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  • shasvik_tharun 2w


    S-Selfless steel-souls on the courtyard of death securing the roots of their motherland.

    0-On duty endlessly vanishing the difference between the day and night.

    L-leveraging the safety of their countrymen by mortgaging their own family life.

    D-Discipline is their forte, sacrifice their dreams so that the citizens can fulfil their's

    I -india being the shoulders and they are like the five stars proudly resting on them.

    E-Epitome of patriotism, every painful roar echoes 'BHARATMATA KI JAY' on the Indian borders.

    R-Ride on the back of death with the shroud of martyrdom around their head & forehead marked with the pious sand of motherland.


  • shasvik_tharun 3w


    In a life time we had learnt so much but in learning people we have not the way to understand

  • shasvik_tharun 5w


    Ever brother son is a first child to his younger brother


  • shasvik_tharun 7w


    When it feels like nobody understands you, it can be the loneliest feeling in the world. Loneliness around friends can make it very hard to share your feelings and thoughts, which causes a cycle of isolation.


  • shasvik_tharun 10w


    In the small age we used to live with100% happiness

    In the Adult age we used to live with 50%happiness and 50%Sadness

    In the middle of adult and old age we use to live with 90% of Sadness and 10% happiness

    In the old age we used to live with 100% Of happiness

    In this life we want to make others happy because birth and death we not taking anything else with us


  • shasvik_tharun 12w

    Love ❣️

    Those who love humans.
    They will also love dogs

  • shasvik_tharun 14w


    The Father and Mother are equal to the God

  • shasvik_tharun 15w


    The first child of us is brother's and sister's children we are lucky to have that

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  • shasvik_tharun 16w


    Love is being a STUPID