you
    I am not scared
    nor do I chase you

    O life
    the desired dream
    And an undesired nightmare
    What I have to do
    Just to give you a glare

    O life
    I know what you know
    I might just relax
    And let the devil be at play
    And the angel shall dance
    Cause you can't see
    What you already have in advance

    Saurabh Bhatt

  • sharmapalak9536 7w

    छोटा सा घर है मिट्टी का
    हर बार
    अपने ही हाथों से बनाती हूं
    लेकिन पानी की लहरें कमबख्त
    उसे बिखेर के चली जाती हैं
    उसे बिखरा हुआ देख
    मैं भी टूट जाती हूं
    दुख मनाती हूं, आंसू बहाती हूं
    लेकिन फ़िर दोबारा घर बनाती हूं
    न जाने क्यों ?
    न पानी की लहरें रुकती हैं
    और न मैं

  • sharmapalak9536 7w

    जिम्मेदारियों का, परेशानियों का
    भागदौड़ का, झगड़ों का
    ये सब वक्त हो ना हो
    साथ रहेंगे तो मिल ही जाएगा
    मुझे जिम्मेदारियों से परे
    झगड़ो से परे, परेशानियों से परे
    वो सुकून का वक़्त चाहिए
    जब हमें कुछ और करना नहीं है
    कुछ पाना बाकी नहीं है
    और कुछ खो भी नहीं रहे हम
    एक दुसरे को छूना भी नहीं है
    कुछ कहना भी नहीं है
    बस खामोशी को सुनना है
    हमारे बीच की खामोशी
    जिसमे एक दुसरे को सिर्फ देखना भर है
    और न जाने कितने वक्त तक सिर्फ़ देखना है
    न नज़रें चुरानी हैं और न झुकानी हैं
    क्योंकी हम दोनों की आंखों में सिर्फ सच है
    और ये वक़्त मुझे सिर्फ आज नहीं चाहिए
    और न ही सिर्फ़ इक बार चाहिए
    ये वक़्त मुझे ज़िंदगी के गुज़रते हर दूसरे मोड़ पर चाहिए
    अच्छा लगता है तुझे देखते हुए सांस लेना
    और शुक्रिया करना खुदा का
    ये सुकून मेरे नसीब में दिया है उसने
    ये वक़्त मुझे सिर्फ एक बार नहीं चाहिए
    ये वक़्त मुझे ज़िन्दगी के गुज़रते हर दूसरे मोड़ पर चाहिए।

  • sharmapalak9536 9w

    Do not reach the end
    You can never
    You yourself are endless
    How your realizations can have an end then
    Magnify you
    You are bigger than your self
    Do not reach the conclusion
    You are alive
    Death is just another birth
    Stay in the process
    Become answer to the life
    That you are

  • sharmapalak9536 10w


    Your breath
    On my skin
    Is your god
    Speaking to my soul

  • sharmapalak9536 11w


    What is it that I can draw, meaningless
    For that I picked up the pen
    And the ink black within
    Tried to move hand freely
    Let it not restrict to meaning
    I killed myself at every ink stroke
    Constant struggle to draw the senseless
    This senseless, meaningless, unpleasant paper
    With so many lines of struggle
    hanging weakly
    Between the meaning and meaningless
    I made myself worthless
    To reach that uncomfortable formless
    Not successfully, but I tried for sure
    And it killed myself at every ink stroke

  • sharmapalak9536 14w

    On the day of devastation

    On the day of devastation
    May, you not get a hand from outside
    But only one inside of you
    You may fold inwards
    For the expansion is not bearable, anymore
    Fold then, fold inwards
    Feel your own edges
    See those edges
    Still standing there for you
    On the day of devastation
    May you loose
    The fear of loosing
    Just to know what is still dear to you
    What is it that has ability to ignite you
    When you have shut all the doors
    For there is so much noise outside
    On the day of devastation
    Learn to survive, learn to thrive
    And know how comfort silently kills you only
    On the day of devastation
    May you die, while still breathing
    Only to know,
    breathing is not enough reason to live
    This day of devastation will return
    On the day you will sleep again
    Till then, it will pass
    Make it worth it
    Before it leaves.