Sweat shirts, pixie dust and an old brown diary!

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  • shayoni_21_ 5h

    Rebel with a Crown

    You expect me to raise sons and daughters,
    I'll raise a goddamn empire,
    You expect me to be your obedient little girl,
    I'll do whatever the hell I desire.

    You don't get to say what I do,
    My dreams aren't for you to weave
    Sit down and watch me rise
    Or shut your damn mouth and leave.

    You think you've "given" me the freedom
    To do what I'm doing now,
    Trust me the moment I rise
    You'll be beheaded if you don't bow.

    You call yourself superior
    With an ego so fragile and insecure
    Your so called masculinity will cause your end,
    It's an illness without any cure.

    The seeds of patriarchy
    Which you planted in me
    Turned out to be a rebellious crown,
    Now ,the more you water and nurture it,
    The deeper you will drown. 

  • shayoni_21_ 4w


    She was wearing a burqa. Her skin? No it wasn't visible . But, Oh right! It must have been those eyes looking for help and pathetically screaming to let her go .
    Okay , I agree . How can a WOMAN be independent enough to earn on her own? After all , Eve was made for the purpose of entertaining Adam. The sole purpose of existence of woman is to look after her MAN, her god . Even the point whether she will or not live depends on her man. Good Job you. She was a fool. She was being ungrateful to the men of the society by earning her own money.
    A child? Fine. There must have been a reason. Well first itself is that she was a ' she'.
    They burnt her face , for she said NO. Very well done . How dare she? Speaking up to a man? Denying him on his face? She did not deserve a face worth seeing the moment she said it. How could she? How could she put her opinion and her self respect before his ego? Her throat should have been burnt so she could never speak again.
    "Sit properly", mother rolled her eyes , and my uncle sitting in front of me gave me a look full of lust as I adjusted my top to make sure that not even a bit my cleavage or the strap of my bra was seen.
    You shameless creature! DONT YOU HAVE ANY SENSE? He will rape you if.

    The 'if'. It doesn't have anything to follow anymore. I will be raped anyway . I will be raped if I breathe and I will be raped because I exist. My clothes doesn't bother you anymore. You see through me . Not my naked body but this soul full of fear. You want me to plead you to let me go. You like watching me die . You finally feel your manhood when you see me gasping for the last bits of breath left in me. Seeing me at my most vulnerable state makes you feel stronger.
    My mother taught me that never let the 'things' you wear to cover your privates be seen my anyone. She said 'bad things' will happen to me if a Man sees it. So I fear my father and my brother , when they see those 'things ' hanging by the dryer.

    I am mum. I have been taught to be so. Now I know why. For the moment I tried to open it, you burnt it. You have left your impression on me , every woman of the society and the society itself. You have not raped me , you raped the society.
    You're not a man. You don't belong to any gender ,for those who do are still human beings. But you? You are a monster. And you know who made you a monster? This very society.

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    I will be raped if I breathe. I will be raped if I exist. I will be raped anyway.


  • shayoni_21_ 9w

    By unknown writer

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    The messy room where you see piles of clothes,cluster of books ,crushed papers and dark curtains is the same place where I see desperation, hope ,dreams and ambition scattered like an unsolved puzzle.

  • shayoni_21_ 10w

    The Journey

    It was my first day with you
    You didnt even know I was in there
    Yet I was assured that I'm safe and sound
    As i was under your care.

    In the 1st month
    I was a little embryo
    A healthy little ball
    Awaited to grow
    The 2nd month was a quick gain
    As i could feel I had a little brain.

    Now I have formed tiny fingers and toes
    My nails are growing too
    In the 4th month my heart beat is heard
    You know I'm coming to you.

    In the 5th and 6th
    I move and sway
    My hair starts to grow
    My skin is wrinkled reddish brown
    I have got well defined fingers and toes.

    The docter didnt tell you what i am
    I'll keep it a secret too
    But I promise in the end you'll see
    With all my heart I'll love you.

    I'm so happy its the 7th month
    I feel so much alive
    So sorry if it pains a lot
    With each passing day I thrive.

    In the 8th and 9th I'm fully grown
    I am a healthy beautiful child
    You'll be so glad to hold me in your arms.
    I am ready for this new life of mine with all emotions compiled.

    I opened my eyes to see the light
    To breathe the fresh air
    O, but sorrow I didnt know
    Girls are not supposed to be born here.

    Staring at my eyes
    Holding me tight
    He drowned me in the blues
    The dreams of a mother and her child were killed
    And in the air it flew.

    Mother , I'm sorry
    Those 9 months were the only time we spent
    Though the journey began in heaven
    Going through hell it ends.

    - Shayoni Roy

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  • shayoni_21_ 11w

    You don't fear losing it
    until you realise you have it.

  • shayoni_21_ 12w

    What we consider to be the
    "Right way"
    is actually the
    "Familiar way"

  • shayoni_21_ 12w

    Struggle is not a part of success,
    Success is a part of the eternal struggle.

  • shayoni_21_ 15w

    How many glances do they steal
    Before you decide to stop looking?
    How many calls do they leave unanswered
    Before you decide to stop calling?
    How many texts do they keep unseen
    Before you quit texting?
    How many times do they stand you up
    Before you stop waiting?
    How many times do they break your trust
    Before you stop believing?
    How many times do they shun your voice
    Before you stop screaming?
    To what extent do they push you
    Before you finally decide to jump off?
    Why are they here now
    For they didn't know who you were
    When times were actually tough.

  • shayoni_21_ 25w

    The deafening sound of thunder
    falling somewhere nearby
    The wind gushing through the broken branches,
    And rain pouring from the tumultuous sky..

    "It takes me back to the night,
    The night I can never forget"

    I'm sitting on the windowsill
    With a cigarette pressed between my chapped lips
    And every drop kissing my face
    reminds me of that night...

    It was a night back in the good days
    When we both were young and bold and new in love; or whatever it was back then..
    It was pure , like a newborn with innocent eyes
    Who has no knowledge of how the world works...

    It was the same thunder
    The same rain..
    And the same strokes that my darling, love, love did fan at that time..

    "We were young and bold and new in love"

    Our lips merged and our vision hazed..
    And suddenly, it wasn't wind anymore
    But your tender hands stroking my neck..

    Your lips, my lips
    Your breathe burning in me...
    And a night like that
    Which I would never again see..

    The storm is gone
    It's drizzling now
    And my cigarette has burnt out
    Just like our love did back then
    Which could not last, till the storm had end..

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    Cigarettes in the Storm


  • shayoni_21_ 27w


    I love this world in the middle of the night
    When everything is but vulnerable and true,
    Even the most powerful man of the day is weak
    In need of a hug , trying to get through.

    This is the time when all the chaos
    Hides its cracks under the blanket of silence,
    When everything seems so calm and peaceful
    Free from all the canons of violence.

    This is the time when we can be broken and wrecked
    With no one to break us even more,
    This is the time when we can feel the pain
    When our heart aches to the very core.

    Some of us let everything out with tears
    and screams we want no one to hear ...
    While others stare at the dead black wall
    With a mind full of thoughts
    Waiting to fall .

    I love this world in the middle of the night
    But I'm scared it will go in the blink of an eye
    And the world again will be full of men,
    Powerful and Perfect!
    Waiting for the day to pass by .