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  • shashi_sah 114w

    You can fall in love more than once

    unlike what karan johar movies have
    thought Us

  • shashi_sah 128w

    Love ends when u stop dreaming.
    Love ends when u stop caring.
    Hope ends when u stop beliving.

  • shashi_sah 135w

    Sometimes the only way to stop
    The pain is to not feel at all.

  • shashi_sah 135w

    Ankhan vich neend
    nhi bs kuch sapne
    Umedan hun rab te
    rakhiyan kiu k jo
    sath chad gye oh
    sade apne ne.


  • shashi_sah 141w


    We r a couple.
    Couple of lines, figuratively.

    Two straight lines began drifting inwards.
    We began to feel each other's existence,
    A faint one ,but yes,a definite one.
    The universe drew us closer,
    With every passing second.
    Our senses grew stronger,
    And hopes got brighter.
    Dreams were built,
    At that point of
    Where our
    Began to
    Diverge from
    There onwards.
    Dreams were burnt
    And hopes were lost.
    Our senses grew fainter,
    With every passing second,
    The universe just drew us apart,
    A definite one, but a diminishing one,
    We began to losse each other's existence
    Two straight lines had drifted outwards.

    We were a couple.
    couple of lines figuratively.


  • shashi_sah 143w


    "Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion.

    Emotions and feelings change, sometimes daily.

    But true unconditional luv is everlasting."


  • shashi_sah 144w

    Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

  • shashi_sah 148w

    “Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.”

  • shashi_sah 161w

    #marry Christmas

    During this festive season of giving,
    let us take time to slow down and
    enjoy the simple things.
    May this wonderful time of the year
    touch your heart in a special way.
    Wishing you much happiness
    not just today, but throughout the
    New Year.
    Regards -


  • shashi_sah 161w

    Nature & Nurture
    affect people's mental wellness
    throughout their lives!